• Application submitted for Extension of Duration of Permission to restore/conserve an existing dwelling at Tourville Lodge, Church Lane, Rathfarnham.
  • Application submitted to construct 1 house at the side of an existing house at 1, Aranleigh Vale, Dublin 14.
  • Application submitted to demolish childcare facility and construct 2 houses and reinstatement of  existing unit from child care building  to a house at 147, Monalea Grove.
  • Appeal submitted to An Bord Pleanala regarding the financial contributon required by SDCC for the permission for the change of use of the Club Hall to Creche/Montessori at Faughs GAA Clubhouse, Wellington Lane, Templeogue.




SD15A/0394/EP        04-May-2021        Extension Of Duration Of Permission   New Application

Applicant:                                  James Tony Kavanagh

Location:                                    Tourville Lodge, Church Lane, Rathfarnham, Dublin 16

Proposed Development:             Restoration/conservation of the existing dwelling house (a Protected Structure);  change of use of the existing commercial unit at the rear/western aspect to a residential dwelling house, and the construction of a new commercial unit to the front/eastern aspect of the site. Re-location of existing front entrance gates and associated landscaping works.

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SD20A/0340      04-May-2021    Permission                                     Additional Information

Applicant:                                  Emma Freeley & Cathal Condon

Location:                                    1, Aranleigh Vale, Dublin 14

Proposed Development:             Demolition of existing garage at side and subdivision of the site; construction of a two storey, detached dwelling house with three bedrooms and attic room (incorporating rear dormer window) to the south of the existing two storey semi-detached dwelling to include alterations to existing boundaries on Aranleigh Vale and Barton Road West for creation of 2 new vehicular entrances; proposals include for all associated site works including hard landscaping and site development works.

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SD21A/0106      06-May-2021    Permission                                     New Application

Applicant:                                  Peter & Barbara Thornberry

Location:                                    147, Monalea Grove, Dublin 24

Proposed Development:             Demolition of existing child care facility; construction of 2 semi-detached, 3-bed residential units and the reinstatement of existing unit from child care building back to former 3 bed residential unit; carparking, landscaping and all associated site works.

Direct Marketing:                       NO


SD21B/0252      04-May-2021    Permission and Retention              New Application

Applicant:                                  Desmond McKeever

Location:                                    9, Silverwood Road, Dublin 14

Proposed Development:             Retention of existing single storey ground floor sunroom to rear (to be demolished), and first floor roof extension to rear; construction of single storey low pitched garden room to rear and side of house, single storey porch to side of house, single storey sunroom to rear of house, all to existing two storey semi-detached house.

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SD21B/0256      06-May-2021    Permission                                     New Application

Applicant:                                  Eilis Nevin

Location:                                    25, Knockcullen Park, Dublin 16

Proposed Development:             Widen driveway entrance and dish pavement.

Direct Marketing:                       NO


SD21B/0257      06-May-2021    Permission                                     New Application

Applicant:                                  Clive & Jennifer Brennan

Location:                                    72, Dodder Road Lower, Rathfarnham, Dublin 14

Proposed Development:             Construct a single storey rear extension; demolish single storey rear extension; replace pitched roof with flat roof over single storey converted garage; new rear & side dormer windows and alterations.

Direct Marketing:                       NO


SD21B/0258      06-May-2021    Permission                                     New Application

Applicant:                                  Michael Coffey

Location:                                    11, Springfield Road, Templeogue, Dublin 6W.

Proposed Development:             Roof canopy to front elevation allowing single storey bay window projection to existing lounge; roof canopy to extend over front elevation to enhance appearance of street view and all associated site works.

Direct Marketing:                       Direct Marketing – NO


SD21B/0261      07-May-2021    Permission                                     New Application

Applicant:                                  Shamir Raval & Alison Dillon

Location:                                    9, Rossmore Crescent, Dublin 6w

Proposed Development:             Conversion of attic space to non-habitable space with dormer to side and rear of existing dwelling and all associated site works.

Direct Marketing:                       NO




SD21B/0119                        GRANT PERMISSION                      04-May-2021                                    

Applicant:                                                     Karen O’Driscoll & Colm Bambury

Location:                                                        12, Ashton Grove, Dublin 16

Proposed Development:                        The provision of a revised flat roof to the side of the dwelling. The revised roof to extend forward to create bicycle parking, with a new 4m high flat roof over the central section of this roofed area. The existing vehicular entrance to be widened to 3.6m.

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SD21B/0120                        GRANT PERMISSION                      04-May-2021                                    

Applicant:                                                     Peter & Caroline Ryan

Location:                                                        11, Beechdale Park, Ballycullen, Dublin 24

Proposed Development:                        Internal alterations at first floor level; build-up of existing hip in roof to side of roof into ‘Dutch’ hip with window in proposed gable wall at attic level; attic conversion with wc with 2 rooflights in front slope of roof & dormer roof with window in rear slope of roof at attic level.

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SD21B/0124                        GRANT PERMISSION                      04-May-2021                                    

Applicant:                                                     Declan Maher

Location:                                                        8, Airpark Rise, Stocking Lane, Rathfarnham, Dublin 16

Proposed Development:                        Conversion of existing attic space comprising of modification of existing roof structure; new access stairs and 2 roof windows to the front.

Direct Marketing:                                      YES


SD21A/0057                        REQUEST ADDITIONAL INFORMATION                05-May-2021                                     

Applicant:                                                     Evelyn Smyth

Location:                                                        44, Main Street, Rathfarnham, Dublin 14

Proposed Development:                        Removal of chimney from dwelling; removal of pitched and flat roof over first floor forming a new pitched roof over first floor including 3 new ‘Velux’ windows in roof to front; 3 new ‘Velux’  windows in roof to rear forming parapet wall each side of new pitched roof; replacement of window and door units to front with hardwood units, window and door alteration to rear.

Direct Marketing: YES


SD21B/0152                        REQUEST ADDITIONAL INFORMATION                06-May-2021                                    

Applicant:                                                     John & Teresa Madden

Location:                                                        6, Woodfield, Knocklyon, Dublin 16

Proposed Development:                        Removal of existing entrance piers, driveway and grassed area and construction of wider entrance piers and installation of permeable surface comprising gravel fill and stone chips with paved pathway and stone kerbing.

Direct Marketing:                                      NO





APPEAL NOTIFIED:                      07-May-2021

APPEAL LODGED:                       04-May-2021

APPELLANT TYPE:                       1ST PARTY

NATURE OF APPEAL:                  Financial Contribution


APPLICANT:                                Faughs GAA Club

LOCATION:                                 Faughs GAA Clubhouse, Wellington Lane, Templeogue, Dublin 6w.

PROPOSED DEVELOPMENT:        Change of use of the existing upstairs Club Hall for the operation of a Creche/Montessori for up to 20 children between the hours of 8am to 2pm, Monday to Friday.  The  facility will meet Tusla requirements for the businesses of this nature, with the operator of the facility offering the ECCWE scheme & the National Childcare Scheme.





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