No Major Developments this week.     Silvio’s in Templeogue Village get permission to turn the premises beside them into a Restaurant.       Not enough Restaurants in our area.

SD16A/0006   12-Jan-2016    Retention       New Application

Applicant:        Vodafone Ireland Ltd

Location:         Fortfield Lawn, Fortfield Road, Terenure, Dublin 6W

Proposed Development:         Retention permission for existing 18m slim line monopole, carrying associated antenna and dish, associated equipment, associated equipment cabin and security fencing. The development will continue to form part of Vodafone Ireland Ltd’s existing GSM and 3G/4G Broadband telecommunications networks.


SD16A/0007   13-Jan-2016    Permission      New Application

Applicant:        Rathfarnham Ford

Location:         Rathfarnham Ford, Whitechurch Road, Rathfarnham, Dublin 16

Proposed Development:         Alterations and extensions to the existing part single storey/part two storey building located on the north and west boundaries of the site containing showroom area, parts stores and toilet area and Service Areas No. 1, No. 2, No. 3 and office area at ground floor and office and staff rooms on first floor to include: (1) demolition of sections of the existing building which contains (a) parts stores and toilet area (single storey) and (b) Service Area No. 3 (single storey), both located on the north elevation of the building to create addtional parking area and a hardstanding area for vehicular washing and (c) a 2 storey annex containing offices and staff room located on the south elevation of the building; (2) construction of a single storey extension to the north elevation providing new entrance lobby to the showroom with 2.4sq.m sign over the entrance and a single storey extension on the south elevation providing plant room; (3) the provision of 3 vehicular entrances with roller shutter doors in existing opes into Service Area No. 2 from the new parking area and a 5.88sq.m sign and a window to the showroom area and 1 window to Service Area No. 2 and the blocking up of 1 ope in Service Area No.1 and 1 ope in Service Area No.2, all on the north elevation. The provision of 4 windows to the showroom area and a 5.85sqm sign and 2 windows to Service Area No.1 and the blocking  up of 1 vehicular ope in Service Area No. 2, all on the south elevation and the provision of 3 WCs off the showroom area; (4) the extending/provision of new cladding to match the existing cladding to the north elevation and south elevation; (5) the provision of 1 gate and screen wall to the north side and 1 gate and screen wall to the south side of the building to divide and secure restricted areas from public accessible areas; (6) the provision of a 24sq.m freestanding double sided sign located within the site adjacent to the front boundary and all ancillary development works.


SD15B/0301    14-Jan-2016    Permission      Additional Information

Applicant:        J. Connell & J. Hackett

Location:         39, Lower Dodder Road, Rathfarnham, Dublin 14.

Proposed Development:         Demolition of existing garage, chimney and existing single storey extension to rear of existing detached single storey dwelling and subsequent construction of a new single storey extension to the side and rear and replacing existing roof with new pitched roof with a raised ridge height to allow for new attic/dormer accommodation with new dormer window to front (north) elevation and new dormer window to the side (west) elevation; new rooflights to side elevations; replacement/modification of existing windows and doors; widening of existing vehicular entrance and all assoicated site works.


SD16B/0005    11-Jan-2016    Retention       New Application

Applicant:        John Fitzpatrick

Location:         ‘Van Neis’, Scholarstown Road, Rathfarnham, Dublin 16

Proposed Development:         Retention permission for a 7-person domestic effluent treatment unit and polishing filter (percolation area) to the rear of the 5-bed dwelling.


SD16B/0006    12-Jan-2016    Permission      New Application

Applicant:        P.Gill & B.McNamara

Location:         55, Fortfield Road, Dublin 6w

Proposed Development:         Attic conversion and dormer extension to the rear (32sq.m), 1 fixed roof light and 2 opening roof lights to the front and a ground floor bay window extension (2sq.m) to the front.


SD16B/0007    14-Jan-2016    Permission      New Application

Applicant:        Cormac & Maeve Daly

Location:         22 Rathfarnham Park, Dublin 14.

Proposed Development:         Demolition of an existing rear single storey extension and the construction of a new single storey extension to rear; alterations and conversion of existing garage to front; new dormer to existing hipped gable, new rooflight to front elevation; widening of existing entrance gates and general internal alterations and all associated works.


SD15A/0290   GRANT PERMISSION  13-Jan-2016                                    

Applicant:Colm Agnew

Location:22, Knockcullen Park, Knocklyon, Dublin 16.

Proposed Development: Demolition of existing single storey garage and construction of a new detached dwelling house of two storey to front and three storey to rear comprising living room, kitchen, dining, shower. wc, three bedrooms, one ensuite, bathroom and study of total area 115sq.m with new boundary fence, new connection to existing sewer, new entrance gate and driveway.


SD15A/0339    GRANT PERMISSION   13-Jan-2016

Applicant:Maria Coletti & Silvio Borza

Location:182, Templeogue Road, Dublin 6w

Proposed Development: Change of use of existing ground floor unit for use as pizzeria restaurant utilizing existing kitchen/staff facilities in adjoining premises at 180 Templeogue Road.