Planning Decisions to the 18th of December, 2015

A lot of permissions this week as the Council were late posting the planning of the 11th and so two weeks are combined.     Much of interest.      Works at Bishop Galvin, Two new all-weather pitches for Knocklyon United,Development at the Iona Centre and a new Health Centre in Knocklyon Shopping Centre and much more.      We hope we have kept you informed on Planning in 2015 and look forward SD15A/0372 11-Dec-2015 Permission New Application
Applicant: Board of Management
Location: Bishop Galvin and Bishop Shanahan National Schools, Orwell Park, Dublin 6W.
Proposed Development: Remove existing single storey prefabricated building at the eastern end of the school campus in order to replace this structure with a two storey permanent link building joining the existing two schools and incorporating 8 classrooms, 5 resource rooms and ancillary areas including a high level plant room for water storage from a new underground rain water harvesting system. The works will involve constructing a single storey 8 classroom and 6 resource rooms temporary prefabricated structure at the eastern end of the playing field on the southern side of the campus together with forming a temporary construction site vehicular access road in the north eastern corner of the site from Orwell Park. Both the playing field and the area of the access road will be reinstated on completion of the works.

SD15B/0357 10-Dec-2015 Permission New Application
Applicant: Andrew & Clare O’ Connor
Location: 144, Monalea Grove, Dublin 24
Proposed Development: Construction of a new front single storey extension to accommodate an extended hall, toilet and associated site works.

SD15B/0354 08-Dec-2015 Permission New Application
Applicant: Howard Slattery
Location: 14, Castlelands, Castleside Drive, Rathfarnham Castle, Rathfarnham, Dublin 14
Proposed Development: 1 dormer to front of existing roof, 2 roof windows to front, conversion of attic space to storage area and widening of existing first floor balcony to the front.

SD15B/0355 08-Dec-2015 Permission New Application
Applicant: Tom Maguire
Location: 11, Orlagh Lodge, Dublin 16
Proposed Development: Single storey garage with pitched roof to the side, a first floor extension with pitched roof to the front, alterations to the roof structure and all other ancillary site works.

SD15B/0356 09-Dec-2015 Permission New Application
Applicant: Graham & Carrol McHugh
Location: 20, The Drive, Cypress Downs, Templeogue, Dublin 6W
Proposed Development: Construction of a new single storey rear extension with 3 rooflights, glass covered pergola, attic conversion with 3 rooflights, amendments to side elevation, internal amendments and all associated site works.

SD15B/0358 10-Dec-2015 Permission New Application
Applicant: Darina & Aisling Jiang
Location: 77, College Square, Terenure, Dublin 6
Proposed Development: Two storey extension to the side of existing dwelling; carry out all associated site works.

SD158/0013 07-Dec-2015 Application Under Part VIII
Applicant: South Dublin County Council
Location: Grange Road, Rathfarnham, Dublin 16
Proposed Development: Provision by South Dublin County Council of a cycling and walking scheme and public realm improvement scheme from Nutgrove Avenue in the north along Grange Road to Taylors Lane in the south. The project involves the construction and upgrading of a walking and cycle scheme and public realm improvement scheme on Grange Road, in Rathfarnham Dublin 14 & 16. The proposed public realm improvements are adjacent to a number of Protected Structures. Grange Road represents an important link in the Greater Dublin Area Cycle Network Plan as it is crossed by Primary Route S05 and Secondary Route 10B runs along it. Primary Route S05 is a proposed radial route stretching from Dun Laoghaire to the N4. The recently constructed Grange Downs Shared Pedestrian and Cycle Facility forms part of this route linking Rathfarnham to Dundrum/Churchtown. A new pedestrian entrance and plaza are proposed at the corner of St Enda’s Park and junction with space with Sarah Curran Avenue. The development will primarily consist of off road cycle tracks, wider pedestrian routes and landscaping. The scheme is funded by the National Transport Authority under its Sustainable Transport Grants Scheme. The Public realm improvements will be funded by South Dublin County Council.
Plans and particulars of the proposed scheme will be available for inspection or purchase at a fee not exceeding the reasonable cost of making a copy from Thursday 3rd of December to Wednesday 10th February 2016 at the following locations:
South Dublin County Council Offices, County Hall, Tallaght, Dublin 24 between the hours of 9:00 am -5.00pm Monday to Thursday and 9.00am -4.30pm on Friday (Inspection and purchase); Whitechurch Library, Taylor’s Lane, Ballyboden, Dublin 16, Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday 2.00pm to 5.00pm and 6 to 8pm. Wednesday 9.45am-1pm and 2-5pm. Closed Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Library closed from Friday 18th of December 2015-to Sunday 3rd January 2016. Ballyroan Library,Orchardstown Avenue, Rathfarnham, Dublin 14, Monday –Thursday 9.45am-8.00pm, Fridays and Saturdays 9.45-4.30pm (Closed Saturday and Mondays of bank holiday weekends). The plans and particulars can be viewed on South Dublin County Council’s
Submissions or observations with respect to the proposed development, dealing with the proper planning and sustainable development of the area in which the development would be situated may be made in writing or by e-mail on or before 5.00pm on Wednesday 10th February 2016, to The Senior Executive Officer, Land use Planning and Transportation, South Dublin County Council, County Hall, Tallaght, Dublin 24 or Email: NOTE: Please make your submission by one medium only. All submissions should include your name and a contact address. (

