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Here we have some photos of the Green area in Glendoher Estate.  The green area is not much bigger overall than that in many of the Estates in Knocklyon.    They have at least five benches around the park and while I was there three of them were being used.  They also have a wild meadow area in the centre and also a Big Chair feature for children to play around.  Please note in the photos ,how near the park and the benches are to Residents Houses.  I spoke to a couple of older people in the Park, one of whom had come down from Bros Pearse Estate to the park and mentioned she came regularly with her Grandchildren.  The other person said that the benches were great and did not see they attracted any Anti-social Behaviour.  They both welcomed the fact that the park is soon to get a Children’s Playspace as agreed with the Council.  This is seen as a big plus for the area and was voted for and supported by eleven of the Councillors at the September area meeting.

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The important aspect of Glendoher is that while the Green area is owned by the Council, the residents took ownership of the Green and made it into a park. It used to be referred to as the “Field” so you can imagine what it was like.   It is another good example of what can be achieved with an active and energetic Residents Association Committee supported actively by the Residents.

So where ,should benches go in Knocklyon.   Well Woodstown are hoping to add about 4 benches to their area.   Boden Park already has a bench in the middle of their Green Area.   Maybe other Estates already have them,let us know. We have already high-lighted the fact that Butterfield-Ballyroan has at least 4 benches for the last two years.

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So if people do not want Benches in their Estates ,where then?    The full circuit of the Knocklyon Rd/Firhouse Road is 3.5 KMs.    Perhaps benches along this Roadside at some of the open areas close to the road at the entrance to Estates.    There is the New Wide path opposite the Shopping Centre.   A bench across from Delaney’s pub might be more than welcome.  One at the Junction of the Scout Den. Another could be at the Firhouse Rd., just as you turn off the Knocklyon Road.  Another area is on the Knocklyon Road at the entrance or opposite it of Dargle Park. Their is a wide green patch as you turn off Knocklyon Rd. on to Templeroan.

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The benches on the circuit could have Km. markings so you could see how far you have walked or run and could be part of a Sli slainte for Knocklyon .    Please note these are just suggestions.   We are trying to set up a meeting with the Council to discuss the location and type of benches.  We have also requested a list of all the Bins in our area serviced by the Council as we will be seeking a lot more.

Please let us know either on Facebook or by email ( what your thoughts are about benches.  You are always welcome to our weekly meetings on Tuesday nights at 7.30 PM in the Iona Centre.