A draft Report came out recently from the SDCC and PPN on Public transport in our County.  Knocklyon Network had participated in the initial survey for the draft Report.  The draft Report is available here:http://www.sdcppn.ie/wp-content/uploads/2016/12/SDC_Transport_Report_DRAFT.pdf

We have today forwarded a further submission to the Draft Report before the Report is finalised.   Below are the details of our submission.

Submission of Knocklyon Network to SDC Transport Draft Report

We would like to make a further submission to the Draft report.

We welcome the report as an attempt to tackle the difficulties of accessing Public Transport in the SDC area.    We agree that the best way of reducing the traffic problems that are increasing throughout the County is to see a greater use of public transport.  However, we feel that the report lacks clarity, detail, and does not attend to the point on a broad enough scale.

The Summary should be illustrated by Maps and deeper Analysis and platting of specific issues raised.  We see no mention of transport for Schools.  We see no reference to the Green Line Luas. This is obviously an alternative route for many in South East Dublin. There is a lack of direction throughout. It would seem that it was just an attempt to collate the various points made in the PPN Survey and not to suggest overall solutions.


Our submission is as follows:

We would like to know in deciding not to proceed with the two additional bridges across the Dodder, what steps the Council propose to alleviate the increasing traffic due to new homes south of the Dodder.

The Outer Ring road for the County “Western Dublin Orbital Route” will this now be advanced.

We agree strongly with the need for an M50 bus route that will use the M50. Drop people off at each exit and pick up and return to the M50 with Termini at either end.  There should then be bus routes emanating locally from the same bus stops.

Coordinate O. & D, from the Census figures with the Survey.

As well as North-South Orbital bus service, there should also be increased East-West.

Improving connections to the Kildare rail line and the Red Luas should also be combined with increased connections to the expanded Green line.

New feeder bus services should include an East West bus service to the Green Line and on to Dundrum Town Centre and UCD.


On a local level.

The proposed BRT from Clongriffen to Tallaght be advanced and that it takes in as much of the Knocklyon Firhouse area as possible.

The Cycle Greenway from Bohernabreena to City Quay be implemented ASAP

The cycleway from the Square to Ballyboden be completed.

The large amount of traffic associated with schools be addressed by Feeder shuttle buses, opening of better access and links through estates for more walkways and safe cycleways. Some of these were closed in the 90’s . This would improve the permeability in Communities.

There should be greater use of modern media for Bus services. Nearly everyone over the age of 6 has a phone. The use of these like the Hailo system could be developed.

Most people travelling to City Centre have to go through Terenure by Bus.  This is a bottle neck and the lights needed to be adjusted to make allowance for the amount of traffic coming down the Templeogue Road. Perhaps a Bus Lane through Rathdown Bushy park road might be considered. This is the biggest reason for complaints as this is the deciding factor for how long it takes the bus to get into town.

There is an urgent need to review pedestrian linkages to PT services in light of the European Charter of Pedestrian Rights. Previous Council decisions to close such links should be reviewed with a view to road safety and reduction in unnecessary motor vehicle journeys as well as the effects on those with mobility problems. For example, closure by the Council of the pedestrian route from Idrone and Coolamber through Knockaire to the Bus 15 on Knocklyon Road and across it to Dargle Wood Park and Templeroan has led to increased car journeys, reduction in PT use and the diversion of large numbers of primary school pupils through a busy shopping car park.

Funding is also required for the Knocklyon Road re-alignment to improve Public Transport and pedestrian and cyclist safety