Some interesting planning applications this week.     Harvey Norman for Tallaght gets permission, Big development of retail,etc at Liffey Valley, Houses at  Carmelite convent refused, Tuning Fork being turned into a funeral parlour refused, development of garage on Nutgrove Ave.

Planning Decisions to 5th of February,2016
SD16A/0023 03-Feb-2016 Permission New Application
Applicant: Thomas & Margaret Nugent
Location: 2, Cypress Lawn, Dublin 6w
Proposed Development: New pedestrian access to Grove Road, the relocation and a new vehicular access to Cypress Lawn, a new detached two storey plus attic house with dormer to rear and bay windows to front, porch, 3 ‘Velux’ windows to rear, two parking spaces and associated works to side.

SD16A/0027 05-Feb-2016 Permission New Application
Applicant: Hines Real Estate Ireland Ltd.
Location: Liffey Valley Shopping Centre, Fonthill Road, Clondalkin, Dublin, 22
Proposed Development: The development will consist of a mixed leisure, entertainment, commercial and retail extension to the existing Liffey Valley Centre in the form of 3 integrated structures organised around a large public plaza and pedestrian friendly east-west street with parapet levels varying between c.15m and c.18m above street level. The scheme provides for: (a) leisure arena (c.10,567sq.m gross) designed for international standard ice related activities but also allowing the flexibility for other similar type events with the capacity to seat up to 2,500 persons, associated service, storage and changing facilities. A dance studio, gym and local community office are provided at ground level with direct access from the east-west street. A multi-functional open area is provided immediately east of the arena to accommodate occasional events, activities and coach parking; (b) a 2-3 storey extension to the existing Centre (c.51,545sq.m gross) providing for mixed leisure and entertainment units (c.4,217sq.m gross), food/beverage units (c.4,535sq.m gross), retail units (c.29,732sq.m gross) and all ancillary space, circulation areas (c.12,023sq.m gross) and a basement service area (c.1,038sq.m gross). The main retail area will be anchored by 2 stores over three floors (comprising a total of c.13,993sq.m gross) located on either side of the public plaza. A local Garda office and affordable retail units are also provided in the main retail area; (c) a central public plaza fronting onto the east-west street covered with a large glass canopy in the form of a curved gridshell structure. This structure will be the tallest part of the proposal at a height of c.20m above street level. The food/beverage units are located around the Plaza at both ground and first floor levels; (d) a multi-storey car park over 4 levels (c.1,820 spaces with an area of c.53,611sq.m) located east of the extension area and north of the leisure arena. 18 mobility impaired surface spaces, approximately 180 cycle spaces and bus/taxi set down areas on the east-west street. Approximately 1,679sq.m of existing gross floorspace is to be removed/demolished over ground and first floor to facilitate the extension. The proposal includes all associated service yards, plant and equipment, electricity substations, all utility connections and works, street lighting, signage, landscaping and boundary treatments. The proposal includes the construction of new toucan crossing points for pedestrians and cyclists at the western end of the east-west street to provide safe connection to the existing footpath and cycle network on Ascail an Life (ring road around the Centre). A new roundabout is also proposed at the entrance to the multi-storey car park on the eastern boundary. An Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) and a Natura Impact Statement (NIS) are submitted with this application.

SD16B/0023 02-Feb-2016 Permission New Application
Applicant: Brendan Geraghty
Location: 4, Airpark Court, Stocking Lane, Dublin, 16
Proposed Development: First floor rear extension (18.66sq.m); new ground floor side window (1.1sq.m) and associated site works.

SD16B/0025 02-Feb-2016 Permission New Application
Applicant: Jonathan Tracy
Location: 1, Airpark Court, Stocking Lane, Dublin 16
Proposed Development: Single storey side extension (20.77sq.m), associated site works.

SD16B/0026 02-Feb-2016 Permission New Application
Applicant: Evin O Connor & Jean Kenny
Location: 82, Templeville Drive, Dublin 6w
Proposed Development: The construction of (a) single storey extension to the front, (b) a first floor extension to the side over the existing garage and utility room, (c) a single storey extension to the rear complete with rooflights; the fitting of (i) a rooflight to the side elevation, (ii) solar panels on the roof; the widening of the existing vehicular entrance; minor internal and external elevational alterations.

SD16B/0030 05-Feb-2016 Permission New Application
Applicant: Tom Maguire
Location: 11, Orlagh Lodge, Dublin 16
Proposed Development: Construction of a single storey garage with pitched roof to the side, a first floor extension with pitched roof to the front, alterations to the roof structure and all ancillary site works.

SD15A/0293 GRANT PERMISSION 01-Feb-2016
Applicant:Sirio Property Company Limited
Location:Former Esso Priory Service Station, Nutgrove Avenue, Rathfarnham, Dublin 14
Proposed Development: (1) Provision of new two storey forecourt building with 100sq.m retail shop, 91.53sq.m deli cafe, 24.29sq.m deli cafe food prep area, offices, stores & toilet facilities; (2) sale of specially prepared hot & cold food for consumption both on and off the premises from the deli cafe area; (3) new forecourt layout including canopy, fuel pumps, underground tanks, jet wash, carwash water pump room and bin compound; (4) relocation of existing site entrance & exit crossovers, (5) 157.08sq.m first floor office, (6) ancillary signage, both illuminated and non-illuminated and (7) all associated site works..

