• Application submitted to construct 2 houses at the side of an existing house at Hawthorns, Killakee Lawns, Firhouse.
  • Application submitted to construct 1 house at the side of an existing house at 1, Birchview Drive.
  • Application submitted to amend previously permitted development of a Tesco supermartet on lands south of Stocking Avenue, Woodtown.




SD21A/0255      07-Jan-2022        Permission                                   Additional Information

Applicant:                                    Teresa & Sean Butler

Location:                                      Hawthorns, Killakee Lawns, Firhouse, Dublin 24

Proposed Development:               Construction of 2 three storey dwellings and associated ancillary site works.

Direct Marketing:                         NO


SD21A/0294      07-Jan-2022        Permission                                   Additional Information

Applicant:                                    Romaine Nolan

Location:                                      1, Birchview Drive, Dublin 24

Proposed Development:               Demolition of existing single storey garage wing; construction of a new house, No.1A adjoining the existing house with the addition of a rear extension and internal layout changes to No.1, along with an additional front driveway entrance and all associated site works.

Direct Marketing:                          NO


SD22A/0004      07-Jan-2022        Permission and Retention            New Application

Applicant:                                    Tesco Ireland Limited

Location:                                      Lands South of Stocking Avenue, Woodtown, Dublin 16

Proposed Development:               The proposed development will consist of  amendments to the permitted development previously granted  under South Dublin County Council Reg Ref. Nos. SD19A/0345, SD20A/0322 and SD21A/0071.  The proposed development consists of: (1) retention permission for the inclusion of 2 windows (c.4 sq.m) at mezzanine level of the permitted supermarket building (under construction); and (2) planning permission is sought for (i) the erection of 1 double sided totem sign (c.32sq.m) at the north-east of the site; (ii) externally mounted illuminated signage (c. 5sq.m.) over the main entrance door of the supermarket building; and (iii) all associated elevational changes, site services and site development works. on lands principally bounded by : Stocking Avenue to the north; an internal access road associated with the White Pines residential development to the east; and Stocking Wood residential scheme to the south and west.

Direct Marketing:                        


SD21B/0490      05-Jan-2022        Permission and Retention            Additional Information

Applicant:                                    Mark Carroll

Location:                                      1, Tara Hill Crescent, Dublin 14

Proposed Development:               Retention of single storey extension to rear of existing end of terrace dwelling; planning permission to remove existing porch and replace with single storey extension to front and side with tiled roof; internal alterations; extend front vehicular access; associated site works.

Direct Marketing:                         NO


SD22B/0002      04-Jan-2022        Permission                                   New Application

Applicant:                                    William Judge and Aranzazu Lera Anton

Location:                                      St. Kevins, 17, Rathfarnham Park, Rathfarnham, Dublin 14.

Proposed Development:               (1) New render insulation finish to external walls, (2) Replacement of the existing windows, (3) Extension of the roof over first floor bay window to allow new thickness of external render insulation, (4) Creation of a window opening at the west facade of the building at ground floor, (5) demolition of the existing garage, sheds gables and (6) Construction of the new extension to the side (east) rear (north). The extensions are part single storey , with flat roofs, (7) Internal refurbishment and alterations to the existing building, (8) New utilities meters wall, landscaping and associated site works.

Direct Marketing:                         NO








APPEAL NOTIFIED:                        05-Jan-2022

APPEAL LODGED:                          04-Jan-2022

APPELLANT TYPE:                         3RD PARTY



APPLICANT:                                  Oaklands Nursing Homes Ltd.

LOCATION:                                   Sally Park Nursing Home, Sally Park Close, Firhouse, Dublin 24

PROPOSED DEVELOPMENT:          Demolition of single storey structures attached to the west and north of the existing building; construction of a single storey (53.1sq.m) extension attached to the east of the existing building; two storey (161sq.m) extension attached to the west of the existing building; three storey (189.2sq.m) extension attached to the north of the existing building; the existing structure is a protected structure (SDCC RPS 285); construction to include all associated site works and enabling works.





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