Knocklyon Network has been working in the Community for over 6 years now.  We have tried always to bring improvements that will make Knocklyon a better community.   We are not elected ,but we are all Volunteers who have spent a lot of years in Knocklyon.   We have found that while our Local Councillors may be responsive  to our requests or wishes ,our Local Council seems to turn a blind eye to Knocklyon.

We asked this question recently of a Supervisor in the Council, particularly around the neglect of Development of Dodder Valley Park.   The answer we were given was that the CEO of SDCC Danny Mc Loughlin is not interested in developing Parks.   He is interested in building Villages.   So we see a further €1,000,000 being allocated this year for Village improvements to three more Villages including Templeogue.   Last year Tallaght and Rathfarnham saw considerable spends, before that Clondalkin, Rathcoole, Palmerstown.    We are happy to see these developments but not to the exclusion of other areas.   Unfortunately , Knocklyon and Firhouse do not have a Village, they were developed as the Planning authorities allowed.   Is that our fault and so we see no investment in our Communities?     Is there more that could be done around Knocklyon by bringing the Shopping Centre,Church, School and Community Centre into a more open and connected space?

Our main point is that for Knocklyon and Firhouse with a population currently of 40,000 and heading towards 50,000 with  new housing developments, has no proper Park.    How many people travel to Marley, Rathfarnham or Bushy Park to exercise or bring their children to play.   We welcome some of the  new Developments in Tymon Park, but nothing has happened in Dodder Valley Park.    There was supposed to be €300,000 allocated for new Changing rooms up at the Tallaght end of the Park, there was supposed to be 100K spent on a running track for Bros Pearse, there was supposed to be a BMX track . None of these have happened.


We think that the people of Knocklyon-Firhouse would love to see a real Dodder Valley PARK with a childrens Playground, proper walking paths, riverside views, lake, mixed native tree planting, sports-fields(somewhat there already) car park sufficent for people to enjoy the facilities.    It would be wonderful to add fishing facilities and maybe an area for dinghies along the Dodder.  If SDCC are so convinced about developing our natural attractions,how come Dodder Valley Park is so neglected. Can it be Mr. Mc Loughlin and the rest of the Council ,that we just do not count?.


Maybe it is time we stood up and be counted.  So Knocklyon-Firhouse email the CEO Daniel Mc Loughlin and Our mayor Gus O’ Connell tell them what we want.