Planning Decisions to 1st of April, 2016

Some significant developments.     177 new homes in Adamstown, New Buildings at the IT Tallaght, big change at the Reservoir on Stockink Lane, Irish Water continue to work to improve our national water system, Big changes to the paths and cycleways on Ballyroan & Marian Roads.
SD16A/0097 30-Mar-2016 Permission New Application
Applicant: Irish Water
Location: Ballyboden Waterworks, Stocking Lane, Ballyboden, Dublin 16
Proposed Development: Replacement of the existing open treated water reservoir which currently supplies up to 30,000m3 per day of drinking water to the greater Dublin area with a new covered reservoir and new disinfection plant. The production capacity will not be increased as a result of the proposed development. The development will include: (1) provision of a new 16,000m3 covered reservoir approximately 5,000sq.m with height above ground varying from approximately 2.45m to 6.2m with handrailing on the roof (approx. 1.25m to 5m without handrailing); (2) provision of new disinfection plant comprising a dosing/control building and contact tank adjoining the new covered reservoir, 2 bunded silo tanks with overall height of approximately 2.5m, kiosk approximately 0.9sq.m with overall height of approximately 2m; (3) relocation of the wash water recovery tank (approximately 250sq.m), with height above ground varying from approximately 1.1m to 3.1m; (4) demolition of the existing wash water recovery tank; (5) provision of a kiosk approximately 4sqm with overall height of 2.4m; (6) modifications to the existing open reservoir inlet, outlet and overflow pipework; (7) modifications to the western and northern embankments of the existing reservoir; (8) modifications to the existing southern access gate for temporary construction access;(9) landscaping works. The proposed development includes all associated site development works, hardstanding areas, the upgrading of the existing drainage system to provide a petrol/oil interceptor and attenuation, removal of all existing trees within the site and provision of a temporary construction compound area; all necessary ancillary pipework, mechanical and electrical services, plant, instrumentation, automation and controls and equipment. All of the above is proposed on a site of approximately 8.2 hectares. Ballyboden Waterworks is a Protected Structure.

SD16A/0099 31-Mar-2016 Permission New Application
Applicant: Institute of Technology Tallaght (ITT)
Location: Institute of Technology, Old Blessington Road, Tallaght, Dublin 24.
Proposed Development: 10 year planning permission for the construction of 2 third level educational buildings and an outdoor playing pitch, located to the east of the existing main building. The development will consist of: (1) A sport, science, health and recreation building with brick and stone cladding finish containing a single storey sports hall with teaching accommodation and associated facilities, arranged over two storeys plus roof plant areas, total floor area 3,280sq.m., a grass playing pitch 140 x 90m with flood lighting, score boards, 1m high spectator barrier, 12m high x 25m wide ball catch nets behind goal posts and spectator seating. (2) A four storey building plus roof plant areas, with brick and stone cladding finish, containing a full height atrium space with general teaching accommodation consisting of classrooms and computer rooms, teaching kitchen facilities and restaurant with production kitchen, ancillary store rooms and class kitchens, technical development teaching accommodation with various engineering and other technical laboratories and post grad study area, meeting rooms and administration offices, total floor area 6,402sq.m. (3) A new entrance formed on the east facade of the existing main building with new single storey entrance lobby, total floor area 22sq.m. (4) A new external landscaped quadrangle, pedestrian areas, footpaths and landscaping, linking existing facilities with development. Building signage, 50 covered bicycle parking spaces, covered walkways, refuse storage, relocation of 70 existing car parking spaces and associated site works are also included. (5) Enhanced pedestrian crossing facilities at Greenhills Road access, comprising new raised entry treatment across access and pedestrian refuge island on Greenhills Road with associated road markings and traffic signs. The development may be constructed in phases. This application site is centrally located within the ITT campus, which is bound by Belgard Road to the west, industrial buildings accessed off Airton Road to the north, Greenhills Road to the east and to the south by Old Blessington Road and the grounds of the Old Priory, Tallaght.