SD15A/0368 GRANT PERMISSION 03-Feb-2016
Applicant:Exterion Media Irl. Ltd.
Location:1, Ballyroan Road, Dublin 16
Proposed Development: Replacement of existing 6m x 3m static illuminated advertising display with a 3.463m x 2.923m internally illuminated scrolling advertising display.

SD15B/0345 GRANT PERMISSION 02-Feb-2016
Applicant:Bill Hayden
Location:4 Crannagh Grove, Rathfarnham, Dublin 14.
Proposed Development: (1) Demolition of the existing single storey garage to the side of existing dwelling. (2) Construction of a two storey extension with pitched roof to the side of the existing dwelling. (3) Construction of a single storey extension to the rear of the existing dwelling. (4) Construction of a new entrance canopy to the front of the existing dwelling. (5) Widening of existing driveway entrance gate. (6) All associated site drainage and structural works.

SD15B/0351 GRANT PERMISSION 04-Feb-2016
Applicant:Chris & Sinead McGowan
Location:96, Willbrook, Whitechurch Road, Rathfarnham, Dublin 14.
Proposed Development: Alterations to an existing house including the construction of a two storey extension to the side with a porch to the front.

Applicant:Seamus Daly
Location:29, Butterfield Close, Rathfarnham, Dublin 14
Proposed Development: Construction of two storey extension to the side and single storey extension to the rear and all associated site development works, to include main roof alterations, elevation alteration, 3 rooflights and increasing the driveway entrance to 3.5 meters.

SD15A/0366 REFUSE PERMISSION 02-Feb-2016
Applicant:Fanagans Funeral Directors Ltd.
Location:The Tuning Fork Pub, Ballyboden Road, Rathfarnham, Dublin 14
Proposed Development: (a) Demolish the existing public house building of 289sq.m and associated outhouse buildings; (b) developing a new two storey building of 396sq.m for use as a funeral home containing 3 chapels, a reception area, external open air central courtyard, client meeting room with ancillary staff facilities and office space to the first floor; (c) on site parking for 7 client cars in area previously use for parking; (d) a new single storey garage of 304sq.m on grassed open space for the parking of funeral vehicles and staff cars. Vehicular access to the site will be from Willbrook Street, Ballyboden Road as previously used by the public house.

SD15A/0330 APPEAL NOTIFIED: 05-Feb-2016
APPEAL LODGED: 04-Feb-2016
APPLICANT: Harvey Norman Tallaght Ltd.
LOCATION: Airton Road Retail Park, Tallaght, Dublin 24
PROPOSED DEVELOPMENT: Alteration of development approved under SD06A/0296 & SD07A/0688 for retail warehousing for use by a single retailer; the addtion of 4 areas of mezzanine floors comprising a total of 419sqm within the envelope of the existing building for use as staff, ancillary and equipment accommodation; the erection of cladding to the front and side elevations of the existing building and one existing air-frame entrance canopy; the removal of one air-frame entrance canopy; the erection of illuminated fascia panel signage to the front and side elevations and the remaining 4 air-frame canopies; the erection of an illuminated display sign on each road frontage; the erection of a single storey stand alone cafe building of 218sqm with 60sqm external seating area; the erection of illuminiated fascia signage to the front elevations of the cafe; the creation of additional parking and internal access areas including reconfiguration of existing car park to provide 257 car parking spaces and 42 cycle park stands; hard and soft landscaping and the creation of a new access and road improvements to Greenhills Road including lane widening, provision of cycle lane, right hand turn lanes, traffic lights, pedestrian and cycle crossing points and traffic management systems.

SD15A/0336 APPEAL NOTIFIED: 04-Feb-2016
APPEAL LODGED: 04-Feb-2016
APPLICANT: Fitzwilliam Real Estate
LOCATION: Mount Carmel Park, Firhouse, Dublin 24
PROPOSED DEVELOPMENT: Residential development consisting of 72 dwelling units including vehicular access from Firhouse Road, all associated site and infrastructural works including foul and surface water drainage, 106 car parking spaces, landscaping and public open space, boundary walls and fences, roads, cyclepaths and footpaths all on a site area of appoximately 2.3 hectares. The site is within the curtilage of a Protected Structure (RPS reference 284). The development consists of 22 no. 2 storey 2 bed and 3 bed semi-detached houses, 8 corner blocks comprising 24 no. 3 storey 2 bed apartment units with balconies and 8 no. 2 storey 3 bed duplex units and 2 blocks comprising 18 no. 3 storey 1 bed& 2 bed apartments as follows: (a) 18 no. 3 bed semi-detached houses (House Type B); (b) 4 no. 2 bed semi-detached houses (House Type A); (c) 24 no. 2 bed corner apartments (Apartment Type 02, 03, 04); (D) 8 no. 3 bed corner duplex units (Apartment Type 01); (e) 6 no. 1 bed apartments (Apartment Type 02); (f) 12 no. 2 bed apartments (Apartment Type 01,03,04). The proposal also includes the provision of approximately 0.7 hectares of land to the north of the subject site boundary to be transferred into public ownership as part of the Dodder Valley public open space. All this on a site adjacent to the Carmel of the Assumption Convent, Firhouse Road and to the west of the residential development at Mount Carmel Park, Dublin 24.

SD15B/0256 AN BORD PLEANALA REF. NO.: PL06S.245695
APPEAL DECISION: Grant Permission
APPLICANT: Declan Healy
LOCATION: 106A, Moyville, Rathfarnham, Dublin 16
PROPOSED DEVELOPMENT: Retention of a single storey extension of 14sq.m to the side of an existing 3 bedroom house.