• Application submitted to construct a 3-4 storey nursing home at lands to the south of Taylor’s Lane, Ballyboden within the cutilage of Newbrook House.
  • Appeal submitted to An Bord Pleanala regarding SDCC’s decision to grant permission for the provision of a temporary two storey post-primary school (Firhouse Educate Together Secondary School) including excavation works to accommodate a future permanent post-primary school at Oldcourt Road/Ballycullen Green, Firhouse.




SD21A/0232        20-Aug-2021     Permission                                     New Application

Applicant:                                    Luxcare Limited

Location:                                      Lands to the south of Taylor’s Lane, Ballyboden within the cutilage of Newbrook House

Proposed Development:               3-4 storey nursing home building to consist of 111 bedrooms (with ensuites) and associated staff and resident welfare facilities, amenities and including extensive landscaped gardens. The protection and preservations of Newbrook House (a protected structure-Ref No 300) and incorporation with the construction of the new 3-4 storey nursing home. Formation of ne vehicular access and pedestrian sit access off Taylors Lane and associated landscaping works. Communal open space as well as offer facilities open to the public such as hair salon, function suite and cinema. Provision of 18 parking spaces including 2 accessible spaces and 2 EV charging bays to service the nursing home. 24 short and long stay cycle parking spaces. 5 new 3 storey dwellings with associated parking landscaping and services.

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SD21B/0335        20-Aug-2021     Permission                                     Additional Information

Applicant:                                    Mohammed Saidur Raham Kahn

Location:                                      225 Glenvara Park, Knocklyon, Dublin 16.

Proposed Development:               Two storey extension to side; single storey to rear; attic conversion incorporating dormer extension to rear; all associated site works.

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SD21B/0452        16-Aug-2021     Permission                                     New Application

Applicant:                                    Peter and Mary Massey

Location:                                      116, Ballyroan Road, Dublin 16

Proposed Development:               Attic conversion to storage/boiler room; new dormer to the rear and side of existing hipped roof profile.

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SD21B/0200              GRANT PERMISSION            19-Aug-2021                                    

Applicant:                                     Darren Murphy

Location:                                      49, Killakee Lawns, Firhouse, Dublin 24

Proposed Development:               Single storey extension to rear of dwelling and all ancillary site works.

Direct Marketing:                         NO


SD21B/0353              GRANT PERMISSION            16-Aug-2021                                    

Applicant:                                     Elizabeth Hickey

Location:                                      113, Carrigwood, Dublin 24

Proposed Development:               Construction of a single storey flat roofed extension to the rear and side; construction of a single storey porch to the front along with the removal of decorative stone cladding to the front elevation; window openings to the side at both ground and first floor levels; construction of a screen wall to the side; remodel living room window opening and replace all existing windows; internal remodelling works associated with the proposed works.

Direct Marketing:                         NO


SD21B/0355              GRANT PERMISSION            16-Aug-2021                                    

Applicant:                                     Dermot & Clodagh Finnegan

Location:                                      40, Crannagh Park, Dublin 14

Proposed Development:               Removal of existing single-storey garage and annex to side; construction of a two-storey extension to front and side of existing dwelling with rooflight; extend existing hipped roof to maintain existing ridge height; new bay window, lean-to roof, rooflight and alterations to first floor fenestration to front; single-storey extension and alterations to fenestration to rear; dormer window to rear roof slope to facilitate attic conversion; widen existing vehicular entrance piers to 3.5m, and all associated site works.

Direct Marketing:                         NO


SD21B/0363              GRANT PERMISSION            17-Aug-2021                                    

Applicant:                                     Simon & Jenny Daly

Location:                                      36, Anne Devlin Road, Templeogue, Dublin 14

Proposed Development:               Conversion of attic space with the construction of a new roof dormer with 2 windows to the rear; 2 rooflights to the front roof plane.

Direct Marketing:                         NO


SD21B/0364              GRANT PERMISSION            19-Aug-2021                                    

Applicant:                                     David & Valerie Stanley

Location:                                      Hawthorne Cottage, Killakee Road, Rathfarnham, Dublin 16

Proposed Development:               4.8sq.m ground floor extension to the rear (east) of the existing house; 4.1sq.m extension to the (north) side at ground level and 35.7sq.m lower ground floor extension to the (east) rear; new level access entrance to ground level to the front; 1 roof-light to rear;  4 solar panels on to existing roof and associated landscaping works to rear.

Direct Marketing:                         NO


SD21B/0366              GRANT PERMISSION            20-Aug-2021                                    

Applicant:                                     John & Denise Martin

Location:                                      26, Delaford Drive, Dublin 16

Proposed Development:               Conversion of existing garage attached to side of the house to a bedroom; single storey flat roof rear extension to join with previous as-built single storey rear extension; internal alterations at ground floor level; remove flat roof over previous garage and porch and replace with new mono pitched roof with rooflights; all necessary ancillary site development works.

Direct Marketing:                         NO


SD20A/0304              GRANT PERMISSION FOR RETENTION      19-Aug-2021                                    

Applicant:                                     Templeco Limited

Location:                                      19 – 22, Templeville Park, Templeogue, Dublin 6W

Proposed Development:               Retention of car park lighting at the front of development comprising both column and bollard lighting.

Direct Marketing:                         NO


SD21B/0400              INVALID APPLICATION         19-Aug-2021                                    

Applicant:                                     Mark Carroll

Location:                                      1, Tara Hill Crescent, Dublin 14

Proposed Development:               Remove existing front porch and replace with new single storey extension with a tiled roof to the front and side of existing two storey end of terraced dwelling; internal alterations; extend front vehicular access and associated site works.

Direct Marketing:                         NO





APPEAL NOTIFIED:                      17-Aug-2021

APPEAL LODGED:                        16-Aug-2021

APPELLANT TYPE:                       3RD PARTY



APPLICANT:                                The Minister for Education

LOCATION:                                 Oldcourt Road/Ballycullen Green, Firhouse, Dublin 24

PROPOSED DEVELOPMENT:        Provision of a temporary two storey post-primary school (Firhouse Educate Together Secondary School: Roll No. 68307J), comprising 10 classrooms and 3 specialist classrooms including all ancillary teacher and pupil facilities (2,000sq.m. gross floor area approximately); provision of an internal vehicular drop-off area and internal circulation routes; 15 surface parking spaces; bicycle parking; ball courts and play areas; access to the proposed temporary school will be from Oldcourt Road; provision of piped infrastructure and ducting; plant; pedestrian access points; ESB substation; attenuation tank; landscaping and boundary treatments; ancillary ramps and stairs; signage; changes in level and all associated site development and excavation works above and below ground; on a 0.86ha site approximately, which forms part of a larger 1.77ha landholding earmarked to accommodate a future permanent post-primary school; temporary permission for a period of 5 years is being sought.





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