South Dublin County Council , South Dublin County Partnership,& South Dublin County Public Participation Network organised a meeting in Tallaght Stadium for all the Candidates for Dublin South West. Three members of Knocklyon Network attended. Questions had been requested from the public . Knocklyon Network had put down a number of questions, but unfortunately none of these were included in the six questions to be put to the Candidates.
All the candidates for the election were present except for five of them and most parties were there.

The six questions were to the best of my recollection:

In light of the Audits being carried out on all Travelling Community Dwellings, have the Canidates a planB for their accommodation?

  • What are their position with regard to Tax?
  • CES schemes have been dramatically reduced in the life of this Government,what is their position on this area?
  • Youth unemployment is particularly high ,especially in this area,what are your plans for the youth?
  • The Dept. of Education has gone ahead with it’s proposals to build two new schools on a Green Space in Firhouse despite the objections on the local population and the availability of alternative sites,what is your position.
  • Volunteers carry a huge burden of local support for many areas in our Communities.   What support will you give these if elected?

It was an interesting debate and well Chaired by Anna Lee (Chair of Volunteers Ireland) and also familiar to us in Knocklyon as she Chaired similar meetings held by the Network in previous years.      We cannot say there were any winners and their was an over dependence on talking about Tallaght issues. It was a very interesting night and helped to inform those present as to where the candidates stood on many issues.