• Application received for extension of duration of permission to erect floodlights at Judes GAA Club, Pitch 4, Tymon Park, Wellington Lane.
  • Permission refused for the construction of 1 house at the side of an existing house at Ballytore Road, Rathfarham.
  • Additional information requested regarding the application to construct 1 house at the side of an existing house at Carriglea Rise, Firhouse.                                



SD15A/0225/EP        21-Jul-2020 Extension Of Duration Of Permission         New Application

Applicant:                                   St. Judes GAA Club

Location:                                     Pitch 4, Tymon Park, Wellington Lane, Templeogue, Dublin 6W.

Proposed Development:               Erect & install 6 floodlight columns each 21.34m with associated floodlights in each column (with 10 lighting fixtures in each of the four corner installations and 13 lighting fixtures for the two remaining columns) on pre-cast foundation each of 1.07m approximately underground with 0.61m visible above ground of 400mm diameter on each column to provide light levels of 500 lux horizontal, over a period of September through to April inclusive only. Associated control gear to provide on/off control and monitoring of lighting system, electrical works, including connection to the national electricity supply network, low level lighting along an existing path adjacent to the floodlit pitch and associated site works.

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SD20B/0094      22-Jul-2020        Permission                                  Additional Information

Applicant:                                   Jaime McGrane

Location:                                     17, Woodstown Heath, Knocklyon, Dublin 16

Proposed Development:               Conversion of existing attic space comprising of modification of existing roof structure; raising of existing gable c/w window; new access stairs and flat roof dormer to the rear.

Direct Marketing:                       YES


SD20B/0261      23-Jul-2020        Permission                                  New Application

Applicant:                                   Jenny & Peter Daffy

Location:                                     12, Glendown Avenue, Dublin 6w

Proposed Development:               Attic conversion to non-habitable attic room with dormer window to rear & Velux rooflight to front of existing dwelling and all associated site works.

Direct Marketing:                       Direct Marketing – NO


SD20B/0265      23-Jul-2020        Permission                                  New Application

Applicant:                                   Peter & Irene Fagan

Location:                                     212, Glenvara Park, Knocklyon, Dublin 16

Proposed Development:               Form a new roof structure over the existing side access to the existing two storey, semi-detached dwelling with internal alterations, external finishes to match existing & associate site works.

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SD20B/0270      24-Jul-2020        Permission                                  New Application

Applicant:                                   Fiona & Pat Sage

Location:                                     6, Wainsfort Grove, Dublin 6w

Proposed Development:               Demolition of the existing single storey garage structure to the side; construction of a single storey extension to the front, a two storey extension to the side, a part two storey/part single storey flat roof extension to the rear, a dormer roof extension to the rear, a non-habitable storage room attic conversion and a single storey standalone ancillary office to the rear; internal alterations;elevational alterations which include a roof light to the side roof pitch; a pedestrian entrance to the front boundary wall; all associated site & landscaping works.

Direct Marketing:                       NO



SD20B/0167              GRANT PERMISSION     20-Jul-2020                                    

Applicant:                                   Ian McGuirk

Location:                                     17, Wood Dale Drive, Dublin 24

Proposed Development:               Ground floor extension to rear and side & a porch to front.

Direct Marketing:                       NO


SD20B/0170              GRANT PERMISSION.      20-Jul-2020                                    

Applicant:                                   Colin & Amna Clancy

Location:                                     2, Willbrook Park, Dublin 14

Proposed Development:               (a) Two storey extension to side and rear and (b) single storey extension to front and rear.

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SD20B/0176              GRANT PERMISSION     24-Jul-2020                                    

Applicant:                                   Declan Feely

Location:                                     7, Grangebrook Avenue, Dublin 16

Proposed Development:               A new dormer roof and window built onto existing hip on the side of the roof at attic level.

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SD19A/0350              REFUSE PERMISSION    24-Jul-2020                                    

Applicant:                                   Roger Keller & Orna Sweeney

Location:                                     93, Ballytore Road, Rathfarham, Dublin 14

Proposed Development:               Two storey, detached 2 bedroomed house with single storey return at rear located at the side of existing house and the construction of two separate vehicular entrances to proposed and existing houses accessed from Ballytore Road and the construction of 2m and 1.5m high boundary wall to public laneway and associated site works.

Direct Marketing:                       NO


SD20A/0129              REQUEST ADDITIONAL INFORMATION.    23-Jul-2020                                    

Applicant:                                   Terry Walker

Location:                                     Site to side of 31 Carriglea Rise, Firhouse, Co Dublin

Proposed Development:               2 storey pitched roof detached house on site to side of existing house, with solar panels to front and side, new vehicular entrance to serve new house and relocation of existing vehicular to No. 31 Carriglea Rise.

Direct Marketing:                       YES