A lot of New housing and apartments being constructed.    We see that two big developments in our area up in Stockling Avenue and Old Court, Ardstone and Capami make multiple applications and changes to the original approval, this does not seem unusual as we see it going on with many applications.  We just wonder then if you objected to the initial application and paid your 20 euros , do you have to pay to object o every subsequent change in the application?   Hermitage health Centre is adding more capacity and a multi story car park.  Also new Health centre for Woodstown Shopping Centre.  Elsewhere, Red Cow to be increased to a 9 story hotel.

Planning Decisions for 23rd of February and 2nd of March. 2018

SD17A/0378   22-Feb-2018    Permission      Additional Information

Applicant:        Geotechnical Investigations Ltd.

Location:         Newcastle, Co. Dublin

Proposed Development:         Residential development consisting of 46 units as follows: (1) Block A: 10 no. 2 storey, 3 bedroom terrace houses on sites 1-10 inclusive; Block B: 9 no. 2 storey, 3 bedroom terrace houses on sites 15-23 inclusive; Block C: 8  no. 2 storey, 3 bedroom terrace houses on sites 24-31 inclusive; Block D: 7 no. 2 storey, 3 bedroom terrace houses on sites 36-42 inclusive; Block E: 4 no. 2 storey, 3 bedroom terrace houses on sites 43-46 inclusive.  All 3 bedroom terrace houses above have optional attic accommodation. (2) 8 apartment units in 4 two storey blocks identified as Block F & Block G on sites 11-14 inclusive and sites 32-35 inclusive. The blocks consist of 1 no. 3 bedroom apartment at ground and first floor level and 1 no. 2 bedroom apartment unit at ground floor level. The apartment units include 4 elderly housing units. (3) Landscaping, parklands open space, car parking, street works, junction works onto existing permitted access road, outfall drains, boundary treatments and all associated site development works.


SD17A/0380   21-Feb-2018    Permission      Additional Information

Applicant:        Colm Perry

Location:         Rear of 665, Ballycullen Cottages, Ballycullen Road, Dublin 16

Proposed Development:         1 x 3 bedroom, 2 storey detached house; 1 x 3 bedroom dormer bungalow & 2 x 3 bedroom, semi-detached dormer bungalows all with new access via Hunters Avenue. Works to include all associated infrastructure and site development including drainage, landscaping, boundary treatments.


SD18B/0060    20-Feb-2018    Permission      New Application

Applicant:        Mary & James Norton

Location:         16, Grosvenor Court, Dublin 6W, D6W YV32

Proposed Development:         Two storey extension to the side of an existing detached 2 storey dwelling incorporating the existing single storey side extension, together with a new front canopy and second bay window at ground floor level.  An existing chimney to the south is to be taken down and a ‘Velux’ roof window installed to the new rear roof slope with adjacent PV solar panels.  Proposal includes all associated site works.


SD18B/0061    20-Feb-2018    Permission      New Application

Applicant:        Robin & Michelle Leary

Location:         1, Prospect Drive, Stocking Lane, Rathfarnham, Dublin 16

Proposed Development:         Single storey bay window to front of house with canopy roof across full front of house, a two storey rear extension, stepped at first floor level, convert attic to storage with 3 roof windows to rear of roof and all associated site works.


SD18B/0062    21-Feb-2018    Permission      New Application

Applicant:        Karl & Rachel Long

Location:         59 Willington Crescent, Templeogue, Dublin 6W.

Proposed Development:         Alterations to existing house: change of roof to existing extension at the rear from pitched to flat roof; construction of new single storey extension with flat roof to the rear; conversion to habitable use of existing attic space, including 2 new dormer windows to attic to rear elevation; 2 new roof lights to existing roof; construction of a single storey extension with pitched roof to the front and all associated internal works.  New windows, new gable wall to accommodate electrical and gas meters to the front and new vehicular entrance, re-surface of existing driveway and all associated external works.


SD18B/0064    21-Feb-2018    Permission      New Application

Applicant:        Ollan McCouran & Suzanne Cahalan

Location:         98, Ballyroan Road, Templeogue, Dublin 16, D16 H1W9

Proposed Development:         Demolition of the existing single storey rear extension and alteration/extension of the existing two storey semi-detached house, including construction of a new single storey flat roof extension to the rear and conversion of the garage to habitable use, with associated modifications to existing fenestration and site development.


