A few more large Housing Developments progressing . Nursing Homes and Primary Care becoming an essential part of our Aging Population.

Planning Decisions to 10th of March, 2017
SD16A/0196 06-Mar-2017 Permission Additional Information
Applicant: Gas Networks Ireland
Location: Firhouse Road, Dublin 16
Proposed Development: An above ground natural gas pressure reduction unit measuring 5.05m x 1.1m x 2.3m (L x W x H) together with ancillary services and associated site works.

SD17A/0066 06-Mar-2017 Permission New Application
Applicant: Marina Moloney & Niall McNamara
Location: St. John’s, Oldcourt Road, Dublin 24
Proposed Development: (1) Demolition of existing 5 bedroom, single storey detached bungalow. (2) Construction of 10 duplex apartments in a part 2-storey, part 3-storey block (six 3-bed and four 2-bed) with associated car parking all ancillary developments works.

SD17A/0069 07-Mar-2017 Permission New Application
Applicant: Citywest Ltd.
Location: Site at junction of Fortunestown Lane and Citywest Road, Citywest, Dublin 24
Proposed Development: Residential development on a site of 4.07ha. The proposed site is bound to the north by Fortunestown lane, to the west by the N82 Citywest Road and to the east by Scoil Aoife. The proposed development consists of 142 dwellings comprised of 114 2-storey detached, semi-detached and terraced houses, i.e. 15 2-bed houses and 99 3-bed houses, along with 28 1 and 2 bed apartments in two 4 & 5 storey buildings. The proposed development includes all associated site development and infrastructural works, car and bicycle parking, ESB sub-station, open spaces and landscaping. Access to the development will be via 2 vehicular entrances, i.e. the creation of a new entrance from Citywest Road and an extension to an existing entrance from Fortunestown Lane.

SD16B/0273 06-Mar-2017 Retention Significant Additional Information
Applicant: John Kelly
Location: 1 Willbrook Estate, Rathfarnham, Dublin 14.
Proposed Development: Retention of revisions to previously approved plans for a 2 storey, 3 bedroom, semi-detached dwelling (under construction) at side, (Reg Ref SD08A/0196/EP). The revisions are: (1) a raised roof level from 7.7m to 8.12m and (2) a 2 storey extension at side.

SD17B/0073 06-Mar-2017 Permission New Application
Applicant: Tomás & Elaine Cleary
Location: 28, Limekiln Road, Terenure, Dublin 12.
Proposed Development: First floor extension to the rear of the dwelling within the existing footprint of the dwelling. Alterations to the existing rear roof whilst maintaining the existing ridge line. New rear dormer windows and French doors. Internal re-modelling of the existing ground floor layout (kitchen and dining room) and first floor layout. Widening of entrance gate to 3.2m.

SD17B/0074 07-Mar-2017 Permission New Application
Applicant: Gerard & Louise Hawkins
Location: 15, Delaford Park, Dublin 16
Proposed Development: Attic conversion with dormer roof, with windows in rear slope of roof.

SD17B/0076 08-Mar-2017 Permission New Application
Applicant: Karen & Liam McGrath
Location: 21B, Whitehall Road, Terenure, Dublin 12.
Proposed Development: Demolition of an existing 19sq.m single storey conservatory and the construction of a new two storey extension to match existing house (28sq.m at ground floor level and 24sq.m at attic level) to the side of the house with ‘Velux’ to the rear pitch and all associated works.

SD17B/0077 08-Mar-2017 Permission New Application
Applicant: Tom & Jennifer McGrath
Location: 35, Fairways, Rathfarnham, Dublin 14
Proposed Development: A pitched roof side dormer and a flat roof rear dormer, all to existing semi-detached two storey dwelling with associated attic conversion.

SD17B/0078 09-Mar-2017 Permission New Application
Applicant: Yvonne O’Brien
Location: 589, Woodview Cottages, Church Lane, Rathfarnham, Dublin 14.
Proposed Development: Demolition of single storey 4.72m2 kitchenette/bathroom to rear of the house and construction of two storey flat roof extension to rear of the house and ancillary works, extension floor area 19.34m2.

SD17B/0080 09-Mar-2017 Permission New Application
Applicant: Mr. & Mrs. Graham Donne
Location: 18, Ballyroan Park, Templeogue, Dublin 16.
Proposed Development: Conversion of existing garage to utility and WC with new door to front, two new Velux windows to front and attic conversion to bedroom with dormer window to rear of house.

