SDCC Planning Decisions 19 – 23 November 2018




  • Application submitted to build 8 houses on Stocking Avenue.
  • Planning refused to build house on Butterfield Grove.
  • Permission granted to build house in Knocklyon Heights




SD18A/0228     19-Nov-2018     Permission                               Significant Additional Information

Applicant:                                  Jim and Dymphna McGonigle

Location:                                    Site adjacent to 2, Knocklyon Park, Knocklyon, Dublin 16

Proposed Development:          3 bedroom, 2 storey house of 118sq.m and demolition of 6sq.m of existing house.



SD18A/0276     23-Nov-2018       Permission                               Additional Information

Applicant:                                    Broadcrest Ltd.,

Location:                                      Scholarstown Wood, located South of Scholarstown Road, West of Stocking Lane, North of Ballyboden Waterworks, And East of Woodfield, Dublin 16.

Proposed Development:             Permission for modifications to Apartment Block B of the residential development permitted under Reg. Ref.: SD15A/0017 & ABP Ref. PL06S.244732, amended under Reg. Ref.: SD18A/0020.  The modifications consist of the following: (1) Reconfiguration and alterations to the permitted third floor level to provide 2 additional residential units, Units 312 and 313, resulting in the provision of 2 1-bed units and 6 2-bed units at third floor level.  The residential gross floor area at the third floor level increases from 661 sqm to 748 sqm. (2) The provision of an additional floor (proposed at fourth floor level) to provide 6 no. additional residential units (6 2-bed units) with a GFA of 661 sqm. (3) The proposed modifications and additional storey for Apartment Block B increases the number of units from 30 to 38 units, includes associated alterations to the elevations and associated site development works. (4) Alterations to the permitted parking layout at surface level including the provision of 10 additional car parking spaces. (5) The total gross floor area of Apartment Block B will increase from 3,767sq.m to 4,515sq.m.



SD18A/0300     21-Nov-2018              Permission                        Additional Information

Applicant:                                       Ardstone Homes Ltd.

Location:                                         Lands to the north side of Stocking Avenue (east end), Rathfarnham, Dublin 16.

Proposed Development:               Construction of 8 dwellings in total, with 4 dwellings on each site. The dwellings will form part of the ‘White Pines’ housing development currently under construction (permitted under Reg. Ref. SD14A/0222 as amended by Reg. Ref. SD17A/0132, SD17A,0355, SD17A,0376, SD17A,0465 and SD18A/0196) upon their completion. It is proposed that Site A will contain a total of 4 detached dwellings, each two storeys high with habitable attic over 2 dwellings (house type Dd-D) will be 5 bed dwellings and 2 dwellings (house type Fs-D) will be 4 bed dwellings. All associated site works including car parking, boundary treatment and landscaping. Vehicular access will be off a local access road within ‘White Pines’. The permitted childcare bin store and cycle parking will be relocated as part of the proposed development. The permitted childcare looped set down arrangement will be omitted. It is proposed that Site B will contain a total of 4 two storey dwellings including house type at (4 bed end of terrace); house type Agt (4 bed end of terrace) and house type Bm (2 3-bed terrace). All associated site works including car parking, boundary treatment and landscaping. Vehicular access will off a permitted local access road in ‘White Pines’.



SD18A/0315     20-Nov-2018              Permission                        Additional Information

Applicant:                                           Caolin Rafferty

Location:                                             Springvale House, Springvale, Rathfarnham, Dublin 16

Proposed Development:                    Two storey, 3 bedroom detached house and vehicular entrance.



SD18B/0479     19-Nov-2018              Permission                        New Application

Applicant:                                           Edward & Joanne Rice

Location:                                             29, Ballymace Green, Dublin 14

Proposed Development:                    Demolition of kitchen extension and the rear shed; construction of a single storey extension to the rear of the house; partial conversion of garage and internal alterations.



SD18B/0480     20-Nov-2018              Permission                        New Application

Applicant:                                           John & Sharon Doran

Location:                                             5, Boden Villas, Taylor’s Lane, Rathfarnham, Dublin 16

Proposed Development:                   (a) Demolition of porch entrance and relocation of front door; (b) construction of 68sq.m single storey rear extension; (c) internal alterations of existing dwelling; (d) construction of 21sq.m single storey structure with pitched roof containing plant room, utility and storage/play room to rear garden; (e) raise existing front garden block boundary wall adjacent to No. 6 to 1.8m; (f) all associated site works.



SD18B/0482     20-Nov-2018              Permission and Retention    New Application

Applicant:                                           Yam Lai Yeung

Location:                                             Montpelier, Ballycullen Road, Knocklyon, Dublin 16.

Proposed Development:                   Detached domestic garage to front and side with a floor area of 20sq.m; retention for the vertical extension of 3 front bay windows providing an additional 4sq.m. at ground floor.



SD18B/0485     21-Nov-2018              Retention                          New Application

Applicant:                                           James Durkan

Location:                                             19, Marian Park, Rathfarnham, Dublin 14.

Proposed Development:                   Retention of single storey extension (approx. 10.5sq.m) to rear of dwelling and associated site development works.