SD18B/0065    22-Feb-2018    Permission      New Application

Applicant:        Colm & Louise Smith

Location:         167, Whitehall Road West, Terenure, Dublin 12.

Proposed Development:         New two storey extension with flat roof and roof lights to the rear and side of the existing house, a new single storey extension with flat roof to the front of the existing dwelling, internal alterations to the existing house, widening of the existing driveway entrance and ancillary site works.


SD18B/0067    22-Feb-2018    Permission      New Application

Applicant:        Orla Bird

Location:         110, College Square, Terenure, Dublin 6W.

Proposed Development:         Extension to the side of an existing dwelling and a free standing garage to the front of this same dwelling.

S17A/0465      GRANT PERMISSION  23-Feb-2018                                    

Applicant:Ardstone Homes Ltd.Location:Lands to the north side of Stocking Avenue (east end), Rathfarnham, Dublin 16.

Proposed Development: Modify the permitted development under Reg. Ref. SD14A/0222 (as amended by Reg. Ref. SD17A/0132) in order to provide 11 communal bin storage facilities, 2 unit subs and amendements to permitted dwellings as follows: (a) alterations to the rear windows at ground floor level in 99 dwellings as follows – 77 House Type Bm, 19 Agt and 3 Hgs; (b) replacement of permitted concrete canopy to side gable and front elevation to pressed metal in 87 house types as follows – 65 At, As, Ct, Dd, Fs, Hs and Cd, 19 Agt and 3 Hgs; all associated site works. The proposed development does not affect the development premitted under the recent notification to grant (Reg. Ref. SD17A/0355) or the childcare development proposed under the live application (Reg. Ref. SD17A/0376).


SD17A/0470   GRANT PERMISSION  23-Feb-2018                                     

Applicant:Guestford Ltd.Location:Red Cow Complex, Naas Road, Dublin 22.

Proposed Development: Modifications to existing hotel extension previously permitted under Reg. Ref’s SD15A/0386 and SD15A/0318 to include the following: (i) provision of 2 additional storeys above the existing 7 storey hotel wing comprising 44 hotel bedrooms and north/south/east facing balconies and terraces; (ii) revisions to existing facade to accommodate the additional floors;  (iii) alterations to stairs at all levels;  (iv) provision of a fire fighting lift, lobby and new ground floor escape door associated with Stair 2;  (v) provision of plant and stair/lift cores at roof level;  (vi) all associated site development works and services provision. The above revisions result in a net increase in gross floor area of hotel accommodation by c.1780sq.m.


SD17B/0368    GRANT PERMISSION  23-Feb-2018                                    

Applicant:Morgan DonaldsonLocation:651, Whitechurch Cottages, Rathfarnham, Dublin 16

Proposed Development: Single storey rear extension and all associated site works.


SD17B/0402    GRANT PERMISSION  19-Feb-2018                                    

Applicant:Alison Irving and James KennedyLocation:Mountain View, Taylors Lane, Ballyboden, Rathfarnham, Dublin 16

Proposed Development: Demolish single storey extension to the eastern side elevation including garage and replace same with two storied extension; demolish existing porch to front southern elevation and replace same with porch; change of window styles; construction of detached garage to rear of existing house; widening existing entrance and associated works.


SD17B/0405    GRANT PERMISSION  20-Feb-2018                                    

Applicant:John & Phil O’ByrneLocation:86, Scholarstown Park, Knocklyon, Dublin 16

Proposed Development: Partial demolition of rear conservatory; rear extension to ground and first floor levels; attic conversion with dormer window; new windows to side elevation; new canopy to front elevation.


SD17B/0407    GRANT PERMISSION  20-Feb-2018                                    

Applicant:David & Fiona DoyleLocation:1, Fortfield Square, Terenure, Dublin 6W

Proposed Development: Convert attic space into habitable rooms, to include new dormers/windows to front & side elevations.


SD17B/0409    GRANT PERMISSION  21-Feb-2018                                    

Applicant:Michael & Carmel PurcellLocation:10, Willington Drive, Dublin 6w

Proposed Development: Dormer structure to the rear tiled roof to the existing two storey semi-detached, ventilated roof light to the front tiled roof, conversion of the existing area into a new non habitable area, internal alterations & external finishes to match existing.


