The next meeting of the St. Colmcille’s Parish Forum will take place on Monday the 29th of May at 8.00 PM in the Iona Centre.  All are welcome to attend.   So what can you expect.

First of all the Parish Forum is just that. It is a gathering of anyone who is interested to listen to  what goes on in our Parish and wishes to discuss different aspects of life in our parish.

At the last meeting the following was the procedure.

Short introductory Prayer

Minutes of last meeting.  Agreed and passed,

Parish team report .    This involved mainly the refurbishment of the Church and the planned construction of additional facilities to the Iona Centre.  We were told about the plans for the church from refurbished Pews , to the interior painting and lighting, the new outside lights. Notice boards. Planned exterior landscaping.  The planned additional construction of the Iona Centre was out for tender.

Deanery Report.    This refers to the Dublin Diocese where we send a representative to participate in discussions relevant to the diocese.   The main concern here is the future shortage of priests and the faling off in many parishes of attendees at mass and other services. Our representative reported on developments at the deanery.

Child Safeguarding team. The parish continues to work through the procedures for all people within the parish dealing with Children or Vulnerable people to be properly trained and vetted.  This is an area of changing regulation and the parish is very conscious of always improving the security necessary in this  important area.  The parish is well into this program and has a process that is very successful in dealing with new people and existing people in this area.

AOB.  Here was discussed the development of the Youth Gospel Choir.  The success of Grow for people with Mental Health problems which meets every Wednesday.  The call for a Novena.  A National day of Reconciliation within the Catholic Church around the substantial abuses within the Church.

A date for the next meeting was set.

Like many areas of our Knocklyon Community our parish and especially our organisations need re-juvenation.  We welcome new people to come and add their voice as to how they would like to see the parish develop for the future .     Our meeting on Monday will discuss some broad areas: What is there for the Youth?  How can we give time strapped working Parents a role? What can be done for the increasing Older Aged group in our Parish?  How can we reach out to people who were not born in Ireland in our parish.

So come along and add your voice. Everyone will get an opportunity to speak.