Deciding to Volunteer to any organisation is always a difficult decision.     What will be involved?     How much time will be required?     Who will be the other Volunteers and what are they like?     Will I like it?    these are some of the questions we ask ourselves.

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Sometimes we just end up in a Voluntary position without really intending.   We might be in a Sports Club, Interest Club or whatever and after a number of years you are asked to join the committee or board .   Then next thing you know you are Treasurer or President or some other officer.     You did not probably intend when you joined to give up some of your time to be active in managing the club!


So what is it like being a Volunteer with Knocklyon Network.     I, Eugene Barrett, joined nearly 6 years ago when it was starting up.    I had lived in Knocklyon for 35 years and loved the place.    I had raised five children, moved three times within Knocklyon,and was now retired, I wanted to put something back into My Community and this opportunity came along.

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Knocklyon Network was the idea of one of our local Residents who was faced with her two sons being made redundant from good jobs during our recent recession.     She felt there were no supports within Knocklyon for people who found themselves redundant,many for the first time in their lives.  So Knocklyon Network started with the help of South Dublin Partnership and our Parish and the Iona Centre.

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Since 2010, Knocklyon Network has developed in many directions.    Our main aims are encapsulated in our Logo “Working for the Community by supporting Business, Employment and improving the Environment”.       Our journey has involved setting up a website , originally called KLIP.     Meeting with politicians to seek the best from them for our Community.  Meeting with the Council to keep them informed of the needs of Knocklyon.   Linking with local businesses to support us and our website through annual subscriptions to the website.   Trying to develop Dodder Valley Park and bring a regional Playground to Knocklyon.

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We have had many members over the last Six years.    Many were initially unemployed and had more time to give, as they returned to work , their time became less free.    We have achieved much over that time.     An excellent website, a very Successful Facebook and Twitter pages, the Qr Code posts in Dodder Valley Park, and some credit for the new walkway between the Church and the Shopping Centre.

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We have been awarded the Spirit of the Community award from Dublin Bus in 2013 and the Civic Community award from South Dublin County Council in 2015.    We are a small group of between 10-20 members.     We need new members to pursue YOUR  goals to make Knocklyon an even better place to live.   Our goals for Knocklyon are always those of our active members.     We will be launching four new projects shortly and will be looking for Volunteers to work on the project that most interests them