• Application submitted for a residential scheme (total GFA c.8,704.4sq.m) on a site at Ballyroan House (a Protected Structure) to provide for 23 residential units (ranging in size from 83.9sq.m – 348.4sq.m) in the form of 21 houses and 2 apartments, all in an overall proposal of 1 – 3 storeys in height. The development shall comprise: (a) The demolition of an existing 2 storey stable block in use as a garage/former office accommodation (c.587.72sq.m) and the demolition of single storey print shop on site (c.150.12sq.m); (b) The vertical separation and restoration of Ballyroan House (c.710.2sq.m) in to 3 residential units (2 – 3 storeys in height) in the form of House Types A, A1 and A2, the demolition of extensions to the original Protected Structure including a two storey block work extension and a single storey extension to the rear and the removal of an old ruin (total demolition of extensions/old ruin c.170.8sq.m), the removal of internal walls and partitions, modifications to elevations including the removal of windows, the provision of new window and door openings, the construction of a modern glass and metal entrance to the fore of the protected structure and the construction of a modern glass and metal extension to the rear, and (c) the construction of 18 house units on site in the form of Types B, B1, B2, C, C1, C2, C3, D, F1 and F2 (varying in height from 1 – 3 storeys) and 2 apartment units in Block E/Type E units (2 storeys). There are options to provide for a number of variations to Unit Types B, B1, B2, C, C1 and C2 and permission is sought to implement a combination of these options within the scheme. These options will determine development mix with provision made for accommodation generally in the form of 1 – 4 bedroom units in a combination of detached, semi-detached, terraced and apartment units across the site. Type F units are single storey in nature with split level access and associated courtyards (Type F1 – entrance FFL 70.81, ground FFL67.81; Type F2 – entrance FFL 71.26, ground FFL 68.26). The proposal shall also provide for 43 car parking spaces, vehicular and pedestrian access via existing access point from Ballyroan Heights; new pedestrian access to adjoining park; private open space areas in the form of side/rear gardens, courtyards and balcony/terrace spaces; public open space areas, new boundary treatments, public lighting and all associated site development, site services and landscape works.


  • Planning granted for the construction of 2 houses on the the site of Lynbrook, Witechurch Road, Rathfarnham.
  • Additional information requested regardig the application to demolish 1 house and construct 4houses at 124 Templeville Drive, Templeogue.
  • Additional information requested regardig the application to consgruct 1 house at the side of an existing house at 75 Woodlawn Park Avenue, Firhouse.



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