Good to see more large housing projects.   These will not only help those looking for homes but will also help to keep prices down as we need to increase the supply so that there is a home for everyone.

Planning Decisions  to 29th of April, 2016

SD16A/0143   27-Apr-2016   Permission      New Application

Applicant:        John McDermott

Location:         35, Pearse Brothers Park, Ballyboden, Rathfarnham, Dublin 16

Proposed Development:         Demolition of existing porch and construction of new two storey dwelling.


SD16B/0134    26-Apr-2016   Permission and Retention    New Application

Applicant:        Kevin Smyth

Location:         74, Rathfarnham Woods, Rathfarnham, Dublin 14

Proposed Development:         New attic rooflight to front and retention of existing attic dormer to rear


SD16B/0137    28-Apr-2016   Permission      New Application

Applicant:        Richard & Norma Flood

Location:         19, Monalea Park, Firhouse, Dublin 24

Proposed Development:         Extend the existing concrete ridge and roof tiles to form a new ‘Dutch’ type roof structure, extend the existing side structure up to new soffit level with three addtional windows, new single storey extension to the front and rear of the existing dwelling, new dormer roof structure to the existing rear tiled roof, attic conversion, internal alterations and associated site works.


SD16B/0139    29-Apr-2016   Permission      New Application

Applicant:        Elizabeth Breen

Location:         13, Wainsfort Crescent, Dublin 6w

Proposed Development:         Demolish an existing garage and erect a single storey extension at side.


SD10B/0219/EP          GRANT EXTENSION OF DURATION OF PERMISSION           28-Apr-2016                                     

Applicant:C. Ryan & A. Wray

Location:45, Priory Walk, Manor Grove, Terenure, Dublin 12

Proposed Development: Conversion of attic space to storage room with dormer to the rear, alteration of roof line from hip to gable, alteration of single storey rear extension roof from pitched to flat along with internal amendments.


SD16B/0068    GRANT PERMISSION  25-Apr-2016                                    

Applicant:T. Sheehy & J. D’Arcy

Location:88, Barton Drive, Dublin 14

Proposed Development: Alterations and additions to an existing 2 storey semi-detached dwelling, comprising the construction of a new first floor extension to gable end, the conversion of existing garage at ground floor level, the construction of a new single storey extension to rear, together with new entrance porch roof and modifications to front elevation and all ancillary site works.


SD16B/0071    GRANT PERMISSION  26-Apr-2016                                     

Applicant:C. Hogan & T. Lyons

Location:111, Ballyroan Road, Rathfarnham, Dublin 16

Proposed Development: Single storey flat roof extension to rere, new bay window to living room to front and part conversion of garage with extension to front and pitched roof over all.


SD16A/0078   REQUEST ADDITIONAL INFORMATION        29-Apr-2016                                    

Applicant:Cedarvale Commercial Ltd.

Location:Cooldown Commons, Fortunestown Lane, Dublin 24

Proposed Development: A mixed use development consisting of a total of 129 residential units including 6 detached houses, 52 terraced houses, 47 duplex units and 24 apartments, shops and creche. The overall proposed development follows a street grid pattern set out in the Fortunestown Local Area Plan 2012, presenting an urban edge to the north of the Fortunestown Lane/Luas Line, a central northwest-southeast main street linking Citywest Shopping Centre to future development lands to the north, and a parkland area along the Baldonnel Upper stream to the east. The proposed development comprises 3 main sectors incorporating the following: Sector 1 is a triangular shaped block facing onto Fortunestown Lane and the internal main street including; A 4 storey building containing creche (c .203sqm with private open space) and 3 retail/own door office units (c. 452sqm GFA) at ground floor, with apartments above ground including 6 no. 1 bedroom apartments, 9 no. 2 bedroom apartments and 3 no. 3 bedroom apartments, bicycle and bin stores and ancillary storage with public plaza, balconies and roof terraces; A 4 storey duplex with 1 no. 3 bed two storey townhouse above 1 no. 2 storey two bedroom apartment, a 3 storey residential terrace facing an internal courtyard with 12 no. 3 bed houses; and facing onto the main street a 3/4 storey terrace of 14 duplex units, including 8 no. 3 bed townhouses and 6 no. 2 bed apartments, 6 no. 3 storey 3 bed terraced houses and 1 no. 3 storey semi-detached 4 bed house. Sector 2 comprises a residential block bounded by the new main street to the west, Luas line to the south and new parkland to the east, including 23 no. 3 storey 3 bed houses, 3 no. 3 storey 4 bed houses ( 1 detached and 2 semi detached); 31 no. 3/4 storey duplex units (including 15 no. 2 storey 3 bed townhouses, 2 no. 2 storey 2 bed townhouses and 14 no. 2 bed apartments) and 2 no. 4 storey buildings including 6 no. 2 bed apartments, bin stores and ancillary storage, balconies and terraces. Sector 3 comprises a small residential block at the north of the site facing on the main street and includes 11 no. 3 storey 3 bed terraced houses, 2 no. 3 storey 4 bed semi detached houses. The proposed development will be accessed from Fortunestown Lane with a new upgraded signalised  junction across the Red Luas line, east of Fortunestown Luas Station, and opposite the access to Citywest Shopping Centre. Also provided is 1 ESB substation, ancillary site works, access roads, 142 surface car spaces, 40 covered bicycle parking adjoining Luas station; site development works and boundary treatments. Open space is proposed along the eastern boundary of the site (measuring c. 0.43Ha) all on a site measuring c. 3.03Ha.


SD16A/0042   APPEAL NOTIFIED:     28-Apr-2016

APPEAL LODGED:        27-Apr-2016

APPELLANT TYPE:        1st Party



APPLICANT:     Foxrock Motor Company Ltd.

LOCATION:      Texaco Service Station, Rathfarnham Road, Dublin 14

PROPOSED DEVELOPMENT:   Change of use of 9sq.m of floor area from retail ancillary use to retail use and a change of use of 4.8sq.m floor area from retail use to retail use with ancillary off-license use.