SD17B/0415    GRANT PERMISSION  23-Feb-2018                                    

Applicant:Mrs. J. EarlyLocation:2, Hermitage Drive, Rathfarnham, Dublin 16

Proposed Development: A single storey family flat extension to front, side and rear with link to existing detached, 2 storey dwelling. Works proposed to the existing dwelling include minor internal modifications and single storey extension to the rear of the dwelling. The family flat consists of independent access with new entrance door to side of dwelling, a universal accessible bedroom and shower room with an open plan kitchen, living, dining area which links to proposed new single storey kitchen extension to existing dwelling. The total floor area of the proposed family flat is 49.2sq.m. The works proposed to the existing detached dwelling include: extension of existing front porch and living area and construction of new single storey kitchen and family area to the rear with provision of a shared utility room with new side access. The total floor area proposed to existing house is 42.8sq.m. The external works proposed include enlarging the existing vehicular entrance to driveway, breaking out part of side boundary wall to incorporate part railing and all associated site development works.


SD17A/0453   GRANT PERMISSION FOR RETENTION          20-Feb-2018                                     

Applicant:Primacare Health Professional CLGLocation:Units 9 & 18, Woodstown Village Shopping Centre, Ballycullen, Dublin 16

Proposed Development: Change of use from first floor office (Unit 18) over ground floor retail (Unit 9 ) to use as a single medical centre on both floors.


SD17A/0452   REFUSE PERMISSION 20-Feb-2018                                    

Applicant:Pauline Goddardocation:Hollyoaks, 3 Ely Grove, Killininny, Dublin 24

Proposed Development: Demolish existing dwelling and construct new 3 bed modular (134.4sq.m) dwelling, associated site works and services.


SD17A/0468   REQUEST ADDITIONAL INFORMATION         20-Feb-2018                                    

Applicant:Capami Ltd.ocation:Oldcourt Road, Firhouse, Dublin 24.

Proposed Development: Residential development comprising 64 dwellings on a site area of 3.8ha located south of Oldcourt Road. Access the development will be via a proposed new vehicular entrance from Oldcourt Road consisting of: 48 houses and 16 apartments comprising one 2 storey, 3-bed detached house, 24 2 storey, 3-bed semi -detached houses, 10 dormer, 2-bed semi-detached houses, 13 2-bed bungalows and 16 2-bed apartments in three 2 storey buildings. The proposed development also includes all associated site development works, car parking, open spaces and landscaping.


SD17A/0471   REQUEST ADDITIONAL INFORMATION         22-Feb-2018                                    

Applicant:Capami Ltd.Location:Oldcourt Road, Firhouse, Dublin 24.

Proposed Development:Residential development of 33 dwellings on a site of 0.75ha located south of Oldcourt Road. Access to the development will be via an adjoining development known as Dodderbrook (permitted under Reg. Ref. SD14A/0180). The proposed development is comprised of two 3-bed, 2 storey semi-detached houses and 18 3-bed duplex units with 9 2-bed apartments overhead and 4 1-bed apartments in 5 blocks and includes all associated site development works, car parking, open spaces and landscaping. Permission is also sought for the demolition of an existing detached dwelling on site.


SD17A/0394   26-Feb-2018    Permission      Significant Additional Information

Applicant:        Lily Pad Creche & Montessori

Location:         14, Main Street, Rathfarnham, Dublin 14

Proposed Development:         Change of use from retail to crèche and childcare facilities.  Works to include the demolition of the existing single storey lead-to and the construction of a new single store extension to accommodate a new disable access w.c. and lobby.


SD18A/0060   26-Feb-2018    Permission      New Application

Applicant:        Citywest Ltd.

Location:         South of the Old Naas Road, In the Townland of Brownsbarn, Dublin 24.

Proposed Development:         Residential development consisting of ten 2 storey houses, comprised of two 4 bed semi-detached houses, one 3 bed detached house and seven 3 bed terraced houses, including all associated site development works, car parking, landscaping and open spaces, on a site area of 0.55 ha, with vehicular access from the Old Naas Road via an adjoining permitted development to the west (under Ref. SD13A/0268).

SD18B/0069    26-Feb-2018    Permission      New Application

Applicant:        TJ & Siobhan Bulfin

Location:         8, Coolamber Park, Knocklyon, Dublin 16.

