Planning Decisions to the 27th of November, 2015

SD15A/0355 23-Nov-2015 Permission New Application
Applicant: Kevin O’Hare
Location: River Lodge, Firhouse Road, Dublin 24
Proposed Development: Change of use of existing detached garage/playroom into a family home for grandparents to include extension and conversion with 2 bedrooms and open space kitchen/lounge and all associated site works.

SD15A/0358 24-Nov-2015 Permission New Application
Applicant: Capami Ltd
Location: Site south of Oldcourt Road and East of Oldcourt Lane, Oldcourt Road, Ballycullen, Dublin 24
Proposed Development: Development of a playing pitch including associated site works, on a site area of 1.97 hectares, located south of Oldcourt Road, Oldcourt, Ballycullen, Dublin 24. Access to the pitch will be via an existing lane off Oldcourt Road.

SD15A/0363 27-Nov-2015 Permission New Application
Applicant: Norton Properties Ltd.
Location: Charleville Manor, Firhouse, Templeogue, Dublin 16
Proposed Development: Construction of 7 residential units with on curtilage car parking to comprise of 2 three storey semi-detached town houses of 205sq.m each, 4 three storey semi-detached town houses of 197sq.m each and one three storey detached town house 197sq.m, all with associated site works, all to connect to partially completed ancillary works, and the completion of ancillary works and roadways partially constructed under previously approved planning permission reference SD06A/0294 and altered under planning reference SD08A/0256. All proposed works to take place within the curtilage of Charleville House, Firhouse, Templeogue, Dublin 16, which is a Protected Structure.

SD15B/0341 24-Nov-2015 Permission New Application
Applicant: Ceili O’Callaghan & Graham Fagan
Location: 102, Willbrook Estate, Dublin 14
Proposed Development: Modifications to existing permission, Register Reference SD15B/0222, consisting of an increase in floor area of proposed single storey rear extension from 2.5sq.m to 8sq.m.

SD15B/0343 26-Nov-2015 Permission New Application
Applicant: Gerard Hughes
Location: 39, St. Patricks Cottages, Rathfarnham, Dublin 14
Proposed Development: Extension at first floor.

SD15B/0344 27-Nov-2015 Permission New Application
Applicant: P.J. Brophy & Claire Hearty
Location: 58, Wainsfort Road, Terenure, Dublin 6W
Proposed Development: Erection of a single storey extension to the rear incorporating a family room.

SD15B/0294 GRANT PERMISSION 23-Nov-2015
Applicant:Michael McCartan
Location:48, Idrone Park, Dublin 16
Proposed Development: Two storey family flat extension to the side and front including a single storey front porch extension with rooflight, single storey rear extension with rooflight, sun tube roof lights to the rear and alterations to the internal layout and a new single storey shed in the rear garden and all associated site works.
SD15B/0295 GRANT PERMISSION 24-Nov-2015
Applicant:Aoife & David Johnston
Location:33, Ballytore Road, Rathfarnham, Dublin 14
Proposed Development: Domestic extension and alterations to existing two storey semi-detached dwelling comprising of: single storey extension to rear, elevational changes, modifications to existing house and all ancillary works.

SD15B/0296 GRANT PERMISSION 25-Nov-2015
Applicant:Noelle Browne
Location:16, Grosvenor Court, Dublin 6w
Proposed Development: Two storey extension to the side of an existing detached 2 storey dwelling. The existing single storey side extension is to be incorporated into the development to facilitate the provision of a granny flat on 2 levels with side passage access and a ‘Velux’ roof window to the new front roof slope. Proposed works include the demolition of a chimney and all associated site works.

SD15A/0302 REFUSE PERMISSION 27-Nov-2015
Applicant:Colm Perry
Location:Rear of 665, Ballycullen Cottages, Ballycullen, Dublin 16
Proposed Development: Three 4 bedroomed 2 storey pitched roof detached houses, works to include all associated infrastructure and site development including drainage, landscaping, boundary treatments and new access to site/development via Hunters Avenue.

Applicant:Chris & Helen Lawlor
Location:St. Anthonys, Ballycullen Road, Knocklyon, Dublin 16.
Proposed Development: Construction of a detached two storey dwelling with new boundary wall, new vehicular access with dished concrete footpath, landscaping and associated site works at a site to the rear of ‘St. Anthony’s’, Ballycullen Road and Castelfield Avenue.

Applicant:J. Connell & J. Hackett
Location:39, Lower Dodder Road, Rathfarnham, Dublin 14.
Proposed Development: Demolition of existing garage, chimney and existing single storey extension to rear of existing detached single storey dwelling and subsequent construction of a new single storey extension to the side and rear and replacing existing roof with new pitched roof with a raised ridge height to allow for new attic/dormer accommodation with new dormer window to front (north) elevation and new dormer window to the side (west) elevation; new rooflights to side elevations; replacement/modification of existing windows and doors; widening of existing vehicular entrance and all assoicated site works.

SD15A/0102 APPEAL NOTIFIED: 25-Nov-2015
APPEAL LODGED: 20-Nov-2015
APPLICANT: Templeogue Tennis Club
LOCATION: Templeogue Tennis Club, Templeogue, Dublin 6W
PROPOSED DEVELOPMENT: (i) An Airhall-an air supported structure and associated fan unit-which will have a maximum height of eleven meters with internal lighting and will cover three existing tennis courts (No’s 5,6 & 7) and have an area of 1,620 sq.m. (The Airhall is a demountable structure and a seasonal structure which when taken down will be stored on site); (ii) single storey structure (8.75sq.m) for fans and emergency generator, and (iii) single storey shed (30.9sq.m) for the storage of the Airhall and attachments during periods when not in use. Permission also sought for the removal four x twelve metre high poles and associated luminaries, and all site development works, drainage; paths; concrete ring beam around tennis courts; and electrical infrastructure.

SD15B/0165 AN BORD PLEANALA REF. NO.: PL06S.245244
APPEAL DECISION: Refuse Permission
LOCATION: 6, Dodder Dale, Dublin 14
PROPOSED DEVELOPMENT: Ground floor extension to kitchen, two 1st floor extensions either side of existing return consisting of 1 bedroom and 1 ensuite bathroom.