Knocklyon Network are again calling on South Dublin County Council to put some money into Dodder Valley Park and give us a proper Park .    Knocklyon Network recently visited Cabinteely Park (Photos on this page.       It was such a pleasure to walk through the area.     There was so much to see and enjoy that could be added so easily to our Park.

Look at the Bio-diversity, showing us a natural meadow complete with wild flowers and at the same time giving us cut grass areas for playing or picknicking with your family.

IMG_4291     IMG_4292

They have a good size Children’s playground that is enclosed and full of different playthings and adventure areas for all children.    They have solar compacted litter bins throughout the park , so no excuse for litter or dog-poo bags around the park.


There was great advantage taken of the small stream that flows through the park.    Imagine the beautiful benefits that could be made of the Dodder by providing a Pond and a lovely bank walk.    They have also made a lovely feature of a very simple sculpture area.

IMG_4295                                     IMG_4290

So come on South Dublin County Council and our Councillors , we the people of Knocklyon, Firhouse, Rathfarnham and Templeogue,Tallaght East, have waited over 30 years now for Dodder Valley Park to be turned into a Park.    It has been neglected for too long  as a natural Biodiversity area as an excuse.   This is unfair to us , as it is not a Park people take pleasure in with the exception of the dog walkers and the few cyclists.    It is time for the Council to rectify the mistake  made originally by demolishing unnecessarily as it turned out Cherryfield House, by giving us a beautiful park ,surpassing Cabinteely.

IMG_4294   Cherryfield House

Cabinteely House in the Park                                 Cherryfield House demolished by SDCC