Knocklyon Network received a Grant of €500 from SDCC  to spend on hedging in the area to cover neglected spaces and bare walls.  These were areas that could easily be targeted by Graffitti Vandals.    With additional funding from our business supporters , Knocklyon Network purchased 300 Beech saplings and 200 Hornbeam saplings.


We invited Residents Associations and individuals to propose areas they wanted to cover and send us photos of the areas they proposed to plant the hedging.


We received applications from many areas and fortunately we were able to meet most of their requests and the quantities they sought.    So there were applications from Dargle, Woodfield, Ashton, Airfield, Templeroan, Boden Park, Greenacres, Prospect, and Willington area.


On Saturday 7th of April all 500 plants were collected and some of these are already planted.   So watch out for new hedging around the area.    The program was so successful that we hope to repeat it again next year.  If your area was not included, maybe get involved with your Residents Association and apply next year.