Planning Decisions to 24th of November 2017  Some interesting Decisions this week.   Ardstone are making changes to some house types up on Stocking Avenue.  Parkside Childcare making some big changes.  The last of the Commercial units behind Landy’s Garage on the Knocklyon Road are to be demolished for 6 new houses.    Quite a few extensions etc., which will keep the Craftsmen working into the future. It is back to where ,it is cheaper to extend or improve your house than to move.

SD17A/0231   23-Nov-2017   Permission and Retention    Additional Information

Applicant:        Shane Guckian

Location:         336, Orwell Park Avenue, Templeogue, Dublin 6W

Proposed Development:         Two storey dwelling with roof lights, to the side garden of the existing house; reconfiguration of existing vehicular entrance piers to accommodate new vehicular entrance; off-street parking with permeable paving and associated site works. Also retention permission sought for demolition of single storey annex to side of existing dwelling and associated works.


SD17A/0330   24-Nov-2017   Permission      Additional Information

Applicant:        Gas Networks Ireland

Location:         Corrybeg DRIug, Corrybeg, off Templeogue Road (R137), Dublin 6W

Proposed Development:         A 3m high ‘lamp post’ style relief vent stack servicing the existing below ground natural gas pressure reduction unit with all ancillary services and associated site works.


SD17B/0246    22-Nov-2017   Permission      Additional Information

Applicant:        Vincent Devaney & Nuala Ryan

Location:         1, Wainsfort Crescent, Terenure, Dublin 6W

Proposed Development:         Front porch and convert and extend the existing garage, extend the front dormer structure, extend the existing main tiled roof, construct new first floor extensions to the side and rear of the existing dwelling block up existing window in gable wall, external finishes to match existing, internal alterations and associated site works.


SD17B/0283    20-Nov-2017   Permission      Additional Information

Applicant:        Grainne & Neville Dunne

Location:         45 Dodder Park Road, Rathfarnham, Dublin 14.

Proposed Development:         Extended rooms to front with first floor extension over to front, side and rear of existing house with extended hipped roof over; new single storey extension to rear with flat roof; attic conversion with dormer to side and rear with roof lights to front and side of roof.


SD17B/0379    21-Nov-2017   Permission      New Application

Applicant:        Catrin Prys

Location:         61, Hunters Way, Hunters Wood, Dublin 24

Proposed Development:         Dormer window to rear of existing three storey terrace dwelling to convert existing store to bedroom and all ancillary site works.


SD17B/0383    22-Nov-2017   Permission      New Application

Applicant:        Marion Fetherston

Location:         637, Whitechurch Road, Rathfarnham, Dublin 14

Proposed Development:         Demolish the existing single storey extension to the rear of the existing semi-detached bungalow and replace with a new two storey extension to the rear with a section of the existing front slated roof and ridge to be raised, new slate roof with roof lights to the new rear extension to match the existing slate roof, external finishes to match existing, internal alterations, widen the existing vehicular access, new car parking to a section of the front garden and associated site works.


SD17A/0355   GRANT PERMISSION  23-Nov-2017                                    

Applicant:Ardstone Homes Ltd. Location:Lands north of Stocking Avenue (east end), Rathfarnham, Dublin 16.

Proposed Development: Change of house type of 10 permitted dwellings near the entrance off Stocking Avenue and provide 1 additional dwelling. The 10 permitted dwellings comprise 8 dwellings permitted under Reg. Ref. SD14A/0222 (House types ‘J3S’ and ‘K3S’ – both 4 bed, 3 storey, semi-detached dwellings) and 2 dwellings permitted under Reg. Ref. SD17A/0132 (House Type ‘Hs’ and ‘Hgs’ – both 5 bed, 2 storey with attic, semi-detached dwellings). The 10 replacement house types will all be 2 storey dwellings (House Type ‘At’ consisting of 1No. 4 bed, end of terrace; House Type ‘At/Sd’ consisting of 1 4-bed, semi-detached; House Type ‘Agt’ consisting of 3 4-bed, end of terrace gable; House Type ‘Agt/Sd’ consisting of 1 4-bed semi-detached and House Type ‘Bm’ consisting of 4 3-bed, terrace dwellings). Permission is also sought of 1 additional dwelling, House Type ‘Ct’, consisting of a 4 bed, 2 storey, detached dwelling. In total the number of dwellings in the overall housing development arising from this modifications will be 175 dwellings (one more than currently permitted). All associated site works including landscaping, 4 additional car park spaces and minor revisions to rear gardens of 2 dwellings permitted under SD17A/0132 (Nos. 22 and 24 Stocking Vale Glade).


SD17B/0329    GRANT PERMISSION  21-Nov-2017                                    

Applicant:Deirdre & Paul RhatiganLocation:1, Rossmore Park, Templeogue, Dublin 6W

Proposed Development: Demolition of 2 disused chimney stacks and existing single storey rear extension (circa 12.5sq.m) and construction of single storey rear extension (circa 35sq.m), two storey extension to side (circa 13sq.m), conversion of existing garage to side (circa 30sq.m) with first-floor extension over (circa 19sq.m), with internal/external alterations and associated site works.


SD17B/0332    GRANT PERMISSION  24-Nov-2017                                    

Applicant:Liam O’LoughlinLocation:2, Woodstown Park, Ballycullen Road, Knocklyon, Dublin 16.

Proposed Development: Construction of a new canopy roof with supporting piers at ground floor level to the front and side of the existing two storey house.


