Planning . Some interesting decisions. Hopefully, Peamount Hospital 100 extra beds will be a Step Down hospital to relieve some of the pressure in our General Hospital. Big Further development of Liffey Valley Shopping Area, one of the places of much controversy back in the public enquiry days. The Belgard Inn to be demolished for a Lidl. The Irish Biscuits building on Belgard Rd., long a land mark in Tallaght to be demolished . It will be replaced by a 200,000 Sq Ft unit for ADSIL Amazon Data Storage International Ltd. This is the third major Amazon building in the Tallaght area for data Storage. It is great to find that our mild climate is a huge bonus for these giant data storage warehouses. While they do not create huge employment, it is better that the jobs created are here than elsewhere and there is considerable employment in the Demolition in subsequent construction phase.

Planning Decisions for week of 25th of March, 2016
SD15A/0389 APPEAL NOTIFIED: 24-Mar-2016
APPEAL LODGED: 21-Mar-2016
APPLICANT: Vodafone Ireland Ltd
LOCATION: Palmer Park/Pearse Brothers Park, Ballyboden, Dublin 16
PROPOSED DEVELOPMENT: Retention permission for existing 20m high telecommunications support structure, with associated antennae and link dishes, associated equipment cabinets, security fence, associated site development works, (Ref previous planning SD12A/0193). The development continues to form part of Vodafone Irelands existing GSM/3G and 4G broadband telecommunications networks.

SD16A/0019 GRANT PERMISSION 21-Mar-2016
Applicant:Peamount Healthcare
Location:Peamount Road, Newcastle, Co. Dublin
Proposed Development: Construction of a new 2 storey healthcare unit comprising of accommodation for 100 people, ancillary healthcare services, catering, pharmacy and staff facilities, associated site works, access road, landscaping, an internal link to the existing rehabilitation unit, together with redistribution of the existing car parking spaces and the demolition of a disused building. The proposed works are located on the site of a Protected Structure.

SD16A/0022 GRANT PERMISSION 23-Mar-2016
Applicant:C. Lawless & G. Loftus
Location:22, Allenton Lawns, Dublin 24
Proposed Development: New two storey detached dwelling with conservatory to the rear, new separate vehicular access and driveway, new party wall & associated site works.

SD16B/0023 GRANT PERMISSION 23-Mar-2016
Applicant:Brendan Geraghty
Location:4, Airpark Court, Stocking Lane, Dublin, 16
Proposed Development: First floor rear extension (18.66sq.m); new ground floor side window (1.1sq.m) and associated site works.

SD16B/0024 GRANT PERMISSION 23-Mar-2016
Applicant:Simon Owens
Location:2, Airpark Court, Stocking Lane, Dublin 16
Proposed Development: First floor rear extension (24.33sq.m), single storey side extension (8.42sq.m) and associated site works.

SD16B/0025 GRANT PERMISSION 23-Mar-2016
Applicant:Jonathan Tracy
Location: 1, Airpark Court, Stocking Lane, Dublin 16
Proposed Development: Single storey side extension (20.77sq.m), associated site works.

SD16B/0030 GRANT PERMISSION 24-Mar-2016
Applicant:Tom Maguire
Location:11, Orlagh Lodge, Dublin 16
Proposed Development: Construction of a single storey garage with pitched roof to the side, a first floor extension with pitched roof to the front, alterations to the roof structure and all ancillary site works.

Applicant:Topaz Energy Ltd.
Location:Three Rock Service Station, Grange Road, Rathfarnham, Dublin 14.
Proposed Development: (1) The construction of a single storey extension incorporating a new servery, seating area and toilets; (2) elevational and internal changes to existing building; (3) revisions to site layout to include 5 new car parking spaces, signage on existing canopy, landscaping and new circulation routes and (4) all associated site and development works.

SD16A/0023 REFUSE PERMISSION 21-Mar-2016
Applicant:Thomas & Margaret Nugent
Location:2, Cypress Lawn, Dublin 6w
Proposed Development: New pedestrian access to Grove Road, the relocation and a new vehicular access to Cypress Lawn, a new detached two storey plus attic house with dormer to rear and bay windows to front, porch, 3 ‘Velux’ windows to rear, two parking spaces and associated works to side.