SD16A/0100 31-Mar-2016 Permission New Application
Applicant: Irish Water
Location: Loughtown Upper, Peamount, Co. Dublin
Proposed Development: Construction of a new treated water pumping station, surge tanks and associated site works including site drainage, fencing and site access – all on a site adjacent to the existing treatment water reservoir. The works are part of the Strategic Watermain Link between Leixlip and Saggart.

SD16A/0102 01-Apr-2016 Permission New Application
Applicant: Topaz Energy Ltd.
Location: Three Rock Esso Service Station, Grange Road, Rathfarnham, Dublin 14
Proposed Development: (1) The construction of a single storey extension incorporating a new servery, seating area and toilets; (2) elevational and internal changes to existing building; (3) revisions to site layout to include 5 new car parking spaces, signage, landscaping and new circulation routes and (4) all associated site and development works.

SDZ10A/0001/EP 30-Mar-2016 Extension Of Duration Of Permission New Application
Applicant: Castlethorn Construction
Location: Adamstown, Lucan, Co. Dublin
Proposed Development: 177 residential units on a site measuring 3.98 hectares located in the townland of Adamstown, Lucan, Co. Dublin. The site, also known as Adamstown Square 3, is bounded to the south by Adamstown Avenue, to the east by Adamstown Park, to the west by Adamstown Boulevard and to the north by Adamstown Way. There is an existing 4 storey commercial building situated to the south west of the site at the corner of Adamstown Avenue and Adamstown Boulevard. The development comprises 150 houses arranged in two and three storey terraces (3 no. 2 bedroom houses, 137 no. 3 bedroom houses and 10 no. 4 bedroom houses) and 27 apartments with private balconies arranged in a three storey apartment building and a five storey apartment building (8 no. 1 bedroom apartments and 19 no. 2 bedroom apartments). The development contains 1684sq.m of public open space, which is distributed in 3 separate parcels of 622sq.m, 704sq.m and 358sq.m throughout the site. There are 4 separate vehicular access points into the proposed development, one off Adamstown Way, one off Adamstown Avenue and two off Adamstown Park. An existing site access off Adamstown Boulevard will not provide vehicular access to the development and will be converted to a pedestrian and cycle connection only. An existing substation on the site is to be retained in it’s current location. The development also includes all ancillary site works and services, including surface car parking, bicycle parking, refuse stores and collection points, internal roads and associated landscaping. The planning application is being made in accordance with the provisions of the Adamstown planning scheme 2003. The development will take place entirely within the boundaries of Adamstown Strategic Development Zone as defined by Statutory Instrument No. 272 of 2001.

SD16B/0090 29-Mar-2016 Permission New Application
Applicant: Pat Nolan
Location: 21, Aranleigh Mount, Dublin 14
Proposed Development: Conversion of the existing attic space into a bedroom with en-suite facilities and all associated works. The conversion involves the construction of a dormer type structure on both the rear and front elevations.

SD16B/0093 30-Mar-2016 Permission New Application
Applicant: Philip & Monica Hicks
Location: 1, Woodstown Park, Dublin 16
Proposed Development: Removal of existing bay window and replace with new bay window with tiled roof over, conversion of existing garage into a study, new two storey extension to the side and rear of the existing dwelling with rooflights, internal alterations and associated site works.

SD16B/0097 31-Mar-2016 Permission New Application
Applicant: Michael Gallagher
Location: 127, Rathfarnham Road, Dublin 14
Proposed Development: Construction of a new first floor extension to the side and over the garage and modification of first floor window layout at rear.

SD16B/0098 31-Mar-2016 Permission New Application
Applicant: Fergus McCormack
Location: 12, Glencarrig Green, Firhouse, Dublin 24
Proposed Development: Conversion of garage to study and first floor bedroom extension.

