Councillor Paula Donovan sent us this.   We think it is am important initiative and one we agree with whole-heartly as we head towards Gridlock during rush hours South of the Dodder.

Dear Local Residents Groups,
At our Area Committee meeting earlier this week, I received Cross-party & independent support from my Councillor colleagues to a motion (see below) I had raised for our area. The managements response to the motion while welcomed did not offer a commitment to undertake the strategic assessment that I had called for. The debate that followed allowed me to lay out my reasons for pushing for an overarching review of the traffic problems we experience daily and know that they are only going to get worse with the planned developments on the foothills. Following a lot of exchanges I am delighted to say that my colleagues voted unanimously to support the need to address the traffic situation in a more comprehensive cohesive approach with the delivery of an area based transport assessment for forward planning.

I am now working with the Chief Executive to secure funding to allow this assessment to be commenced as a priority.

Below is the motion that I debated and successfully passed. I have also included the link that I would have used to prepare for the debate which gives context and assessment scope. Thanks also to John B from Prospect Manor who provided data on the build- up of traffic flows on Stocking lane.

I hope to be able to give you regular updates as this assessment progresses.

Submitted by Cllr Paula Donovan, Rathfarnham Area Committee Oct 11 2016

“That this Committee calls for an ‘Area Based Transport Assessment for Forward Planning’ to deal with increasing traffic volumes on Edmondstown Road, Whitechurch Road, Stocking Lane, Ballycullen Road and Old Court Road as a result of housing development on the foothills of the Dublin Mountains. As these lands are not subject to an LAP there has been no ‘Area Based Transport Assessment For Forward

Planning’ which are provided for the NRA Traffic and Transport Assessment Guidelines.”

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I hope you find this information useful.  Please do let me know…