SD17B/0333    GRANT PERMISSION  24-Nov-2017                                     

Applicant:Una CurtisLocation:9, Woodstown Walk, Ballycullen Road, Dublin 16.

Proposed Development: Construction of rear extension & internal alterations to existing house.


SD17B/0334    GRANT PERMISSION   24-Nov-2017   

Applicant:James DurkanLocation:19, Marian Park, Rathfarnham, Dublin 14.

Proposed Development: Extension and alterations to existing 2 storey dwelling to include: (1) demolition of existing single storey garage and replacement with 2 storey extension to side; (2) single storey porch and entrance to front; (3) single storey extension to rear and (4) internal alterations and all associated site development works.


SD17B/0338    GRANT PERMISSION  24-Nov-2017                                    

Applicant:S. & M. FlannaganLocation:99, Whitecliff, Rathfarnham, Dublin 16.

Proposed Development: Car port conversion and single storey extension at side and rear.


SD17A/0359    REQUEST ADDITIONAL INFORMATION          23-Nov-2017          

Applicant:Ardstone Homes LimitedLocation:Lands located to the south of, Stocking Avenue, Woodtown, Dublin 16.

Proposed Development: Amend a permitted residential scheme (SDCC Reg. . Ref. SD10A/0041; (ABP Ref. PL06.237857) (a 10-year permission, which itself amended a number of permissions (the original Reg. Ref. SD04A/0393 (ABP Ref. PL06S.212191); as amended under Reg. Ref. SD05A/1013; Reg. Ref. SD07A/0628; Reg. Ref. SD08A/0105; SD09A/0016 (ABP Ref. PL06S.233251); and SD09A/0318) at a site of 3.35 ha (lands initially identified as part of the permitted Precinct 3 ‘Stocking Heath’), which itself is part of a larger site of c.6.20ha.  The proposed development specifically relates to 99 houses of the 122 permitted under application Reg. Ref. SD10A/0041 (and earlier permissions as appropriate) namely: 38 three bedroom houses; 47 four bedroom houses and 14 five bedroom houses.  (No alteration to the balance of the 23 houses is sought by this application.  (The permission for Reg. Ref. SD10A/0041 (ABP Ref. PL06S.237857) and SD09A/0016 (ABP Ref. PL06S.233251) expires on 6th September 2019 (Condition No. 3 of Reg. Ref. SD10A/0041.)  The proposed development will consist of: modifications to the permitted elevation (AOD) of houses to respond to existing topography and the construction of associated changes to the permitted access roads and ancillary works.  The proposed development will also consist of: the provision of (minor) alterations to permitted house types including façade alterations; the provision of waste storage facilities, car parking spaces, boundary treatments and street lighting; the provision of Sustainable Urban Drainage systems (SUD’s); changes in level; associated hard and soft landscaping and all other associated site excavation and infrastructural and site development works above and below ground.


SD17A/0361   REQUEST ADDITIONAL INFORMATION        24-Nov-2017                                    

Applicant:Parkside ChildcareLocation:Rear of  20, Fonthill  Abbey, Ballyboden Road, Rathfarnham, Dubin 14.

Proposed Development: Block 1: consists of previously approved planning permission for crèche under Reg. Ref. S94A/0513 granted in 1995, proposed works include the demolition of the existing single storey extension with the proposed construction of new single storey extension together with the provision of a disabled wc within the existing footprint; Block 2: Retention permission is sought for crèche use in single storey building, area circa 120sq.m;  Block 3: Retention permission is sought for crèche use in single storey building, area 27sq.m;  Block 4: Retention permission is sought for crèche use in the 2 storey detached building, area circa 247sq.m. Planning is also sought for new single storey single rear extension and minor internal amendments and to enlarge the existing play area and for the provision of a new disabled wc and children’s toilets accessed from the play area.  Retention permission for 21 car parking spaces. Planning is sought to widen the existing entrance off Ballyboden Road.  All with associated site works and drainage.


SD17B/0340    REQUEST ADDITIONAL INFoRMATION         21-Nov-2017                                    

Applicant:Jennifer KaneLocation:14, The Greenlands, Rathfarnham, Dublin 14.

Proposed Development: Conversion of attic to home office space, placement of 1 new large dormer window in roof to rear and 1 new ‘Velux’ window in roof to front and the construction of a new single storey rear extension at ground floor level.

SD16A/0377   AN BORD PLEANALA REF. NO.:         PL06S.248591

APPEAL DECIDED:       24-Nov-2017        APPELLANT TYPE:   3RD PARTY


APPLICANT:     Peter McDermott   LOCATION:          3,3a,4,5,6 & 9 Landys Industrial Estate, off Hersil Wood, Knocklyon Road, Knocklyon, Dublin 16

PROPOSED DEVELOPMENT:   Demolition of existing buildings which comprises of a series of single storey industrial units, warehouse & office spaces (c.1010sq.m) and the construction of 6 two storey dwelling houses (4×4 beds and 2×3 beds) comprising of two terraces with 3 units each with access from previously approved development (Reg. Ref SD07A/0977/EP) currently under construction, and all associated site works.


SD17B/0183    AN BORD PLEANALA REF. NO.:         PL06S.248971

APPEAL DECIDED:       23-Nov-2017        APPELLANT TYPE:   1 st Party


APPLICANT:     Joan Sherry   LOCATION:        33, Priory Way, off Whitehall Road, Terenure, Dublin 12

PROPOSED DEVELOPMENT:   Erect a 2nd storey extension at rear.