Proposed Development:         Rear and side single storey extension with flat roof over to accommodate an extended kitchen and living area.  A newly sized side gable window at first floor level.


SD18B/0070    26-Feb-2018    Permission      New Application

Applicant:        Keith Lai

Location:         4, Daletree Park, Ballycullen, Dublin 24.

Proposed Development:         Conversion of attic to storage including a dormer obscure window to the rear and ‘Velux’ roof lights to the rear and side and change of roof profile.


SD18B/0071    26-Feb-2018    Permission      New Application

Applicant:        Mary Kennedy

Location:         659, Whitechurch Cottages, Whitechurch Road, Rathfarnham, Dublin 16.

Proposed Development:         Demolition of the existing single storey extension and construction of a new single storey extension to the rear, erection of gate to existing vehicular entrance to the front of the dwelling, replacement of windows and doors to front elevation, internal remodelling works and associated site works.


SD18B/0072    27-Feb-2018    Permission      New Application

Applicant:        Sarah Jane Varden & Paul Manley

Location:         42, Ballytore Road, Rathfarnham, Dublin 14, D14 FF22.

Proposed Development:         Two storey extension to the side of existing dwelling with roof lights, new bay window to front, single storey extension to the rear with single roof light, new dormer window to attic conversion to rear, widening the existing vehicular entrance to 3.5m and all associated site works (existing dwelling 100.5sq.m; proposed dwelling 219.5sq.m.).


SD18B/0075    28-Feb-2018    Permission      New Application

Applicant:        Stephen Heavey

Location:         32, Ely Drive, Old Court Road, Firhouse, Tallaght, Dublin 24

Proposed Development:         Build up of existing hip in roof to side of roof into ‘Dutch’ hip with window in gable wall at attic level; attic conversion with dormer roof with window and ‘Velux’ roof light in rear slope of roof.

SD18B/0076    28-Feb-2018    Permission      New Application

Applicant:        Liam Denning

Location:         ‘Heatherly’, Mount Venus Road, Woodtown, Dublin 16.

Proposed Development:         Construction of a detached part single storey and part two storey pitched roofed garage and exercise/playroom for uses associated with the existing dwelling on site.


SD17A/0336   GRANT PERMISSION  26-Feb-2018                                    

Applicant:Talarive Ltd.Location:Citywest Village

Proposed Development: Construction of a 4 storey residential building accommodating 24 no. 1 bedroom apartments and all associated site development and infrastructural works, car parking & landscaping, on a site area of 0.11 ha.  The effect of the proposed development will be a modification to an extant permission under Reg. Ref. SD15A/0127, replacing a permitted apartment building (i.e. Block B) with the proposed building at site south of Citywest Avenue, east of Citywest Road and north of Fortunestown Lane and the proposed building is adjacent to (south of) the Luas Red Line and Citywest Campus passenger stop.


SD17A/0359   GRANT PERMISSION  28-Feb-2018                                    

Applicant:Ardstone Homes LimitedLocation:Lands located to the south of, Stocking Avenue, Woodtown, Dublin 16.

Proposed Development: Amend a permitted residential scheme (SDCC Reg. . Ref. SD10A/0041; (ABP Ref. PL06.237857) (a 10-year permission, which itself amended a number of permissions (the original Reg. Ref. SD04A/0393 (ABP Ref. PL06S.212191); as amended under Reg. Ref. SD05A/1013; Reg. Ref. SD07A/0628; Reg. Ref. SD08A/0105; SD09A/0016 (ABP Ref. PL06S.233251); and SD09A/0318) at a site of 3.35 ha (lands initially identified as part of the permitted Precinct 3 ‘Stocking Heath’), which itself is part of a larger site of c.6.20ha.  The proposed development specifically relates to 99 houses of the 122 permitted under application Reg. Ref. SD10A/0041 (and earlier permissions as appropriate) namely: 38 three bedroom houses; 47 four bedroom houses and 14 five bedroom houses.  (No alteration to the balance of the 23 houses is sought by this application.  (The permission for Reg. Ref. SD10A/0041 (ABP Ref. PL06S.237857) and SD09A/0016 (ABP Ref. PL06S.233251) expires on 6th September 2019 (Condition No. 3 of Reg. Ref. SD10A/0041.)  The proposed development will consist of: modifications to the permitted elevation (AOD) of houses to respond to existing topography and the construction of associated changes to the permitted access roads and ancillary works.  The proposed development will also consist of: the provision of (minor) alterations to permitted house types including façade alterations; the provision of waste storage facilities, car parking spaces, boundary treatments and street lighting; the provision of Sustainable Urban Drainage systems (SUD’s); changes in level; associated hard and soft landscaping and all other associated site excavation and infrastructural and site development works above and below ground.


