County Library Tallaght is honoured to host the National Launch of College Awareness Week.  Traditionally the public library has been a key local asset in encouraging and enhancing access to knowledge for learners and students of all ages.  The library role has evolved to encompass IT access, online resources, digital collections and book collections, giving lifelong learners access to information 24/7!

South Dublin Libraries have developed very successful links with local second level and third level institutions through the roll out of its Creative Campus programme.  The main focus of this programme is the support of senior cycle students through workshops, presentations and support materials (study skills, SUSI presentations, English curricular materials).  This programme has been running for a number of years and has become an important resource to the students and teachers of the South Dublin area.

Today marks the launch of the long-awaited College Awareness Week at Tallaght Library in South County Dublin – and all over the country! There are over 1,000 events happening – enjoy them and we look forward to seeing you on social media!

  • The third annual College Awareness Week (CAW) is taking place from November 21st to November 27th 2016
  • The campaign promotes the benefits of going to college, supports students to become ‘college ready’ and features local role models
  • For further information visit www.collegeaware.ie

County Library, Tallaght will celebrate College Awareness Week by holding a number or study skill workshops, SUSI talks and a visit from Catherine O’Connor, author of Cracking the College Code, a handbook which assists students in preparing for life at college.

The workshops have been made freely available to local secondary schools through the Guidance Counsellor’s at the schools.

South Dublin Libraries is “delighted to be part of a nationwide campaign to promote the importance of post-secondary education. There are lots of options out there and College Awareness Week encourages people of all ages to consider further education to be part of their future.”

College Awareness Week aims to inspire and inform all students about the importance of having a post-secondary education plan. It advocates for students to have the choice to pursue the course best suited to their interests, abilities and future plans, whether that is a PLC qualification, an apprenticeship or a university degree.

College Awareness Week is supported by the Higher Education Authority, the National Association of Principals and Deputy Principals and the Institute of Guidance Counsellors. Many other organisations such as The National Parents Council Post-Primary, the Irish Union of Second Level Students and Irish Business Employers Confederation have also lent their support to the initiative.

The inaugural campaign in 2014, the first of its kind in Ireland, was a runaway success with over 350 events in locations including schools, higher educational institutes, community centres and libraries. Last year’s campaign almost doubled this achievement over 650 events and approximately 65,000 participants. CAW 2016 is expected to bring even more participants on board, already 1,000 events from Malin Head to Mizen Head have been logged.

College Awareness Week gratefully acknowledges the sponsorship of AIB and Perrigo and their dedication to the betterment of communities and Irish society, through enhanced educational experiences.

For more information on CAW, please visit www.collegeaware.ie