Knocklyon Network were successful this year in obtaining three Grants for Local projects.

The first Grant of €500 under the Community Grant Scheme was awarded for the following Community Purpose.   “To provide suitable hedging and cover for walls that are targeted for Graffitti.”    Knocklyon Network will add €500 to this amount to provide hedging to Residents Associations for suitable areas.  We will be notifying Residents Associations to apply for the hedging this week.    If you do not have a Residents Association and are thinking of applying , please send us a photo of the location you want to cover and how long is the area involved to “”.


The second Grant received from Local Government was also for €500.  This was towards adding more flowers and shrubbery to Ashton Estate.  This is to be used in particular around the New entrance to Knockcullen-Ashton.   This is been spent by the Ashton Residents under the supervision of Knocklyon Network.,-6.3103812,122m/data=!3m1!1e3


Knocklyon Network has been working very closely with Sustainable Energy Association of Ireland.  We recently submitted under Sustainable Energy Community a Master plan for Energy reduction in Knocklyon.   This master plan has been accepted and a Grant of 15,000 Euros has been allocated to the implication of this Master plan.   The first step is already nearly in place.   This is the evaluation of the Energy usage in Knocklyon together with assessing the BER ratings of the various Estates within Knocklyon.   This is compiled from the Census figures of 2011 and 2016 and BER and CODEMA statistics for Knocklyon.   The stage after that will be two fold .   One we are working with the Community College to assess their Energy usage with a view to replacing all the lighting with LEDs and also installing Solar Panels.     Two we will be assessing a random selection of different houses and different estates to see what is their Energy usage and how this may be best reduced.   We will also be providing a guide as to the cost of implementing the energy reduction measures and the grants available.    The final part of the plan is to roll out the Energy saving measures across Knocklyon.

If anybody is interested in working with us on these or any of our other projects, please come along to our meeting tomorrow night at 7.30 pm in the Iona Centre or any Tuesday night.