Photo: Scholarstown House


  • Requested additional information submitted regarding the application for the demolition of the 4 existing shed structures on site within the curtilage of the protected structure; Retention and conversion of Scholarstown House (Protected Structure) into two residential units comprised of 1 two bed and 1 three bed units served by private open space in the form of ground floor terrace; The proposed works to Scholarstown House include but are not limited to internal re-configuration; Re-location of the staircase to its original location within the house; Removal of non-original features including the closing up of non-original openings; Creation of a new door opening within the existing alcove, and the blocking up of a window opening both located on the northern elevation; Construction of an apartment block ranging in height from 3 to 5 storeys containing 74 apartment units comprised of 32 one bed apartments, 33 two bed apartments, and 9 three bed apartments all served by private open space in the form of balconies and/or ground floor terraces; The proposed development also includes 100sq.m of residential amenities and facilities consisting of but not limited to a reception, communal amenity room and parcel room; The development will be served by a total of 40 car parking spaces and 183 cycle parking spaces accessed via a new pedestrian and vehicular access off Orlagh Grove with the existing entrances on Scholarstown Road and Orlagh Grove being re-configured to provide for pedestrian and cycle access; All ancillary development works required to facilitate the development including but not limited to, plant rooms, a substation, bin stores, landscaping, boundary treatments and lighting; The proposed development comprises the carrying out of works to a protected structure: Scholarstown House.
  • Application submitted for the to erect a 24 metre high multi user monopole with antennas, dishes and associated telecommunications equipment, including floodlights, all enclosed in security fencing and to remove an existing 15 metre high floodlight pole at the same location. On completion of the above works the existing nearby communications equipment comprising antennas and a dish on the 20.55 metre high floodlight pole and ground cabinets with associated compound will be decommissioned and removed at Threerock Rover Hockey Club, Grange Road.


  • Permission granted for the construction of 1 house at the side of an existing house at 75 Woodlawn Park Avenue, Firhouse.


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