Photo: Rob O’ Connor (@rocshot)

We all live in South Dublin County Council.  We invite you to have a look at the Council Video;  Do you think this represents your life in South Dublin County. We had a laugh at the part about getting around ,certainly doesn’t represent our area ,especially since Orlagh Roundabout mess.

Next May or June we will have the opportunity to vote for our Councillors.   That is six months away.   At present we have twelve Councillors representing our areas.   Most of these Councillors have been in Office for at least the last Four and a half Years.    We are calling on them or their supporters to let us know now , what they have done or accomplished in that period.   We would also like them to let us know what they will do for us in the next 6 months?

We are dis-appointed that rather than our Councillors who are elected for an area working together, each Councillor seems to work just for their little part of our Area.  This is sufficent to get them elected, but does not bring the larger structural improvements we need in our area.  We also do not like the fact that people step down and non-elected people are parachuted into our area.  Thus we get Robert Russell from Sinn Fein and Conor Mc Mahon from Fine Gael , though never elected by us.  We do not like the fact that many councillors vote for their party and not their constituents who elected them.

We ask people to respond on our Facebook page or Twitter or by Email and we will post the responses.     Here is the list of our current Councillors.

Councillors Representing Rathfarnham-Terenure-Templeogue-Knocklyon-Firhouse.

Brian Lawlor    Party: Fine Gael    E-Mail:  Phone: 01-4149064/087 6445472

Deirdre O’Donovan.  Party: Non-Party   E-Mail: Phone: 086 3924209

Dermot Looney.   Party: Social Democrats  Address: 1 Temple Manor Close, Greenhills, Dublin 12.E-Mail:  Phone: N/A

Emma Murphy. Party: Fianna Fáil.  E-Mail:  Phone: 01-4149061  0863462302

Francis Duffy. Party: Green Party.  E-Mail: Phone: 086 0664762

Pamela Kearns. Party: Labour Party.  Address: 203 Orwell Park Heights,  Dublin 6W.E-Mail:  Phone:087 7756718

Paul Foley.  Party: Fianna Fáil. E-Mail:  Phone:087 6694177

Paula Donovan. Party: Fine Gael.  E-Mail:  Phone: 087 2200741

Robert Russell. Party: Sinn Féin. E-Mail: Phone: 0867528371

Ronan Mc Mahon. Party:Non Party. E-Mail: Phone:086 8141468

Conor Mc Mahon Party: Fine Gael. E-Mail: Phone: 087 765 2302

Sarah Holland. Party: Sinn Féin  E-Mail: Phone: 086 1987298