SD17B/0082 10-Mar-2017 Retention New Application
Applicant: Christopher McGinn
Location: 23, College Park, Terenure, Dublin 6W.
Proposed Development: Retention permission for existing two storey flat roof extension to rear (5.575m to roof level) comprising of ground floor kitchen and w.c. extension (10.69sq.m) and first floor bedroom extension over (8.55sq.m.) and associated site works.

Applicant:P. Lenaghan Location:Seasons, Main Street, Rathfarnham, Dublin 14
Proposed Development: A Primary Care Facility consisting of a single storey and two storey extension to the west (rear) and 2 storey extension to the east (front) of existing Seasons building together with internal modifications to the ground floor, first floor and second floor. Ground floor: Pharmacy, Welfare Offices, Social Work and Allied Team Facilities, Specific Community Nursing Facility, Speech Therapy, G.P.’s, Staff Toilets, Reception and waiting areas, public toilets, utility, stores, medical waste and common areas. First Floor: Dental Health, staff kitchenette, open plan office area, bookable rooms, staff toilets, store and common areas. Second Floor: plant room, comms room and comms area together with signage to the north and east with car parking, boundary treatment and associated site development works.

SD17B/0008 GRANT PERMISSION 07-Mar-2017
Applicant:Lisa & Gareth Mongey Location:1, Woodstown Dale, Knocklyon, Dublin, 16
Proposed Development: Demolition of existing single storey front extension and construct a new single storey front extension and new canopy roof over front entrance.

Applicant:Mark & Eleanor O’ Kelly Location:37, Butterfield Park, Dublin 14
Proposed Development: Alterations to existing dwelling comprising construction of two storey pitched roof bay extension and new open porch to front elevation (to Butterfield Park), and provision of new timber framed double glazed windows to same. The construction of a two storey pitched roof extension to the side elevation (to Butterfield Drive) and single storey extension to rear elevation for the provision of new study, back kitchen and kitchen/living at ground floor and new bedroom at first floor level, with new timber framed double glazed windows to same and new roof light to single storey extension to rear, the internal re-organisation and modification of existing rooms at ground floor level. The removal and/or demolition of existing temporary structures of garden shed and lean to greenhouse. The widening of existing gateposts to 3.5m and all associated site works.

Applicant:GN Lexington Property Ltd. Location:Lexington House, Junction Of Monastery Road, Monastery Park, Clondalkin, Dublin 22
Proposed Development: Demolition of existing habitable house on this site, the development of a new detached 87 bedroom nursing home consisting of 92 bed spaces made up in single storey, two storey and three storey elements over part basement, a new vehicular entrance from Monastery Park, the widening of the existing entrance to Monastery Road, single storey detached sub-station, a refuse storage enclosure, a single storey detached gardeners shed, a landscaped communal open space at ground level and roof terraces at first floor and second floor levels, 29 car parking spaces and ancillary site works.

Applicant:Pavement Homes Ltd. Location:Drumlonagher, Main Street, Newcastle, Co. Dublin.
Proposed Development: (1) Construction of 21 no. 3 bedroom, two storey dwelling houses. (2) Construction of 2 no. 2 bedroom, two storey dwelling houses. (3) Construction of a two storey building with retail unit (convenience) at ground floor level and 2 no. 2 bedroom apartments and 2 no. 1 bedroom apartments at first floor level with a total ground and first floor area of 771sq.m. (4) Construction of a 2 storey corner building with 2 retail units (cafe and convenience) at ground floor level with 1 no. 2 bedroom apartment and 1 no. 1 bedroom apartment at first floor level with a total ground and first floor area of 303sq.m. (5) Construction of a 2m high boundary wall to East and west boundaries and 1.8m high concrete post and timber panel fences between the dwellings. (6) Construction of a Market Square to serve the proposed development and local area. (7) Construction of proposed access road and footpaths. (8) Provision of car parking facilities to serve the proposed development. (9) Construction of a foul sewer network to serve the proposed development which shall connect into the existing adjoining foul sewer network. (10) Construction of a surface water sewer network to serve the proposed development including for the provision of the necessary attenuation elements and for the connection of the surface water network to the existing adjoining surface water network. (11) Provision of a watermain to serve the proposed development and connection to existing adjoining watermain. (12) Provision of necessary utility services. (13) All signage provisions for the proposed commercial buildings and place name for the proposed development and (14) all ancillary site works.

Applicant:Rodney Bishop Location:2, Taylors Lane, Ballyboden, Dublin 16
Proposed Development: Side single storey extension, flat roof type with an extended canopy to front as part thereof to give additional living accommodation with all on site ancillary services.

Applicant:Richard O’Donoghue Location:25, Woodstown Vale, Knocklyon, Dublin 16
Proposed Development: Retention of single storey extension to the side.

