Dodder Action 2016

Meeting Points

Dodder Action Day 10 am 23rd April 2016

Clonskeagh – Meeting point O’Shea’s carpark

Coordinators Keith Scanlon and Victoria White

Collection points


  • Laneway at O’Shea’s entrance
  • Lane beside Ashton’s


  • Park entrance on Clonskeagh Road across from Beaver Row

Milltown – Meeting point carpark opposite Wilde and Green / Church

Coordinators John Stanton and Eamonn Ryan

Collection points


  • Milltown recycle area
  • Park entrance near 9 arches
  • Dropping Well


  • Dodder Bank Apartment entrance
  • End of Bankside Cottages lane near Pack Horse Bridge
  • Patrick Doyle Road across from pumping station near playground


Orwell & Dartry Park – Meeting point Park Entrance The Kiosk Orwell Rd

Coordinators Andy Kinsella and Kevin Dennehy

Collection Points


  • Darty Park Entrance
  • Entrance beside the Kiosk


  • Orwell Road & Dodder Rd Lower junction
  • Footbridge at Ely Arch Lower Dodder Valley Road

Rathfarnham – Footbridge to bushypark

Coordinator Suzanne McEneaney and Carolyn McQuestion

Scout leaders Paula Donovan

SDCC Collection points

  • Near R112/Rathfarnham Road junction in Park close to Rathfarnham Road Bridge
  • Dodder Valley Park near footbridge to Bushy Park off R112 near Fairways estate.
  • Springfield Avenue Bridge beside Tesco Carpark, Rathfarnham Footbridge to Bushy Park


Knocklyon Cherryfields carpark across from St Enda’s

Coordinator Cory Hanson and Knocklyon Network

SDCC Collection Points:

  • R114/Knocklyon Road junction pedestrian gate to Dodder Valley Park.
  • Dodder Valley Bank Carpark off Spawell Link Road beside GAA pitches, near Spawell Link Road Bridge, Templeogue.

Firhouse – Park Entrance Mount Carmel Park

Coordinator John Lacy

SDCC collection points:

  • Park Entrance Mount Carmel Park
  • Dodder Riverbank Park Carpark across from Speaker Connolly Pub, Firhouse Road and Ballycullen Avenue junction.
  • 1 or 2 accessible locations along the path between these locations

Whitestown Stream Charles O’Toole footbridge near St Dominic’s school

Coordinator Tara De Butlier and TCC

SDCC Collection point

  • St Dominic’s school


Old Bawn – New footbridge near Seskin View

Coordinator UllaDawidowska and Simon Sweeney

SDCC Collection Point:

  • Avonmore Road and Homelawn Road junction
  • Dodder Riverbank Park Carpark across from Speaker Connolly Pub, Firhouse Road and Ballycullen Avenue junction.
  • 1 or 2 accessible locations along the path

Dodder Action – Dodder Day clean up 23rd of April 2016

Coordinators contact numbers

John Lacy 0874184012

Ulla Dawidowska 0851624135

Victoria White 0861744938

Suzanne McEneaney 0872748019

Cory Hanson 089 2016468

John Stanton 086 2517482

Tara De Buitlear 086 1597083 (TCC)


Medical First Aid Provision-

Irish Underwater Search and Recovery Unit – Richard Kaye 0862515641

Irish Red Cross – First Aid Support – Will 0872843545

Dave Docherty – Occupational First Aid




Who is at Risk

Risk Rating  as rated without controls


General Public Safety


Public  participating in clean up works  that involve risk of injury

Public / Volunteers



Medium  ·      Coordinators are competent to manage the event safely

·      Dodder Action have used SSRA to assess hazards  associated with the activity and to ensure appropriate controls are in place before the event commences

·      Dodder Action give safety talk and induction at each location before the work commences.  Identifying local hazards and clearly stating the rules

·      Public are made aware that they are responsible for their health and safety and must follow stated rules while working with the group.

·      Volunteers must sign the induction form before getting involved in the clean up operation

Adverse Weather ConditionsOrganisers



Low  ·      Weather forecast monitored in advance of event – Identify nature of weather – wind, rain, heatwave etc

·      Continuous monitoring of weather conditions during the event

·      Cancel if extreme event and if ground likely to become slippy due to excess ground water


Slips, Trips, FallsOrganisers



Low ·         Trip hazards and dangerous banks to be identified and communicated during induction.