SD18B/0486     21-Nov-2018              Permission                        New Application

Applicant:                                           Marian Pau

Location:                                             578, Woodview Cottages, Dublin 14

Proposed Development:                   Ground and first floor extension and all associated works to the  rear.



SD18B/0487     21-Nov-2018              Permission                        New Application

Applicant:                                           Kevin & Louise O’Brien

Location:                                             10, Airpark Court, Rathfarnham, Dublin 16

Proposed Development:                   Part single storey and part two storey extension to the rear and a single storey extension to the side of house.



SD18B/0488     21-Nov-2018              Permission                        New Application

Applicant:                                           James & Sarah Fitzpatrick

Location:                                             38, Mount Alton, Dublin 16

Proposed Development:                   Ground floor entrance porch and skylight above with change of windows to the front; ground floor rear extension comprising of alterations and demolition works including the removal of rear shed; first floor flat roofed dormer extension providing first floor habitable accommodation, including raising of roof ridge to rear and sides hosting photovoltaic panels and a strip roof light to the front of the property.



SD18B/0490     22-Nov-2018              Permission                        New Application

Applicant:                                           Daragh Gleeson

Location:                                             8, Ashton Close, Dublin 16

Proposed Development:                   Demolish single storey side and rear extension; removal of flat roof over single storey rear extension; new single storey side extension with a pitched roof over, bringing front entrance forward; single storey rear extension with pitched roof; new pitched roof over existing single storey rear extension; general internal alterations on ground floor level.



SD18B/0395             GRANT PERMISSION                 19-Nov-2018                                    


Applicant: Rita Connolly


Location: 1, Anne Devlin Avenue, Rathfarnham, Dublin, 14


Proposed Development:  Second storey dormer extension at rear of dwelling.



SD18B/0405             GRANT PERMISSION                 21-Nov-2018                                    


Applicant: Liam & Carrie Cloake


Location: 39, Monalea Park, Dublin 24


Proposed Development:  Extend the existing concrete ridge tiles & roof tiles to form a new ‘Dutch’ type roof structure, extend side structure up to new soffit level with two additional windows in the existing gable wall, dormer roof structure to the existing rear tiled roof with attic conversion, internal alterations, front porch, single storey extension to the rear of the dwelling, external finishes to match existing and associated site works.



SD18B/0394             GRANT PERMISSION FOR RETENTION             20-Nov-2018                                    


Applicant: Gillian & Dermot Duffy


Location: 22, Wood Dale Close, Ballycullen, Dublin 24.


Proposed Development:  Retention of 1 storey extension to existing house.



SD18B/0401             GRANT PERMISSION FOR RETENTION             21-Nov-2018                                    


Applicant: Mr. & Mrs. D. Letmon


Location: 10, Woodstown Heights, Dublin 16


Proposed Development:  Retention of dormer window to the rear of existing converted attic space.



SD18B/0436             INVALID – SITE NOTICE              23-Nov-2018                                    


Applicant: John & Caroline White


Location: 13, Woodstown Hill, Dublin 16.


Proposed Development:  Construction of a ground floor extension to the side and rear.



SD18B/0477             INVALID APPLICATION                         23-Nov-2018                                    


Applicant: Fergal Kinane & Caroline Byrne


Location: 261, Templeogue Road, Dublin 6w


Proposed Development:  Widen driveway entrance by removal of half of each of current standing entrance pillar.



SD18A/0277            REFUSE PERMISSION                21-Nov-2018                                    


Applicant: Joy & Andrew MacWilliam


Location: 1, Butterfield Grove, Rathfarnham, Dublin 14


Proposed Development:  Construction of a new detached two-storey dwelling to side of existing two-storey semi-detached dwelling; widening of existing entrance gateway to new dwelling and all ancillary works.



SD18A/0349            REQUEST ADDITIONAL INFORMATION                        20-Nov-2018                                    


Applicant: Avest Rivertemple Ltd.


Location: Riverside Cottages, Templeogue, Dublin 6w



APPEAL NOTIFIED:                        23-Nov-2018

APPEAL LODGED:                             21-Nov-2018

APPELLANT TYPE:                        3RD PARTY



APPLICANT:                                  John Sutcliffe

LOCATION:                                   1 Wainsfort Park, Terenure, Dublin 6w.

PROPOSED DEVELOPMENT:        Retention of single storey kitchen and living room extension to rear, conversion of garage to playroom at side incorporating new flat roof in place of existing sub-standard roof and for attic conversion to storeroom with ‘Velux’ roof light to rear and new dormer window in side gable with all associated site and drainage works.





APPEAL DECIDED:                         19-Nov-2018

APPELLANT TYPE:                         3RD PARTY X 4

APPEAL DECISION:                       Grant Permission


APPLICANT:                                  Liam & Pauline Delaney

LOCATION:                                    32, Knocklyon Heights, Knocklyon, Dublin 16


PROPOSED DEVELOPMENT:        Divide existing site into 2 sites, demolish existing garage and kitchen area of existing house, erect a new 4 bedroom detached 2 storey house in the side garden of site with new boundary walls, 2 car spaces to front of new house and all associated site works.