• Application submitted to construct 1 house at the side of an existing house at 1, Kilakee Park, Dublin 24.
  • Permission granted for the retention of an existing telecommunications support structure at Edmondstown Golf Course, Edmondstown Road.
  • Permission refused to construct 1 house at the side of an existing house at Radharc, Woodtown Way, Stocking Lane.
  • Additional information requested regarding the application to change the previously granted premssion from 3 houses to 8 apartments at Ballyroan House, Ballyroan Heights.
  • Additional information requested regarding the application to increase the creche capacity from 45 to 70 children at Little Harvard Creche & Montessori, 1, The Lodge, The Crescent, Scholarstown Wood, Rathfarnham.




SD21A/0233      23-Aug-2021     Permission                                     New Application

Applicant:                                  Donal and Imelda Hickey

Location:                                    1, Kilakee Park, Dublin 24, D24 W9T2

Proposed Development:             Erection of a detached, 2 storey 4-bedroom dwelling (154.87sq.m); a new single disabled car parking space; solar PV panels (10.3sq.m); new entrance and amended drainage landscape and boundary treatment to facilitate the development.

Direct Marketing:                      


SD21A/0235      25-Aug-2021     Permission                                     New Application

Applicant:                                  Edmondstown Golf Club CLG

Location:                                    Green Keepers Facility, Edmondstown Golf Club, Rathfarnham, Dublin 16

Proposed Development:             Single storey extensions to front and side of existing green keepers building to include for a 310sq.m extension to front to form additional green keepers building area; 14sq.m extension to side to form on-course toilet facilities; alterations to existing green keepers building including internal alterations to form staff and office areas forming new windows and fire exit door on existing elevations.

Direct Marketing:                       NO


SD21B/0321      27-Aug-2021     Permission                                     Additional Information

Applicant:                                  Breda Crowe

Location:                                    195, Ballyboden Road, Rathfarnham, Dublin 16, D16T2RO

Proposed Development:             Vehicular entrance to the property with kerb dishing providing off-street parking.

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SD21B/0457      26-Aug-2021     Permission                                     New Application

Applicant:                                  William Corless

Location:                                    13, Carriglea View, Dublin 24

Proposed Development:             Attic conversion, dormer window and change to roof profile.

Direct Marketing:                       NO


SD21B/0458      27-Aug-2021     Permission                                     New Application

Applicant:                                  Ronan Flynn

Location:                                    48, Barton Road West, Dublin 14

Proposed Development:             Attic conversion for storage with dormer to the rear; raised gable to the side; 2 ‘Velux’ roof windows to the front.

Direct Marketing:                       Direct Marketing – NO




SD21B/0367              GRANT PERMISSION            23-Aug-2021                                    

Applicant:                                  Brian & Eimear Fleming

Location:                                    Hollyford, Stocking Lane, Rathfarnham, Dublin 16

Proposed Development:             Conversion of stores to side to habitable accommodation; removal of existing pitched roof to facilitate construction of new pitched roof extension at 2nd floor level, being an additional storey, to include a dormer window to the rear and 1 no new ‘Velux’ window to the front; modifications to facades and internal layout; provision of a new septic system with new on-site wastewater treatment system to current EPA guidelines and all associated ancillary, landscaping and site development works.

Direct Marketing:                       NO


SD21B/0368              GRANT PERMISSION            23-Aug-2021                                    

Applicant:                                  Paul & Niamh Hackett

Location:                                    55, Templeroan Avenue, Dublin 16

Proposed Development:             Construction of a one storey extension to the rear and side containing an enlarged kitchen, dining, family room, utility room and side access door.

Direct Marketing:                       NO


SD21B/0373              GRANT PERMISSION            24-Aug-2021                                     

Applicant:                                  Gemma & Michael Costello

Location:                                    87, Woodlawn Park Grove, Firhouse, Dublin 24

Proposed Development:             Attic conversion with dormer roof to rear plus changing of existing roof profile from hipped to new dutch roof and two ‘Velux’ rooflights to front roof slope and all associated site works.

Direct Marketing:                       NO


SD21A/0180              GRANT PERMISSION FOR RETENTION      24-Aug-2021                                    

Applicant:                                  Ontower Ireland Limited

Location:                                    Edmondstown Golf Course, Edmondstown Road, Rathfarnham, Dublin 16

Proposed Development:             Retention of an existing telecommunications support structure (previously granted under Ref. SD10A/0340) together with associated equipment cabinets.