SD168/0001 31-Mar-2016 Application Under Part VIII
Applicant: South Dublin County Council
Location: Ballyroan, Dublin 16 & Old Orchard, Dublin 14
Proposed Development: Construct a walking and cycling scheme primarily comprising the following: New speed reducing traffic table at the junction of Anne Devlin Park with Marian Road; upgrading and realignment of the existing footpath to a new walking and cycling route from Anne Devlin Park to Ballyroan Road; upgrading of existing pedestrian crossing at Ballyroan Road to a Toucan Crossing on a raised table; 2 new raised crossings at Ballyroan Road entrances into House Nos. 162-172 with reconstruction of existing footpath on Ballyroan Road; upgrading and realignment of the existing footpath to a new walking and cycling route from Ballyroan Road to Ballyroan Crescent including upgrading of existing access onto Ballyroan Road and upgrading and realignment of the existing access onto Ballyroan Crescent; provision of new raised table and zebra crossing on Ballyroan Crescent; upgrading of access road into Scoil Naomh Padraig and Coláiste Éanna from Ballyroan Crescent and through the grounds of Scoil Naomh Padraig to include widened shared pedestrian and cycle routes, narrowed vehicular carriageways, traffic calming tables and upgrading of existing vehicular and pedestrian accesses; realignment of existing car parking at Scoil Naomh Padraig; proposed new pedestrian and cycle way across the open space to the north of Scoil Naomh Padraig; proposed new vehicular and pedestrian entrance into Coláiste Éanna from the grounds of Scoil Naomh Padraig; proposed new car park in the grounds of Coláiste Éanna; proposed new bicycle shelter and parking compound in the grounds of Coláiste Éanna; upgrade of the existing pedestrian and cycle routes and entrances in the grounds of Coláiste Éanna; New landscape works along the route; provision of new public lighting, signage, associated drainage for the route and all ancillary works. The scheme has been designed in accordance with the Design Manual for Urban Roads and Streets (DMURS) and the National Cycle Manual. The scheme aims to provide for high quality continuous and safe pedestrian and cycle provision to the schools from the north. The proposal has undergone Appropriate Assessment Screening under the Habitats Directive (92/43/EEC). Plans and particulars of the proposed scheme will be available for inspection or purchase at a fee not exceeding the reasonable cost of making a copy from Thursday 31st March 2016 to Friday the 13th of May 2016 at the following locations: South Dublin County Council Offices, County Hall, Tallaght, Dublin 24 between the hours of 9:00 am – 5.00pm Monday to Thursday and 9.00am – 4.30pm on Friday (Inspection and purchase); Whitechurch Library, Taylor’s Lane, Ballyboden, Dublin 16 between the hours of 2pm-5pm and 6-8pm Monday, Tuesday and Thursday and 9.45-1pm and 2-5pm on Wednesday. Closed Friday & Saturday. (Inspection only); Ballyroan Library, Orchardstown Avenue, Rathfarnham, Dublin 14, between the hours of 9.45 am to 8pm Monday to Thursday, 9.45am to 4.30pm Friday and Saturday, Closed Saturdays and Mondays of Bank Holiday Weekends. (Inspection only). The plans and particulars can be viewed on the Council’s Public Consultation Portal website Submissions or observations with respect to the proposed development dealing with the proper planning and sustainable development of the area in which the proposed development will be situated may be made in writing up to 5.00pm on Monday the 30th May 2016 and must be addressed to: Post: Senior Executive Officer,Land Use Planning and Transportation Department,South Dublin County Council,County Hall,Tallaght, Dublin 24. Online Submissions: NOTE: Please make submission by one medium only. All submissions should include name and a contact address. It should be noted that the Freedom of Information Act, 1997-2006 (as amended) applies to all records held by South Dublin County Council. (

Applicant:Derek Duffy
Location:Rear of 11, Beverly Park, Knocklyon, Dublin 16
Proposed Development:
Bungalow to the rear with vehicular access onto Beverly Green.

SD16B/0034 GRANT PERMISSION 01-Apr-2016
Applicant:Keith Lynch
Location:8, Oak Dale Close, Ballycullen, Dublin, 24
Proposed Development: Single storey porch extension to front of dwelling also conversion of garage to family room with window to replace garage doors and all assoicated site works.

Applicant:Simon Ward
Location:13, Kiltipper Drive, Dublin 24
Proposed Development: Retain ground floor front porch.