Please do not be mistaken that our mayor’s are selected by all 40 Councillors having a secret vote and the best candidate is selected.   Not at all.   The Sinn Fein, Fianna Fail, Greens, Independent Alliance, Labour, PPP, all got together after the last election and agreed where the Mayor’s would come from for the next 5 years.    It is then up to the party to nominate their Candidate for Mayor.   So Sinn Fein had the first two Mayors and it looks like Independent Alliance have the next two.  The last year will be PPP or Fianna Fail.        No aspersions meant on Paul Gogarty , former Green TD, and hopefully a good supporter of Environmental Issues and our area, we wish all the best.    Chairman of our area committee this year is Enda Fanning, Sinn Fein.   He was not elected , but selected by Sinn Fein to replace Fintan Warfield when he was elected a Senator.  Below is the official announcement from SDCC about the mayor election.

At the Annual Meeting of South Dublin County Council held on Friday 30th June, 2017 in County Hall, Tallaght, Councillor Paul Gogarty  (non-party) representing the Lucan electoral area was elected Mayor of South Dublin County.

Tributes were paid to the outgoing Mayor, Councillor Guss O’Connell (non-party) and Deputy Mayor Martina Genockey (LAB), who thanked their fellow Councillors, Chief Executive, Daniel McLoughlin and the management and staff of the Council for their help and support during their term in office.

Councillor Gogarty was proposed for Mayor by Councillor Liona O’Toole (non-party) and was seconded by Councillor Danny O’Brien (Sinn Féin)

Following a roll call vote Councillor Gogarty was deemed elected to the Office of Mayor.

Mayor Gogarty in his acceptance speech said “I want our citizens to feel cherished and engaged. This also means we need to be proactive in asking questions and listening as a County to what our citizens want. I look forward to engaging with different groups to hear what they are saying and ensure the message is taken on board by the Council. In this I include our older and younger citizens in particular, as well as parents and ethnic minorities.  I want to set up listening fora so that people can come with their ideas as to how to make South Dublin an even better County in which to work and live.”

Mayor Gogarty then outlined his priorities for his year in office which will include the theme of “A Healthy County – A Sustainable County – A Listening County.” He added “I want to highlight the work of the many volunteers in our communities who work tirelessly to improve the lives of our citizens. I want to bring the work of these selfless volunteers to the fore so that others may be inspired by their good works and follow suit. I want to showcase the many services already available in our county to help people develop their minds or improve their fitness. I want to promote the benefits of healthy eating and exercise on physical and mental well-being and look at ways of helping people to develop healthy habits that will help their reach their personal and professional goals.”

Mayor Gogarty concluded his speech by stating that “I believe South Dublin County has an obligation to be a sustainable county. This means building well-insulated homes and communities, not just houses, with access to community services and public transport infrastructure. It means making our public buildings energy self-sufficient. It means encouraging a greener lifestyle, through walking, cycling and public transport. And where people need to use cars, we should be encouraging car sharing and developing a meaningful infrastructure for electric vehicles. I want to set South Dublin with a target to become the leading local authority in energy-efficiency and energy self-sufficiency in Ireland, which will also have a knock on effect on job creation.”


Councillor Breeda Bonner (LAB) representing the Clondalkin Electoral Area was elected Deputy Mayor.

Councillor Bonner was proposed as Deputy Mayor by Councillor Mick Duff (LAB) and seconded by Councillor Mark Ward (Sinn Féin).


The following councillors were elected as Chairs of the Area Committees:

Councillor Mark Ward (Sinn Féin)                              Clondalkin

Councillor Ed O’Brien (Fianna Fáil)                            Lucan

Councillor Enda Fanning (Sinn Féin)                         Templeogue/ Terenure/Rathfarnham

Councillor Louise Dunne (Sinn Féin)                          Tallaght