·         Public made aware of potentially uneven surface, roots loose vegetation.

·         Advised to wear sturdy footwear

Manual Handling especially where members of public not  formally trained.Organisers



Medium ·         Organisers have received manual handling training

·      No person is expected to lift or move an item/object that would be likely to cause him/her an injury.  Advised that Assistance should be sought where necessary.

·      Public advised if any medical condition that would be effected by lifting then they should not participate in clean up.

·      Assess and check any load before lifting and do not lift if uncertain about ability or load. EG rubbish could be trapped under rocks and not be easily removed.

Needles & SharpsOrganisers



Medium·         Public advised not to touch any sharps Item or surrounding area and to advise Dodder Action immediately.  Organisers should record location and photograph and report to local authority.

·         Pickers and gloves to be used.

·         No-one to place sharp objects or needles in bags


Laceration, BruisingOrganisers



Low·      Public advised if they do not have suitable gloves not to participate.

·      Limited supply of gloves and pickers will be available.

·      Volunteers advised to bring own


Scalding Burns  due to use of Centre as tea stationOrganisers



Low ·         Burco Boiler used and safety signage  adjacent to it warning of boiling water.

·         Disposable cups heat safe

·          Dodder Action organiser  in scout hall when in use by public






Medium·         Volunteers to keep away from dangerous banks and not to go into river unless as part of a competent group. EG Dodder Anglers or Canoe club

·         No one to work alone.

·         Irish Underwater Search and Rescue Unit to patrol banks.

Wails DiseaseOrganisers



High·         Specific emphasis and advice during induction.

·         Organisers to monitor individuals and advise them of best practice as work progresses

·         Volunteers to advise organisers if they have any cuts and should not work if they have open wounds.

Falling from heightOrganisers



High·         No-one to expose themselves to risk of falling from a height.  No climbing walls or high banks where there is a significant drop

·         Specific emphasis and advice during induction.

·         Organisers not to accept individuals exposing themselves to risk of falling from height.

·         Height hazards to be identified during the induction.




Medium·         Public to be advised of crossing points and to use underpass or pedestrian lights.

·         Organisers to wear vis-vests.

·         Volunteers advised to bring own.

·         Limited number of vis-vests available for use in areas where a road crossing cannot be avoided

Antisocial behaviour of other users of the parks / dogs off leadOrganisers



Low·         Buddy system in operation.  Nobody to work alone.  Avoid confrontation and report any incidents to organisers overhanging branches brambles do not litter pick near thicket like vegetation.
Eye injuryOrganisers



Low·         Do not litter pick near thicket like vegetation and avoid overhanging branches brambles.

DODDER DAY RULES – Dodder Action – John Lacy 0874184012

1. Listen carefully to the safety induction and sign form.

2. Wear gloves, robust footwear and warm clothes. If you have a high visibility vest, please wear.

3. Cover cuts or grazes with waterproof plasters.

4. Avoid touching mouth while working. Wash hands before eating or smoking

5. Use “Buddy system” – No one should work alone. Let someone know if you’re starting clean-up or leaving.

6. Do not overfill bags and carry from the top when full. Filling bags half way is fine.

7. Assess weight of object before lifting. If something is too heavy or awkward do not attempt to lift, just ask for help.

8. Do not expose yourself to risk of falling from height or into the river.

9. Do not enter the river unless competent and safe to do so.

10. Do not try to get to areas where access is difficult.

11. Report any incident or accident to a project coordinator.

12. Children must have adult supervision and should not work close to water’s edge.

13. Anyone working with waders should have a partner with a safety line or be well within safe depth.

14. Anyone using kayak or canoe must be trained and experienced.

15. Weil’s disease is a bacterial disease which is spread mainly by the urine of infected animals. Get checked out by a doctor if you feel flue like symptoms.

16. Be aware of and avoid local hazards; weirs, roads, steep banks and heights.

17. Do not touch broken glass, syringes or unidentified containers. Please report to coordinator

18. Leave rubbish at designated collection points in bags provided.

19. Do not cut vegetation and take care not to disturb any birds or wildlife. Love your river!