A Resident of Boden Park has sent us these photos and this article regarding possible flooding in the future.     These are the views of the Author who sent this article and Photos.

“Please note Boden park is currently being turned into a flood plain. Over the last 30 plus years we have had flooding 3 times only, due to the soakage provided by the land on stocking lane which stop serious damage. This land is now going to be built on. Everybody is aware that with out this soakage the rain will have no where to go but down the hill & into Boden park. The flooding on the 3 previous times has been managed. extra flooding will create damage as seen through out the country.

IMG_20160103_094003                                                              IMG_20160103_093509

We have sent photos to the council along with our concerns. We have informed them that flooding caused by the news houses will not be an act of god or 1 in a hundred, but an act of the council. All costs whether fall in the price of the houses, insurance increases, places for people to stay while repairs are made,will be the responsibility of the Council.    Consider the following 300 houses damaged, €100,000 to repair, increased insurance costs if at all possible.    The council will have to take up the costs, places for people to stay & loss of value to the tune of approx. €150,000 per house.
All this caused by badly placed houses, creating a flood plain.   Are not enough peoples lives ruined by councils allowing planning on areas causing flood plains?  The cost of the above will run into millions as the council cannot claim the above as act of God or 1 in a hundred. The council has been dually warned by registered letter with photos included, raw sewage running down the Green, Boden Park, Scholarstown Road, Rathfernham, Dublin 16.”

IMG_20160109_114722                                       IMG_20160103_093956