Direct Marketing:                       NO


SD21A/0173              REFUSE PERMISSION           23-Aug-2021                                    

Applicant:                                  Camillus & Maire Muldowney

Location:                                    Radharc, Woodtown Way, Stocking Lane, Dublin 16, D16 WV74

Proposed Development:             Construction of a contemporary style two storey two bedroom dwelling house on the western side including adapt existing septic tank/percolation area for the new house; installation of a biocycle treatment unit; vehicular entrance will be formed to the new house from Woodtown Way.

Direct Marketing:                       NO


SD21A/0175              REQUEST ADDITIONAL INFORMATION     23-Aug-2021                                    

Applicant:                                  Homeland BRH Limited

Location:                                    Ballyroan House, Ballyroan Heights, Dublin 16

Proposed Development:             Revisions to development previously permitted under Reg. Ref. SD17A/0064 and ABP Ref. PL06S.249209 (referred to as Watson’s Place) and shall consist of the replacement of 3 previously permitted house units (House Types A, A1 and A2) comprising 1 one bed house, 1 three bed house and 1 four bed house with a new proposal for 8 apartments comprising 2 one bed units and 6 two bed units, all located within 2-3 storey Ballyroan House (A Protected Structure); the replacement of 2 one previously permitted semi-detached house units (House Types D) comprising 2 four bed house units (2 storeys) with a new proposal for 3 two bed terraced house units (2 storeys); the new works to Ballyroan House (A Protected Structure) shall comprise of the refurbishment and subdivision of the existing building (approx. 761sq.m); demolition of extensions to the building including a two storey block work extension and a single storey extension to the rear (total demolition approx. 53sq.m); (c) the removal of an old ruin to the gable; extension to the rear of the building at ground and first floor level (approx. 36sq.m); removal of internal walls and partitions; modifications to elevations including the removal of windows and the provision of new window and door openings; and provision of new private open space terraces/balconies to the rear/side of the building; the revised proposal shall also provide for a total of 43 car parking spaces; public and communal open space areas; 18 secure bicycle parking spaces; new bin storage area (approx. 23sq.m); all other development within the site remains as previously permitted under Reg. Ref. SD17A/0064 and ABP Ref. PL06S.249209.

Direct Marketing:                       NO


SD21A/0176              REQUEST ADDITIONAL INFORMATION     24-Aug-2021                                    

Applicant:                                  Regina McGovern

Location:                                    Little Harvard Creche & Montessori, 1, The Lodge, The Crescent, Scholarstown Wood, Rathfarnham, Dublin 16

Proposed Development:             Increase in childcare places from 45 permitted under application SD15A/0017 to 70 places due to an internal floorplan redesign; increase the opening hours from the permitted 8am to 6.30pm to proposed hours of 7am – 7pm, Monday to Friday.

Direct Marketing:                       NO


SD21B/0370              REQUEST ADDITIONAL INFORMATION     24-Aug-2021                                    

Applicant:                                  John Benton

Location:                                    1, Oakdale Park, Ballycullen, Dublin 24

Proposed Development:             Conversion of existing attic space comprising of modification of existing roof structure; raise existing gable c/w window; new access stairs and flat roof dormer to the rear.

Direct Marketing:                       YES


SD21B/0372              REQUEST ADDITIONAL INFORMATION     26-Aug-2021                                    

Applicant:                                  Anne Jackson

Location:                                    Palmyra, Whitechurch Road, Rathfarnham, Dublin 16

Proposed Development:             Construction of a two storey extension (floor area c.143sq.m) to the rear (west) of existing dwelling; construction of a single storey detached three bay carport/home office (floor area c.58.8sq.m) to the side (north) and ( c) the provision of a new 100mm diameter foul drain connecting to the existing 225mm diameter foul sewer which is located in the access laneway; demolition of part ground and first floor element (floor area c.37sq.m) to the rear (west) of the existing dwelling and demolition of the two detached single storey outhouses (shed 1 & 2) located to the north and west, associated minor internal and external alterations and all ancillary site development works.

Direct Marketing:                       NO









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