SD17B/0412    GRANT PERMISSION  26-Feb-2018                                    

Applicant:C. MorrisseyLocation:Farnham Hill, Woodstown Way, Stocking Lane, Dublin 16

Proposed Development: Construction of a 2 storey garage with storage area to the upper floor (91sq.m). In addition, the removal of the existing oil tank from its internal storage area and relocating externally; conversion of the old tank room to office space (6sq.m). The existing garage door is to be removed and replaced with glazing to match the existing; and all site works in relation to the works to be carried out.


SD17B/0417    GRANT PERMISSION  26-Feb-2018                                    

Applicant:E. & H. HynesLocation:71, Templeville Drive, Templeogue, Dublin 6W.

Proposed Development: Removal of shed and build (i) a single storey extension to the rear; (ii) first floor extension to side with 2 roof lights; (iii) attic conversion with 2 roof lights in existing front pitch; all associated elevational changes.


SD18B/0001    GRANT PERMISSION  26-Feb-2018                                    

Applicant:Emma & Damian FaddenLocation:16, Butterfield Drive, Rathfarnham, Dublin 14.

Proposed Development: A part one-storey, part two-storey extension to the rear together with the alteration of the roof pitch and finishes on the existing single-storey rear extension, new windows to gable and rear and modified roof lights.


SD18B/0004    GRANT PERMISSION  26-Feb-2018                                    

Applicant:James & Lisa BlaneyLocation:19, Fortfield Grove, Terenure, Dublin 6W.

Proposed Development: (i) Demolition of existing rear single storey, flat roofed extension and outbuildings (14sq.m); (ii) construction of replacement rear single-storey, hipped roof extension with 4 roof lights and lantern style roof glazing (29sq.m); extension to rear at first floor level (8sq.m); dormer window on rear (east) elevation of dwelling to serve proposed attic conversion; removal of flat roof on first floor side (north) extension, to  be replaced with hipped roof to side of dwelling with ridge  height lower than main roof; and first floor front wall over garage to be set back by 0.5m; (iii) alterations to fenestration details on front (west) facade including construction of bay window at first floor level above garage; installation of 2 roof lights on existing front roof slope and 2 roof lights on proposed side (north) roof slope to serve attic space; and replacement of existing garage door on front elevation; (iv) minor alterations to existing vehicular entrance, including increase in width to 3.6m and (v) all associated site works necessary to facilitate the development.


SD18B/0006    GRANT PERMISSION FOR RETENTION          28-Feb-2018                                    

Applicant:Barry McCarthy & Samantha ForrestLocation:24, Glendale Park, Terenure, Dublin 6W.

Proposed Development: Retention of a single storey extension to the rear comprising of a dining and living area with internal and external modification works which includes a new flat roof over the kitchen and an external door and window openings to the side.


SD18B/0002    REFUSE PERMISSION 26-Feb-2018                                    

Applicant:Brendan RedmondLocation:58, Dargle Wood, Knocklyon, Dublin 16.

Proposed Development: Two storey extension to side and rear of house including removal of utility and store room.  Accommodation to include extended ground floor/ dining kitchen area, boiler room and utility and family member flat comprising ground floor living/dining with first floor bedroom to rear and side, upgraded entrance hall to front elevation, with roof lights over ground floor and connection into existing public mains and associated ancillary site works.  Pre Planning reference: PP152/17.


SD18B/0007    REQUEST ADDITIONAL INFORMATION         28-Feb-2018                                    

Applicant:Marita WardLocation:84, Grangebrook Avenue, Rathfarnham, Dublin 16

Proposed Development: Attic conversion to existing 2 storey semi-detached house to habitation purpose to include dormer window to the side and two ‘Velux’ roof lights to the front all at roof level.