Last Monday Knocklyon Network sent two delegates along to a meeting in Rathgar ,called by the Rathgar Residents Association.  The purpose was to address their concerns regarding the proposed turning of College Green into a pedestrian plaza and thus preventing all the buses from Southside easily(somewhat) traversing the City Centre.

There were representatives of Residents associations from Clanbrassil Street to Rathfarnham. from Kimmage to Terenure overall about 30 Residents Associations present.   Not only were the difficulties posed by the College Green plan discussed , but many of the issues that face people in Knocklyon-Firhouse-Rathfarnham . Issues like full buses, not enough at peak times, 2-3 buses coming together, traffic, bike lanes, etc.   Many were annoyed at he fact that more money was being spent on the Luas Green line being upgraded from a Light Rail to a Metro ,when no money is being proposed or spent in alleviating the bad going to worse situation in our area.  A luas spur or circle from Charlemont taking in Terenure Rathfarnham, Templeogue, Knocklyon & Firhouse would take an enormous amount of cars off the road.   Knocklyon Network has proposed a delegate for the steering committee.  However, we ask that anyone out their who feels they could contribute or has particular expertise in this area ,please contact us or Rathgar Residents association.   Also encourage your Residents Association to support this grouping.  It is harder to ignore 50-60 Residents associations representing 30-50 thousand people.    Below are the minutes from the meeting.

Dublin Bus and College Green meeting 21st May 2018

Many thanks to all who came to our meeting which was successful and productive. 16 number of resident associations were represented at the meeting and a further six more sent their apologies out of a total of 34 that have been in contact. Below is a brief report of the meeting together with agreed actions and next steps.

Michael & Sue

A resolution proposed by Michael O’Connell of the Rathgar Residents Association and seconded by Eugene Barrett of the Knocklyon Network was passed unanimously.

“ That an umbrella group be set up to represent  all resident associations whose bus routes would be potentially adversely affected by restricting access of buses through College Green and related matters.

That all participating associations would be asked to confirm their support for this umbrella group”


A steering group of seven people was formed: Sue Miller (RRA), Cepta O’Keefe, (Assoc. of Residents of Terenure), Pauline Foster Kimmage West), Paul Kenny (TBC Kimmage Road West),Fíonán O’Curreáin (Butterfield Association), Rep TBC (Harold’s Cross), Rep TBC (Knocklyon Network).

This group has asked that participating associations take the following actions:

  1. Each association to confirm by email their support for this new umbrella group (whose name is yet to be decided)
  2. Strength in numbers – the more people the group is seen to represent the more seriously we will be taken. Will youplease email an estimate of the number of people you represent. We would hope in total to represent between 30,000 and 50,000 people.
  3. In discussions it was evident thatthere are a wide range of concerns relating to bus services. All resident associations are asked to email their particular concerns to the umbrella group as soon as possible.
  4. The Umbrella Group will need the advice & support of experts at various times, this could range from legal knowledge to engineering/planning expertise to social media experience. This was noted as a future action
  5. Please make contact with other resident and community associations to encourage them to participate in the Umbrella Group.

Next Steps

The Steering Group will undertake the following:

  1. Create an umbrella group email.
  2. Maintain the list of participating associations together with contact details.
  3. Co-ordinate the list of issues returned by participating associations and formulate them into a submission to be circulated widely to state agencies, DCC and politicians.

**Please note anyone who wishes to  join the steering group is most welcome to do so.