Knocklyon Network is a Voluntary Organisation working to make Knocklyon and it’s surrounding areas a better place for us all to live.    Currently, we have 10 ,yes Ten ,active members.    We need more, if we are to achieve some of the Goals we share with you for our Community.   We do not ask for a lot of your time ,we just ask that you join with us to pursue some of the programs we are working on to improve our community.

So what are these areas.   Which one would you be interested in working on.  We hear your voices on Facebook,but we need people willing to give some time ,not a lot, just some time to work alongside us to pursue some of these goals.

Traffic and Transport in our area.

This in our recent survey was the number one issue of concern to you.   It is bad and getting worse and we see no solutions being proposed by any of our Authorities responsible for this area.   So we need a sub-committee of activists to pursue,lobby, talk to,plan and propose solutions.  We have access to some experts in this area ,but we need a strong working Group to fight this area.

Our Parks and Green areas and Public spaces.


We are meeting this month with the Senior Parks Supervisor for SDCC.   We have pushed for many years for a playground in Knocklyon and in particular in Dodder Valley Park.   We have also argued for Dodder Valley Park to be turned into a recreational Park ,like Tymon or Bushy etc.  SDCC have claimed they are maintaining the Bio-Diversity by doing nothing.   We think that with proper Paths, better planting, ponds, maybe suitable locations for fishing,this would be a wonderful amenity.   We also would like to see more bins around our Community.  We would like to see with the agreement of Residents Associations the expansion of the Playspace program.  This and much more is possible with more bodies.

Energy Reduction

We are working with the SEAI to bring a scheme to Knocklyon to reduce Energy consumption in the area and in particular Carbon Fuel Energy.  We have been given a Grant of 15000 Euros.   We have already produced a Master Plan proposal.   We have mapped out all the Energy usage in Knocklyon.   We are currently evaluating 10 different types of houses in Knocklyon as to their Energy usage.   We will then be able to show people what it will cost to improve the energy usage of their house , availing of the maximum grants available through us as a Sustainable Energy Community.   We will be holding an Energy Show in Knocklyon next month.  We have a very active sub-committee working on this.


We strongly believe and want to see major improvements in the quality of our environment.   We support refundable deposits on all Plastic bottles and cans.   We would like to put pressure on all retail outlets from ,Supermarkets,TakeAways,coffee shops, Clothing ,etc to stop over packaging their goods.  We want to reduce waste and improve re-cycling .    This is an area of great interest in our Community as we can see from our Facebook page. We need people to develop this campaign.

What resources do we have?   We have the support of over 60 businesses on our website.   We have over 5000 followers on our Facebook page.    We have over 1000 followers on Twitter.   Nearly 600 connections in our LinkedIn Group.  We have some funds available and have been successful in getting Grants for projects in the past.  We have good connections with Local organisations.   We are well known to all our politicians,though we have always remained neutral and objective with regards to party politics.

So if you are interested and want to get something done in our Community, come along to any of our meetings and let us hear what you have to say.   There are many people in our Community with great skills and connections who would add to our Network and improve the chances of our achieving our Goals and more.

We meet most Tuesday evenings in the Iona Centre at 7.30 PM