In June 2016 ,workmen started on the Knocklyon Megalithic Tomb.    It was to be located on the Scholarstown Roundabout.      The work commenced with the removal of all the overgrown shrubbery and the clearing of the site.      It was hoped to have it ready for the Summer Solistice.     IMG_4414

Materials arrived the work was begun , but then word came from the South Dublin Druid Council that July would be the warmest on Record.    So they and the skilled workers on site ,took themselves off to the beach.      Many weeks went by……     Knocklyon Network made phone calls to the Council.  “Where is Knocklyon?   We are only interested in projects for Tallaght or Clondalkin.   We wouldn’t be trying to improve Knocklyon.”     Finally, after the 4th call ,we found someone who knew of this project.   They called the workers back from the beach and said they would continue to build the Tomb.      So next day they duly arrived.     Work commenced in earnest.    The standing stones went in and the circle was commenced.

IMG_4417    IMG_4418

But wait was it supposed to be a full circle,a half circle or Total Eclipse.      The stonemasons were flumoxed.    Surely if it is a full circle then there will be no entrance for the Burial Chamber, if we leave an entrance then what happens to all those standing stones.      So without much as a farewell, or a sick note they left again, possibly for the beach or maybe to consult with the South Dublin Druid Council ,who are probably mostly on holidays and certainly nobody is too bothered about completing this Tomb as we are only Knocklyon .      So we drag on into month three and still do not know who will be in the tomb or will it just be the circle of life???

IMG_4416          newgrange08