SD15A/0268 GRANT PERMISSION 16-Dec-2015
Applicant:Pinza Property Company Ltd.
Location:Landy’s Industrial Estate, Knocklyon Road, Dublin 16
Proposed Development: Omission of previously approved 33 appartments ( Previous Reg.Ref SD07A/0977, PL06S.229096) located in 3 three storey blocks over basement car parking for 49 cars , and the construction of 6 houses comprising of 2 two and a half storey semi-detached four bedroom houses, 2 two storey semi-detached three bedroom houses and 2 two storey detached four bedroom houses. The existing Knocklyon Service Station is to be retained and there will be new boundary treatments to Knocklyon Road, and associated site works all on a site of 0.24ha at Landy’s Industrial Estate, the detached house ‘Hersil’ and adloining Knocklyon Service Station.
SD15A/0316 GRANT PERMISSION 15-Dec-2015
Applicant:Carol Sinnott
Location:69, Templeville Road, Dublin 6w
Proposed Development: Amend previously permitted detached dwelling, Reg. Ref. SD14A/0099, by increasing the ground and first floors to form part single storey, part two storey extension to the rear of the permitted dwelling with extended attic space and a new canopy over the front door and minor elevational changes.

SD15A/0331 GRANT PERMISSION 17-Dec-2015
Applicant:Ray Goggin & Tony Brew
Location:’Somerton’, Ballyboden Road, Dublin 14
Proposed Development: Demolish an existing single storey shed of 58.6sq.m and to construct a development of 2 detached two storey three bedroomed houses and 1 four bedroomed two storey house with individual gardens and communal parking for 6 cars accessed from a single entrance on Ballyboden Road at builders yard beside ‘Somerton’.

SD15B/0234 GRANT PERMISSION 16-Dec-2015
Applicant:Barry Minnock & Yan Fu
Location:St. Anthony’s, Ballycullen Road, Knocklyon, Dublin 16.
Proposed Development: Extension of the existing single storey dwelling to include the addition of a room to front and an adjoining domestic garage to the side, reconfiguration of internal space & front door to allow for use on upper floor; existing roof to be removed and replaced with dormer style roof allowing use of upper floor; dormer roof to include a covered balcony with carport under giving access to garage; all elevations to be altered to allow for new design; existing vehicle entrance to be closed and new entrance walls & piers created other side of site; existing septic tank to be decommissioned and sewerage and surface water connected to Council mains and all ancillary site works.

SD15B/0324 GRANT PERMISSION 16-Dec-2015
Applicant:Damian & Siobhan Brennan
Location:17, Grange Manor Road, Dublin 16
Proposed Development: The widening of existing brick dormer to the front elevation at first floor level to include a new window; the addition of a dormer to the rear roof at first floor level including tow new windows; the extension of the existing hallway at ground floor level into the porch area and all assoicated works.

SD15B/0325 GRANT PERMISSION 17-Dec-2015
Applicant:Oliver & Deirdre Dunne
Location:12, Prospect Grove, Dublin 16
Proposed Development: Demolish single storey rear extensions abutting adjoining property, construct new single storey rear extension & single storey front bay window & rear attic dormer window.

SD15B/0328 GRANT PERMISSION 17-Dec-2015
Applicant:Sean & Jill O Byrne
Location:40, Aranleigh Court, Dublin 14
Proposed Development: Demolish a single storey shed and construct a new single storey extension to the rear, 2 new windows in the gable at ground floor level and external insulation.

SD15A/0324 REFUSE PERMISSION 15-Dec-2015
Applicant:The New Apostolic Church UK
Location:1A, Loreto Terrace, Dublin 14.
Proposed Development: The demolition of habitable house and the construction of a new two storey church building and assoicated landscaping (including the erection of a new northwestern and part southwestern boundary wall) to provide for the modern liturgical requirements of the New Apostolic Church and its community.

SD15A/0064 GRANT PERMISSION 10-Dec-2015
Applicant:Knocklyon United F.C.
Location:Knocklyon Road, Dublin 16
Proposed Development: 2 new all weather pitches which will include flood lighting, fencing, car parking, new access road, drainage and all associated works adjacent to Delaford Park.

SD15A/0319 GRANT PERMISSION 11-Dec-2015
Applicant:Fr. Martin Parokkaran P.P.
Location:Iona Parish Pastorial Centre, Knocklyon, Dublin 16
Proposed Development: Construction of a single storey parish office building to the western side linking the Presbytery and the Iona Centre together with the construction of three single storey infill offices in the courtyard area within the existing building.

SD15B/0311 GRANT PERMISSION 09-Dec-2015
Applicant:Philip & Clare Smith
Location:15, Woodstown Parade, Knocklyon, Dublin 16
Proposed Development: Build up of existing hip in roof to side of roof into ‘Dutch’ hip with window in gable wall at attic level; attic conversion with dormer roof with window and ‘Velux’ roof light in rear slope of roof.