Applicant:Hines Real Estate Ireland Ltd.
Location:Liffey Valley Shopping Centre, Fonthill Road, Clondalkin, Dublin, 22
Proposed Development: The development will consist of a mixed leisure, entertainment, commercial and retail extension to the existing Liffey Valley Centre in the form of 3 integrated structures organised around a large public plaza and pedestrian friendly east-west street with parapet levels varying between c.15m and c.18m above street level. The scheme provides for: (a) leisure arena (c.10,567sq.m gross) designed for international standard ice related activities but also allowing the flexibility for other similar type events with the capacity to seat up to 2,500 persons, associated service, storage and changing facilities. A dance studio, gym and local community office are provided at ground level with direct access from the east-west street. A multi-functional open area is provided immediately east of the arena to accommodate occasional events, activities and coach parking; (b) a 2-3 storey extension to the existing Centre (c.51,545sq.m gross) providing for mixed leisure and entertainment units (c.4,217sq.m gross), food/beverage units (c.4,535sq.m gross), retail units (c.29,732sq.m gross) and all ancillary space, circulation areas (c.12,023sq.m gross) and a basement service area (c.1,038sq.m gross). The main retail area will be anchored by 2 stores over three floors (comprising a total of c.13,993sq.m gross) located on either side of the public plaza. A local Garda office and affordable retail units are also provided in the main retail area; (c) a central public plaza fronting onto the east-west street covered with a large glass canopy in the form of a curved gridshell structure. This structure will be the tallest part of the proposal at a height of c.20m above street level. The food/beverage units are located around the Plaza at both ground and first floor levels; (d) a multi-storey car park over 4 levels (c.1,820 spaces with an area of c.53,611sq.m) located east of the extension area and north of the leisure arena. 18 mobility impaired surface spaces, approximately 180 cycle spaces and bus/taxi set down areas on the east-west street. Approximately 1,679sq.m of existing gross floorspace is to be removed/demolished over ground and first floor to facilitate the extension. The proposal includes all associated service yards, plant and equipment, electricity substations, all utility connections and works, street lighting, signage, landscaping and boundary treatments. The proposal includes the construction of new toucan crossing points for pedestrians and cyclists at the western end of the east-west street to provide safe connection to the existing footpath and cycle network on Ascail an Life (ring road around the Centre). A new roundabout is also proposed at the entrance to the multi-storey car park on the eastern boundary. An Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) and a Natura Impact Statement (NIS) are submitted with this application.

SD15A/0363 24-Mar-2016 Permission Additional Information
Applicant: Norton Properties Ltd.
Location: Charleville Manor, Firhouse, Templeogue, Dublin 16
Proposed Development: Construction of 7 residential units with on curtilage car parking to comprise of 2 three storey semi-detached town houses of 205sq.m each, 4 three storey semi-detached town houses of 197sq.m each and one three storey detached town house 197sq.m, all with associated site works, all to connect to partially completed ancillary works, and the completion of ancillary works and roadways partially constructed under previously approved planning permission reference SD06A/0294 and altered under planning reference SD08A/0256. All proposed works to take place within the curtilage of Charleville House, Firhouse, Templeogue, Dublin 16, which is a Protected Structure.

SD16A/0093 23-Mar-2016 Permission New Application
Applicant: ADSIL
Location: former Jacobs/Allied Biscuits Site, Belgard Road, Tallaght, Dublin 24
Proposed Development: (1) The redevelopment of the former single storey c. 20,892sq.m Jacob’s factory building for use as electrical rooms for electronic operations, mechanical plant rooms and support areas including loading bays, stores, offices and welfare facilities. The development will also contain new external plant areas including; (2) back up generators; (3) two electrical substations; (4) an electrical transformer compound with associated control rooms; (5) a sprinkler water tank and pump house; (6) a humidifier water tank compound and pump house; (7) a fuel tank compound and pump house; (8) a security entrance kiosk; (9) two new vehicular and pedestrian entrances including a main entrance at Airton Road and an emergency entrance at Mayberry Road; (10) 120 car parking spaces; (11) the refurbishment of boundary railings, fencing, landscaping and (12) sundry ancillary works. Mechanical plant at roof level of the main building is screened from view on all sides. The combined gross floor area of all proposed buildings is 22,147sq.m . A seperate application for planning permission for the demolition of existing buildings has been lodged with South Dublin County Council – Reg. Ref. SD16A/0086.

SD16A/0096 24-Mar-2016 Permission New Application
Applicant: Lidl Ireland GmbH
Location: The Belgard Inn, Old Belgard Road/Cookstown Road, Tallaght, Dublin 24
Proposed Development: Demolition of the existing public house and adjacent multi-deck car park and the development of a new mono pitched, licensed, discount foodstore including ancillary off-licence use; creation of a single vehicular entrance and exit on the Cookstown Road and an improved vehicular entrance and exit on Old Belgard Road; free standing and building mounted signage; refrigeration and air conditioning plant and equipment, car parking and bicycle parking, trolley bay, external bin storage, hard and soft landscaping with services to connect to existing connections and all other ancillary and associated site development works (including any retaining structures) above and below ground level to complete the development. In addition, the development includes a new plaza and retail/café building at the corner of Cookstown Road and Old Begard Road. The proposed development also includes improvements to the footpaths and additional crossing points on the Old Begard Road.

SD16B/0083 21-Mar-2016 Permission New Application
Applicant: D.McCreery & R. Turner
Location: New Barn, 17A, Rathfarnham Park, Dublin 14
Proposed Development: Single storey extension to the rear, alterations to the existing single storey elevation to include blocking up a doorway and the construction of a new window, a new single storey front porch extension & alterations to the existing ground floor front elevation to include replacing a doorway and two windows with a single window.

SD16B/0086 24-Mar-2016 Permission New Application
Applicant: Orla Cummins
Location: 12, Grangebrook Avenue, Rathfarnham, Dublin 16.
Proposed Development: Conversion of attic to storage including dormer window to the side and a ‘Velux’ roof light to the front all at roof level.