Great to see more jobs on the way for South Dublin. This time with a major facility planned by Pfizer. Also new houses in Tootenhill,Rathcoole and St. Jude’s making some improvements.

SD16A/0229 04-Jul-2016 Permission New Application
Applicant: Cavan Developments
Location: Tootenhill, Rathcoole, Co Dublin
Proposed Development: Residential development on site area of 4.45ha, on site adjacent to the Broadfield Manor residential development. The proposed development consists of 113 no. 2 and 3 storey houses, comprised of 9 no. 3 & 4 bed detached houses, 88 no. 4 bed semi detached houses, 9 no. 3 bed semi detached houses, and 7 no. 3 & 4 bed terraced houses. The proposed development includes all associated site development and infrastructural works, car parking, open spaces and landscaping. Proposed access to the development will be via two vehicular entrances, one off Kilteel Road and one off Broadfield Avenue.

SD16A/0231 06-Jul-2016 Permission New Application
Applicant: Tom & Betty Collard
Location: 23 Orwell Park Rise, Templeogue, Dublin 6W.
Proposed Development: A two storey extension to the side of the previously permitted two storey extension (Reg. Ref. S97B/0557) and internal subdivision to provide a new semi-detached 3 bedroom dwelling incorporating the existing and new extensions to the side of the original dwelling, along with subdivision of the rear garden, widening of the existing vehicular access gates to the front and all associated site works.

SD16A/0236 08-Jul-2016 Permission New Application
Applicant: Pfizer Ireland Pharmaceuticals
Location: Grange Castle Business Park, Nangor Road, Clondalkin, Dublin 22.
Proposed Development: A new 5 storey bio-pharmaceutical manufacturing building to be built in two phases. Phase 1 sized 20, and 28.2 meters high including a single storey link sized 1,203sq.m, and Phase 2 sized 14,320sq.m and 28.2 meters high, including a single storey link sized 750sq.m, located to the south of their existing Drug Substance Building. A single storey warehouse extension located to the south of the existing warehouse including new docking facilities sized 1,142sq.m and 11.2 meter high. A three storey extension located to the east of the existing laboratory building sized 1,328sq.m and 17.6 meters high. A new south elevation with new windows on the fourth floor of the existing drug substance building. New site works including 565 new car parking spaces of which 282 are relocated car parking spaces – 282 spaces lost due to the development footprint – located to the north of the site, together with a new bicycle parking facility, a new permanent heavy goods entrance at the current construction entrance to the south boundary of the campus and new fencing, 2.1 meters high, to the east, west and south side boundaries. Permanent car parking of 350 spaces for sustaining construction and contract personnel utilising a portion of the existing temporary contractor car park. Upon completion of the construction and commissioning activities, the remainder of the contractor car park will be decommissioned. A new single storey security building sized 56sq.m and revisions and alterations to the existing road, services and landscaping and new items of plant and equipment located in the existing and proposed yards, and associated pipe bridges. All associated site works. A 10 year planning permission is sought for this proposed development. The application consists of a variation to a previously permitted development on an activity for which a licence under Part IV of the Environmental Protection Agency Act 1992 ( as amended for the Protection of the Environment Act 2003) is required and full details of the proposed development and its anticipated environmental impacts will be notified to the Environmental Protection Agency. An Environmental Impact Statement accompanies this application, and it will be avialable for inspection or purchase at the office of the Planning Authority.

SD16A/0238 08-Jul-2016 Permission New Application
Applicant: St. Jude’s G.A.A. Club
Location: Pitch 4, Tymon Park, Wellington Lane, Templeogue, Dublin 6W.
Proposed Development: Well bore hole, with 60,000 litre holding tank submerged in ground, underground irrigation & sprinkler system to pitch. New control panel to rear of west end goal posts. These are addtional modifications to previously granted planning permission SD14A/0036.

SD16B/0206 04-Jul-2016 Permission New Application
Applicant: Andrew Pratt & Valerie Ward
Location: 27, Hunters Lane, Hunters Wood, Ballycullen, Dublin 24
Proposed Development: Partial 2 storey rear extension & full width ground floor rear extension with roof light over; partial 2 storey side extension with roof light over; flat roofs to all extensions; internal alterations at ground floor & first floor; new window at first floor in existing rear façade.