SD15B/0313 GRANT PERMISSION 09-Dec-2015
Applicant:Eoin & Elva Casey
Location:10, Airpark Close, Rathfarnham, Dublin 16
Proposed Development:
Construction of a single storey side extension and associated works.

SD15B/0314 GRANT PERMISSION 11-Dec-2015
Applicant:Michael Hartnett
Location:104 Templeogue Wood, Dublin 6W.
Proposed Development: Demolition of single storey extension attached to the rear and the construction of a single storey extension to rear with tiled pitched roof to match existing dwelling and all ancillary site works.

SD15B/0317 GRANT PERMISSION 11-Dec-2015
Applicant:Niall Byrne
Location:34, Killakee Way, Dublin 24
Proposed Development: Construction of single storey extension to the side of existing dwelling comprising of family room and dining room complete with 3 ‘Velux’ windows.

SD15B/0318 GRANT PERMISSION 11-Dec-2015
Applicant:Ian Flanagan
Location:26, Woodstown Close, Dublin 16
Proposed Development: Extend the existing ridge tiles to form a new ‘Dutch’ type roof structure, extend the existing side structure up to eaves level with a new window, new dormer structure to the rear tiled roof, conversion of attic area and internal alterations.

SD15B/0192 REFUSE PERMISSION 08-Dec-2015
Applicant:Ahmed Abou Zaid & Boshra Khalil
Location:15, Woodstown Rise, Dublin 16
Proposed Development: Conversion of attic to useable storage space; placement of 1 new ‘Velux’ window in roof to front, 1 dormer window in roof to rear, one window in attic gable wall and window alterations in ground floor and first floor side gable wall; removal of hip section of main roof and building up gable block wall to form an ‘A’ roof over dwelling and construction of a new single storey rear extension.

SD15A/0290 14-Dec-2015 Permission Additional Information
Applicant: Colm Agnew
Location: 22, Knockcullen Park, Knocklyon, Dublin 16.
Proposed Development: Demolition of existing single storey garage and construction of a new detached dwelling house of two storey to front and three storey to rear comprising living room, kitchen, dining, shower. wc, three bedrooms, one ensuite, bathroom and study of total area 115sq.m with new boundary fence, new connection to existing sewer, new entrance gate and driveway.

SD15A/0373 15-Dec-2015 Permission New Application
Applicant: Ballymore Residential Ltd
Location: College Square, off Wainsfort Manor Drive, Dublin 6W.
Proposed Development: Children’s playground, associated landscaping and infrastructure works.

SD15A/0374 15-Dec-2015 Permission New Application
Applicant: Finchcrest Limited
Location: 25, Cypress Grove South, Dublin 6w
Proposed Development: Two 3 bedroom semidetached dwelling houses, attendant site works and landscaping

SD15A/0375 15-Dec-2015 Permission and Retention New Application
Applicant: Dental Care Ireland Management Ltd
Location: 19 & 20, Knocklyon Shopping Centre, Knocklyon Road / Idrone Avenue, Dublin 16
Proposed Development: Medical / healthcare centre ( to accommodate use Class 8, of schedule 2, Part 4 of the Planning and Developmnet Regulations 2001-2015) measuring circa 88.2sqm, at unit Nos.19 and 20. The development will also consist of: the amalgamation of unit No.19 (measuring circa 30.3sq m) and unit No.20 (measuring circa 57.9 sq m); associated external and internal alterations to the Units; elevational amendments; provision of 2No. signage zones (including nternal illumination) on the southern and western elevations, respectively (measuring c.3.48 sq m and c. 2.64 sq m, respectively); and all ancillary and associated site developmnet works above and below ground. the proposed development also consists of the retention of 2 No. signs on the southern and western elevations, respectively (each measuring 0.54sq m and 1.08 sq m, respectively).

SD15A/0380 16-Dec-2015 Permission New Application
Applicant: Declan Fanning
Location: 30 Springfield Road, Templeogue, Dublin 6W.
Proposed Development: The development will consist of the demolition of the existing detached annex to the side of the existing house and replacing it with the erection of a new detached two storey, two bedroom dwelling with attic room, widening the driveway by 1 meter and all associated site works.

SD15B/0140 15-Dec-2015 Permission Additional Information
Applicant: Charlie & Mary Donaghy
Location: 34, Whitehall Road, Terenure, Dublin 12
Proposed Development: (a) Demolition of existing side garage and construction of new 2 storey side extension with bay window to front and hipped pitched roof; (b) Demolition of existing rear kitchen extension and construction of a new 46sq.m single storey flat roof rear extension; (c) Internal alterations to ground and first floor layouts; (d) All associated site works including part raising of existing dividing garden wall with adjacent property of No.36.

SD15B/0366 17-Dec-2015 Permission New Application
Applicant: Ray & Clodagh Kearns
Location: 46, Woodstown Drive, Knocklyon, Dublin 16
Proposed Development: Two storey domestic extension to side of the existing dwelling consisting of a laundry room to the rear and new hall space with changes to the existing front room on the ground floor, two new bedrooms and shower room on the first floor all together with associated works.