We have selected five possible sites for locating benches in the Old Knocklyon Area.    We have had discussions with the Council and these areas are acceptable and they feel suitable.    We have found that the feed-back unfortunately from all Residents Associations that replied was negative, in that they did not want a bench in their Estate.   However, some were supportive to have a bench in a well traversed place and where it was open and well lit.   We have tried therefore to select sites that are not in Estates but perhaps close to the main thoroughfares, both Road and pathways.

So our first site (no particular order) is the one above .   This is the new wide footpath opposite the Shopping Centre.    KOBRA residents association were in support of this location.

img_5055          img_5056

This is the Green area at the Entrance to Knockfield Manor.    It is close to the M5o Pedestrian Way and Knocklyin Creche the Scout Den and Gaelscoil.    There is a walkway that comes along from Beverly past Knockfield and a bench could be placed on this Green area.

img_5057      img_5059

This location is the Knocklyon United Playing Pitch beside Delany’s Pub.    The bench would be close to the gate and into the side so it would not interfere with the playing pitch.      it would be close to the trees.

img_5085           img_5084

This is in Dodder Valley Park next to the Spawell Car Park.    There is a pathway to the left leading down to another pedestrian gate.      The bench would probably be installed next to the two large Beech Trees.

img_5080          img_5081

This is the Green area on the left as you drive into Coolamber.     There is a little pathway at the back .   It is well overlooked by passing traffic and the garage across the road.

We are sure there are many more suitable areas .    These are just five sites that we agreed with the Council.  We also suggested we start with two benches this year .    When people see the benefits of a bench to all then maybe we can add more sites next year.    We want people to see that Knocklyon is a caring and mature community where benches and facilities are welcomed and respected by all.    This is up to all of us .   We volunteers in the Network are working as per our Mission statement to improve the Community.   Please let us know which sites you think are the most preferable.   This can be done on facebook or by Email.