Many people are not aware of PPN and what it does .     Here we will try and answer those questions.

The South Dublin County Public Participation Network (or PPN for short) is an independent umbrella organisation and network that provides a voice for all community & voluntary, environmental and social inclusion groups throughout the county.

The PPN aims to enable people and organisations to express a diverse range of views and interests through local authority and other agency structures.

There are over three hundred organisations registered under the PPN.     These Organisations are all Voluntary Organisations that work in various areas but identify with one of the three Pillars of the PPN,namely:Environment; Social Inclusion: & Community and Voluntary.   The idea is for all these varied organisations throughout the country to come together and elect representatives that would then be entitled to have a say at Council meetings and to put forward motions and have a say in responding to Council plans.


Up to last Tuesday there were three Representatives in each of the Pillars.   Last Tuesday a fourth Representative was elected for each of the Pillars.     These Representatives attend Strategic Policy Committees within the Council where they sit alongside Council Officials,and  Councillors and have their say.

Knocklyon Network, as well as some other organisations like Woodstown Village Residents association, Glendoher Residents Assos,  from our area are members of the PPN.   We encourage more organisations to participate in this opportunity to have your voice heard and your ideas acted upon in your county.

Last Tuesday a Plenary session of the SDCPPN was held in the Louis Fitzgerald Hotel.     Over 120 people from 108 organisations attended.    We are pleased to say ,two motions put down by Knocklyon Network were passed and will be submitted to the Council with the support of the PPN.

The Motions were:

Dodder Valley Park from Knocklyon to Old Bawn, which is designated as a Regional Park be recognised as such by the Council. This should lead to the immediate implementation of an upgrading to a proper park with the development of a plan to provide Maintenance staff, Depot, Playground, Planting, Pathways, Exercise machines, etc. whilst Considering the Heritage and Biodiversity elements

That SDCC would seriously consider the availability of the Orlagh facility and premises as an amenity for the Council area and as the new Interpretive Centre for tourism and the Mountains.

We will be bringing the motions to the attention of our Councillors and our TD’s and Ministers.   We ask that you personally or any organisation you are involved in should call on the Council and Councillors to implement these two motions.

The next step in the PPN is :

The Secretariat will hold Pillar meetings on the following dates:

  • 22nd June: Environment Pillar Meeting (All Environmental Groups)
  • 23rd June: Social Inclusion Pillar Meeting (All Social Inclusion Groups)
  • 28th June: Community Pillar Meeting (All Community Groups)

Each Pillar will begin forming a plan of action to develop the priorities identified at the Plenary. We will circulate information on times and venues during the first week of June.

If you would like to know more about the PPN and it’s current Representatives go to :http://www.sdcppn.ie/