1) Aurora!

Just a quick update about yesterday’s big aurora alert:
The aurora did not begin until 30 minutes after midnight last night in the end, and then it was weaker than expected.

But, it has been building all day around the world and there should be good displays tonight (New Year’s Eve!), and tomorrow night (January 1st).

So, keep watching as soon as the sky gets dark tonight and it will hopefully add to your celebrations to ring in the New Year!
An d don’t forget tomorrow night also.

As always, please send your written reports, and photos to for a very special report, with all the Irish photos, that we will do about this event and the display we had on December 20th!
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At short notice we’ve been given the opportunity to have a special lecture by one of the ISS team who talks, every day, to “Britain’s first astronaut on ISS”.

The lecture will be held next Tuesday and is being sponsored by “Sparkle Apps” so the normal 10euro ticket price is being reduced to just 4euro for everyone, young and old.

You can get more details, and book tickets NOW (before they sell out as the speaker is due on national radio next week!) at

Why not bring the whole family for a wonderfully inspiring event?

Please forward the above link to every person and group you can think of to ensure a great crowd for this event which is being organised as such short notice – thanks!

3) Tim Peake all over BBC!

You may have missed the three, nightly “Royal Institution Christmas Lectures” on BBC FOUR earlier this week!
Tim Peake dialled in from the International Space Station!

And Tim will also ‘star’ in the BBC’s “Stargazing Live” with Dara O’Briain & Prof Brian Cox starting January 12th!

If you missed Tim on the above Christmas Lectures you can download the three 1-hour episodes from:

Enjoy! And see you on Jan 5th
(or order the DVD at )

Happy New Year!!!