We have had a fantastic response to our appeal for people to help out in our community .    We have over 40 people throughout the community who have volunteered to help in this difficult time.    They are located throughout Knocklyon .   So we feel we are in a strong position to help out anyone in our Community who needs help with meeting the demands of this unique time.

So what kind of help might be needed.    First of all remember that the advice is for people to limit their social contact as much as possible.     Secondly, remember that the people over 60 have a much higher rate of fatality in this Pandemic.    So these people especially need to restrict their chance of coming into contact with the Virus.   There may also be some people in our Community who are self isolating.

Therefore, our help will be for any of the following examples.

  • Collecting needed food or other supplies from Supermarket.
  • Collecting supplies , presriptions, etc from Pharmacy.
  • Other messages within our community.

So how will this operate.

  1. First of all , if you need help you should contact the Parish office.   The parish office is open from 9.30 to 4 pm Monday to Thursday and 9.30 to 3 pm Friday. Phone number 4941204.  Outside of these times ,email knocklyonnetwork@gmail.com or text to 0862514558
  2. The Parish Office will contact a Volunteer in your area.  They will call to you and arrange to fulfill your need.  This may involve you giving them the money to pay for your needs.
  3. The Volunteer will return and give you the supplies.  If necessary , they can leave the goods and any change on your door step.

We ask everyone reading this to spread the word to anyone they think may need help.   Some people are not on Facebook or this page.   So if you have parents or friends in the area please let them know that this help is available from Volunteers within their community.  These are not strangers.  They are good people willing to help.

We would like to thank all the people who have volunteered so far.   We will all get through this,no doubt, but it will be easier if we all work together and help out.