Applicant:Crekav Trading GP Ltd.Location: Lock Road/Newcastle Road (R120), Finnstown, Lucan, Co. Dublin.
Proposed Development: Demolition of the existing single storey gate lodge dwelling and the provision of 80 residential units consisting of the following: 39 no. 2 storey dwelling houses comprising 26no. 4 bedroom houses and 13no. 3 bed houses; a 3 storey + 1 storey setback apartment block comprising 8no. 1 bed apartments, 20no. 2bed apartments, and 5no. 3 bed apartments with balconies to east, west and south elevations; and a 3 storey duplex block comprising 4no. 2 bed duplex units and 4no. 3 bed duplex units with terraces at 1st floor level to south elevation. The proposed development will also include landscaping, play and exercise area, boundary treatments, bike and bin storage, internal roads and footpaths and all associated engineering and site development works and site services necessary to facilitate the development. Vehicular and pedestrian access to the application site is to be from a new access from the adjoining Lock Road/Newcastle Road (R120) to the west ; pedestrian accesses are proposed into Finnstown Neighbourhood Centre in the north-west of the site, and to Newcastle Road to the west of the site; all on lands of approximately 2.035 hectares, which are generally bound to the north by Finnstown Neighbourhood Centre, to the east by Finnsview, to the south by Finnsgreen and to the west by the Lock Road/Newcastle Road (R120). The site excludes adjoining lands affected by Tree Preservation order number TPO/0005.

SD16A/0423 APPEAL NOTIFIED: 08-Mar-2017 APPEAL LODGED: 06-Mar-2017
LOCATION: ‘Ormond’, 26, Scholarstown Road, Dublin 16
PROPOSED DEVELOPMENT: Demolition of existing two storey brick and render finish detached dwelling and a single storey detached garage. The construction of a replacement three storey over garden level detached dwelling to accommodate a multifunctioning room at garden level, a kitchen, dining room, living rooms and a games room at ground floor, 4 bedrooms with bathrooms on the first floor and an attic studio space, all in lieu of demolished structures. A landscape rear garden to include new raised balcony, decks, and patio areas, a new landscaped front garden, parking area for 3 cars and the construction of new entrance walls, piers and gates increasing the existing vehicle entrance width. Removal of the existing on-site septic tank and the installation of a new proprietary waste water treatment unit with the construction of a new surface water percolation area to replace existing surface water drainage.

SD16B/0401 APPEAL NOTIFIED: 08-Mar-2017 APPEAL LODGED: 06-Mar-2017
LOCATION: 231, Templeogue Road, Dublin 6w
PROPOSED DEVELOPMENT: Single storey extension to the rear, first floor extension at rear.

SD16A/0007 AN BORD PLEANALA REF. NO.: PL06S.247472
APPLICANT: Rathfarnham FordLOCATION: Rathfarnham Ford, Whitechurch Road, Rathfarnham, Dublin 16
PROPOSED DEVELOPMENT: Alterations and extensions to the existing part single storey/part two storey building located on the north and west boundaries of the site containing showroom area, parts stores and toilet area and Service Areas No. 1, No. 2, No. 3 and office area at ground floor and office and staff rooms on first floor to include: (1) demolition of sections of the existing building which contains (a) parts stores and toilet area (single storey) and (b) Service Area No. 3 (single storey), both located on the north elevation of the building to create additional parking area and a hardstanding area for vehicular washing and (c) a 2 storey annex containing offices and staff room located on the south elevation of the building; (2) construction of a single storey extension to the north elevation providing new entrance lobby to the showroom with 2.4sq.m sign over the entrance and a single storey extension on the south elevation providing plant room; (3) the provision of 3 vehicular entrances with roller shutter doors in existing opes into Service Area No. 2 from the new parking area and a 5.88sq.m sign and a window to the showroom area and 1 window to Service Area No. 2 and the blocking up of 1 ope in Service Area No.1 and 1 ope in Service Area No.2, all on the north elevation. The provision of 4 windows to the showroom area and a 5.85sqm sign and 2 windows to Service Area No.1 and the blocking up of 1 vehicular ope in Service Area No. 2, all on the south elevation and the provision of 3 WCs off the showroom area; (4) the extending/provision of new cladding to match the existing cladding to the north elevation and south elevation; (5) the provision of 1 gate and screen wall to the north side and 1 gate and screen wall to the south side of the building to divide and secure restricted areas from public accessible areas; (6) the provision of a 24sq.m freestanding double sided sign located within the site adjacent to the front boundary and all ancillary development works.