SD16B/0207 04-Jul-2016 Permission New Application
Applicant: Joseph & Catherine Marshall
Location: 6 Templeroan View, Knocklyon, Dublin 16.
Proposed Development: Demolition of existing one storey kitchen/breakfast annex at the rear of the existing house and replace it with a one storey lean to extension containing a handicapped bedroom/bathroom & re-configured kitchen, dining & living space. In addition permission is sought to replace the existing hipped roof in attic with a gabled roof containing additional Velux roofllight to rear & internal staircase leading to expanded attic storage space.

SD16B/0209 04-Jul-2016 Permission New Application
Applicant: Aisling & Marcus King
Location: 29, Aranleigh Mount, Dublin 14
Proposed Development: Construction of a part single storey extension to the front, part two storey extension to the side and general alterations to the existing house. Development will also comprise new site, drainage and fencing works.

SD16B/0011 GRANT PERMISSION 07-Jul-2016
Applicant:Jenny Dellachiesa
Location:653, Whitechurch Road, Dublin 16
Proposed Development: Demolish existing single storey extensions to the rear and construct a new 2 two storey, 2 bedroom, extension also to the rear of the existing dwelling, which is a protected structure, including all associated site works.

SD16B/0067 GRANT PERMISSION 08-Jul-2016
Applicant:Sean McCarthy
Location:30, Rossmore Grove, Templeogue, Dublin 6w
Proposed Development: First floor rear extension over the existing ground floor and associated site works.

SD16B/0161 GRANT PERMISSION 04-Jul-2016
Applicant:Karen O’Sullivan
Location:47, Eden Court, Grange Road, Rathfarnham, Dublin 16
Proposed Development: Attic conversion to study room with ensuite including building up to side of gable wall and extend roof to form ‘Dutch’ hip roof, dormer roof light to rear, roof lights to front, new windows to side gable and associated internal alterations.

SD16B/0165 GRANT PERMISSION 07-Jul-2016
Applicant:Daniel Robinson & Gillian Martin
Location:19, Prospect Avenue, Dublin 16
Proposed Development: Rear dormer extension, single storey bay window extension and canopy to front of house, new ground floor window and door to existing gable at side.

SD16B/0167 GRANT PERMISSION 08-Jul-2016
Applicant:Pam Harrison
Location:3, Wainsfort Manor Green, Terenure, Dublin 6W
Proposed Development: New attic extension by extending the existing roof ridge line & raising the side/gable wall to form a ‘Dutch’ hip to the existing pitched roof, complete with new dormer window to rear elevation, new attic conversion to include ‘Velux’ roof windows to front & rear elevations & to increase the height of the stairwell/landing window (finished in frosted glass) within the side elevation, together with associated site works.

Applicant:Pauline Gregory
Location:147, Glenvara Park, Knocklyon, Dublin 16
Proposed Development: Demolition of existing car port and the construction of a two storey detached dwelling to the side (east).

Applicant:Precious Days Childcare
Location:1A, Allenton Green, Ballycragh, Tallaght, Dublin 24
Proposed Development: Change of use from general retail to sessional services childcare facility/after school care, the children range in ages from 2.5 years to 12 years old, (max. of 30 children), the opening hours from 8.30 am until 6.30pm, Monday to Friday, (total floor area 75sq.m) and out-door play area at rear ground level circa. 25sq.m with associated site works, services and landscaping.

SD15A/0374 APPEAL NOTIFIED: 07-Jul-2016
APPLICANT: Finchcrest Limited LOCATION: 25, Cypress Grove South, Dublin 6w
PROPOSED DEVELOPMENT: Two 3 bedroom semi-detached dwelling houses, attendant site works and landscaping.

SD16B/0134 APPEAL NOTIFIED: 07-Jul-2016
APPLICANT: Kevin Smyth
LOCATION: 74, Rathfarnham Woods, Rathfarnham, Dublin 14
PROPOSED DEVELOPMENT: New attic rooflight to front and retention of existing attic dormer to rear