• S254 Licence Application submitted for a 15 metre high telecommunications street-works structure on Scholarstown Road.
  • Additional information requested regarding the application to construct 8 houses at Palmyra, Whitechurch Road, Rathfarnham.                            



SD21A/0292      26-Oct-2021      Permission                                     New Application

Applicant:                                  Fionnuala Kennedy

Location:                                    1, Templeroan Lodge, Knocklyon, Dublin 16

Proposed Development:             Modification to existing grant of permission, Ref. SD12A/0094, by increasing enrolement in the morning preschool session (9am until 12 noon) Monday to Friday, from 14 to 16 children; modification to existing grant of permission, Ref. SD19A/0066, consisting of increasing enrolement in the afternoon preschool session (1pm to 4pm) Monday to Friday, from 11 to 16 children.

Direct Marketing:                       NO


SD21B/0542      26-Oct-2021      Permission                                     New Application

Applicant:                                  Alan Walsh

Location:                                    27, Ballyboden Road, Dublin 14

Proposed Development:             Removal of existing single storey extension and sheds to side and rear of house; construction of two storey extension to side of house and single storey extension to front of house; new vehicle entrance to front; new boundary treatments.

Direct Marketing:                       NO


SD21B/0545      26-Oct-2021      Permission and Retention              New Application

Applicant:                                  Neil Colgan & Joan Duffy

Location:                                    Hayfield House, Scholarstown Road, Rathfarnham, Dublin 16

Proposed Development:             Demolition of single storey garage, garden shed and oil tank plinth to side (all abutting boundary wall); demolition of existing single storey extension to rear and existing stepped patio and supporting walls; retention of historical 2 storey extension to side/part rear; construction of new single storey extensions to side and rear; alterations to window and door openings; rooflights to new rear/side extension roofs; all associated internal, site, drainage and landscaping works including new raised patio with stepped access to rear.

Direct Marketing:                       NO


SD21B/0547      27-Oct-2021      Permission                                     New Application

Applicant:                                  Cormac & Rachel MacDonnchadha

Location:                                    69, The Priory, Grange Road, Rathfarnham, Dublin 16.

Proposed Development:             Replacement of existing water damaged flat roof over existing utility room to the rear; extension with a pitched roof complete with rooflight containing a kitchen and garden/bicycle shed to the rear; widen driveway gate to the front.

Direct Marketing:                       YES


SD21B/0550      28-Oct-2021      Retention                                       New Application

Applicant:                                  Peter McCabe

Location:                                    36, Beverly Avenue, Dublin 16

Proposed Development:             Retention of a single storey extension to the side and rear of semi-detached dwelling with internal alterations and assocaited site works.

Direct Marketing:                       NO


SD21B/0552      29-Oct-2021      Permission                                     New Application

Applicant:                                  James & Jill Donnelly

Location:                                    38, Woodlawn Park Avenue, Dublin 24

Proposed Development:             Attic conversion with dormer roof to rear plus changing of existing roof profile from hipped to new mini Dutch roof and 2 ‘Velux’ rooflights to front roof slope and removal of existing chimney stack plus construct a single storey rear extension and all associated site works.

Direct Marketing:                       NO


S25421/22         26-Oct-2021      SECTION 254 LICENCE APPLICATION    S254 Licence Application

Applicant:                                  Vantage Towers Ltd.

Location:                                    Scholarstown Road, Scholarstown, Co. Dublin

Proposed Development:             15 metre high telecommunications street-works structure.

Direct Marketing:                       NO




SD21B/0189              GRANT PERMISSION            27-Oct-2021                                    

Applicant:                                  Ed McSweeney

Location:                                    33, Eden Court, Dublin 16

Proposed Development:             Change of use and conversion of existing attic space to habitable space with new dormer window extension to the rear; roof light to the front and new single storey extension to the rear with roof lights and all associated ancillary site works required.

Direct Marketing:                       NO


SD21B/0408              GRANT PERMISSION            26-Oct-2021                                    

Applicant:                                  Soi Ming Hoang

Location:                                    25, Parklands Road, Ballycullen Park, Dublin 24

Proposed Development:             Two storey extension to the rear with an extended area at ground floor to the kitchen / dining room area; a first floor extension to side over the existing ground floor along with alterations to the roof to extend to the back, side and front of the house with a new dormer window and rooflight to the back of the house

Direct Marketing:                       NO


SD21A/0246              REQUEST ADDITIONAL INFORMATION     28-Oct-2021                                    

Applicant:                                  Beckett Developments Ltd.

Location:                                    Palmyra, Whitechurch Road, Rathfarnham, Dublin 16

Proposed Development:             Construction of 8 houses comprising of 1 three bedroom two storey detached, Type B1 (c. 122sq.m) Site 1, 1 four bedroom 2 storey detached type B2 (c.134sq.m) Site 2, 6 four bedroom 2 storey semi-detached Type Al (c.148sq.m) Sites 3-8 inclusive, all associated on and off site development works ,landscaping ,boundary treatments, removal of existing street boundary screen wall and the provision of vehicular and pedestrian access to Grangebrook Avenue on infill site of circa 0.226 ha.

Direct Marketing:                       NO








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